Riot Points, or RP, is the central currency in League of Legends. It is used for purchasing nearly everything from champions to skins and emotes in the game. And the only way to get RP is to buy them with real-life money.

But, how do you actually buy RP? And where can you buy RP Gift Cards from?

In this post, I’ll explain how the process of getting RP in League of Legends work. So even if you’ve never bought RP or an RP Gift Card, by the end of this guide you’ll know how to do so.

That said, let’s talk about Riot Points and your money.

How to Buy RP (Riot Points) in League of Legends? (Step by Step)

Here are the instructional steps on how to buy RP in LoL:

STEP 1: Log in to League Client with your account.

League Client

Make sure to log in on the main account you generally use for playing League of Legends. Riot Games won’t return your money if you make a mistake and purchase RP on another account.

STEP 2: Click on the “Store” icon to enter the official League of Legends store.

League Store Button

The League store usually opens after a moment or two.

STEP 3: Click on the “Purchase RP” tab on the right side of the League store.

LoL Purchase RP

Once you’ve clicked “Purchase RP”, a new window in the League client will open up.

STEP 4: Select the payment method you want for purchasing Riot Points/RP with your money.

PayPal payment method in League of Legends

Depending on where you’re from, the list on the left will display different payment methods. But generally, credit cards such as Visa or MasterCard, PayPal, and mobile payment are always available regardless of where you are.

Currently, I’m in Germany and I have additional payment methods that are accepted in this country. But in your League store, you might see other payment methods that are different from mine.

STEP 5: Mark the small box at the bottom to consent to Riot Games’ that you lose the right to refund the RP and get your money back.

LoL consent button

This is an important step since you have to make sure that you actually want to spend your real-life money in exchange for RP. And the box has to be checked if you want to continue further.

STEP 6: Choose the amount of RP you want to buy by selecting one of the offered package deals.

RP Packages in LoL

Generally, the RP packages you can buy are 310 RP, 650 RP, 1300 RP, 2600 RP, 4550 RP, and 6500 RP with small bonuses here and there. But some payment methods may offer different RP packages.

STEP 7: Fill out your payment information and click on “Pay now” to purchase your RP.

Paying for RP in League of Legends

Since I’ve already spent money and bought RP on this account, Riot Games has saved my PayPal information. 

But if you’re doing this for the first time, you’ll need to fill out a few lines of info about how you’re going to pay Riot Games.

And that’s how you buy Riot Points/RP in League of Legends!

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How Much Do RP (Riot Points) Cost in Real Money?

If you’re ready to purchase RP in League of Legends, you should know how much money you need to spend on them.

So, here’s a table of all RP packages you can buy and how much real money they cost:

RP AmountPrice in US DollarsPrice in Euros 
310 RP$ 2,50€ 2,50
650 RP$ 5,00€ 5,00
1300 + 80 bonus RP$ 10€ 10
2600 + 200 bonus RP$ 20€ 20
4550 + 450 bonus RP$ 35€ 35
6500 + 700 bonus RP$ 50€ 50

So, the amount of RP you get is fairly correlated with the amount of real money you need to pay. 

The smallest amount of money you can spend is 2,50 dollars or euros for 310 RP. And the highest amount is 50 dollars or euros for a total of 7200 RP.

But skins in League of Legends don’t usually follow these RP packages. Instead, they have their own pricing. And two of the most common prices for LoL skins are 1350 RP and 3250 RP (for ultimate skins).

So, how much does 1350 cost in real money?

1350 RP in League of Legends equals to 10 dollars or euros and you’ll have 30 RP because you have to buy the 1300 + 80 RP package.

And how much does 3250 RP cost in real money?

3250 RP in League of Legends cost around 25-30 dollars or euros because you need to buy the 4550 + 450 RP package for 35 dollars/euros.

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What Can You Buy with RP in League of Legends?

Buttle Bunny Miss Fortune skin for RP in LoL

Riot Points, or RP in League of Legends can be used for buying champion and skin bundles, individual champions and skins, loot items such as Hextech and Masterwork Chests and Keys, accessories like Emotes, Summoner Icons, XP Boosts, and things like Account Transfer and Summoner Name Change.

If you’re new to LoL and you aren’t sure what any of these categories mean, here’s a quick rundown.

Champion and skin bundles are offers that Riot Games make in the League Store. A champion bundle features a number of different champions under a fixed price, usually a bit lower than the champion price individually combined. And the same is with the skin bundles.

Some champions in League of Legends are difficult to get during the normal means, so some players spend RP to buy them instantly.

Skins are the most popular way of spending money and RP in League of Legends. They’re the only way to customize our champions and they offer visual and audio updates to our favorite characters.

Hextech Chests can also give you a skin shard that you can later upgrade into a skin. And since they’re only 125 RP (much lower than a skin), they’re usually worth the money. The same can be said for Masterwork chests (165 RP) which have even higher chances to give you a skin.

Things like Emotes, Summoner Icons, and Ward skins are relatively cheap things you can buy with RP. They’re fun to collect and use, but they aren’t a must for any player since the Loot system often rewards you with them.

You can also buy XP boosts with RP if you want to quickly level up a new account in League of Legends. And they have their own pricing.

Purchasing Account Transfer in LoL costs 2600 RP and allows you to move your account to another server. For example, you can move it from EU West to North America.

And lastly, Summoner Name Change costs 1300 RP and allows you to change your name in League of Legends. But since this can also be done with Blue Essence (free method), I don’t recommend spending your money on it.

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What Are RP Gift Cards and Where Can You Buy Them?

RP Gift Cards are physical cards you can buy from a local store. They usually come in five prices – $5, $10, $25, $35, and $50, depending on the country. RP Gift Cards contain a code that can be inserted into the League Store and redeemed for the number of Riot Points they’re bought.

The amount of RP you get with Gift Cards is the same as the electronic purchase, so there’s no difference in which method you want to use.

Alright, but where can you buy RP Gift Cards from?

These are the confirmed places where you can buy RP Gift Cards from. I found this information on the official League of Legends site. However, this is an old post, so keep in mind that things might’ve changed by now.

United StatesCanadaGermany
7-Eleven – $10, $25, $50 cards7-Eleven – $10, $25 cardsBrodos – $5, $10, $25, $35, $50 cards
AAFES – $10, $25 cardsAtlantic Fonecard – $10, $25 cardsContent Card – $5, $10, $25, $35, $50 cards
BestBuy – $10, $25, $50 cardsAvondale Food Stores – $10, $25, $50 cardsGamestop – $5, $10, $25, $35, $50 cards
CVS – $25 cards onlyBrunet – $10, $25 cardsMedia Markt – $5, $10, $25, $35, $50 cards
Fry’s Electronics – $10, $25 cardsBestBuy – $10, $25 cardsToys R Us – $5, $10, $25, $35, $50 cards
Gamestop – $10, $25, $50 cardsCanadian Tire – $10, $25 cards – Coming SoonVitrex – $5, $10, $25, $35, $50 cards
Hastings Entertainment – $10, $25 cardsCanex – $25 cards onlyBartels-Langness – $5, $10, $25, $35, $50 cards
Meijer Superstore – $25 cards onlyEB Games – $10, $25, $50 cardsConrad Elektronik – $5, $10, $25, $35, $50 cards
Speedway – $25 cards onlyFederated Coop Convenience – $10, $25 cards – Coming SoonCyberport – $5, $10, $25, $35, $50 cards
Target – $10, $25 cardsFederated Coop Grocery – $25, $50 cards – Coming SoonDeutsche Post – $5, $10, $25, $35, $50 cards
Walgreens – $25 cards onlyGiant Tiger – $10, $25 cardsDrogerie Müller – $5, $10, $25, $35, $50 cards
Walmart – $10, $25, $50 cardsJean Coutu – $10, $25 cardsElectronic Partner – $5, $10, $25, $35, $50 cards
Katz Drug Trading – $10, $25 cards – Coming SoonGroB Electronic – $5, $10, $25, $35, $50 cards
Loblaws – $10, $25 cards – Coming SoonEuronics – $5, $10, $25, $35, $50 cards
London Drugs – $25 cardsExpert – $5, $10, $25, $35, $50 cards
Mac’s – $10, $25 cardsLekkerland – $5, $10, $25, $35, $50 cards
Metro – $25, $50 cards – Coming SoonMediMax – $5, $10, $25, $35, $50 cards
Petro Canada – $10, $25, $50 cardsReal – $5, $10, $25, $35, $50 cards
Shoppers Drug Mart – $10, $25 cardsKaufland – $5, $10, $25, $35, $50 cards
Sobey’s Convenience – $10, $25, $50 cards – Coming SoonRewe – $5, $10, $25, $35, $50 cards
Sobey’s Grocery – $25, $50 cards – Coming SoonPenny – $5, $10, $25, $35, $50 cards
The Source – $10, $25 cardsEdeka – $5, $10, $25, $35, $50 cards
Toys “R” Us – $10, $25 cards
Walmart – $10, $25 cards

As for the rest of Europe and the world, most big stores and supermarkets offer RP Gift Cards as well.

Also, stores like Gamestop will always have RP Gift Cards available in every country you visit.

And lastly, another way to buy RP Gift Cards in League of Legends is to order them from sites like Amazon or G2G

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How to Redeem Codes from RP Gift Cards in League of Legends?

If you’ve purchased an RP Gift Card for yourself or your friend, here’s how to redeem the code in League of Legends.

STEP 1: Click on the “Store” icon in the League Client.

League Store Button

This should open up the official League of Legends Store.

STEP 2: Click on the “Account” button on the right side of the League Store.

LoL account settings

This tab is dedicated to transferring your account, changing your Summoner Name, and redeeming codes.

STEP 3: Select “Redeem Codes” from the list on the left.

LoL redeem codes

This step should open up a new tab.

STEP 4: Type the code from your RP Gift Cards and click “Submit” to redeem it.

Redeeming a code in LoL

Once you’ve submitted a working code, the amount of RP will instantly be added to your account. And you can spend them however you want!

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Can You Get RP for Free in LoL?

There’s no way to earn Riot Points/RP by just playing League of Legends. You can’t get RP for free in any official way, so you have to buy them with real money. However, Riot Games can sometimes compensate players with RP when issues like server downtimes are present. But this is not common.

Even though you can’t grind RP for free in-game, there are tons of “unofficial” ways to get RP for free.

For example, friends can gift you RP through the League Store or with RP Gift Cards.

Additionally, many popular League streamers and YouTubers often do RP giveaways and they gift their viewers with free RP.

Lastly, there are tons of websites on the internet that organize League of Legends tournaments, either 1v1 or 5v5. And they gift the winners with free RP.

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Can You Redeem LoL RP Gift Cards in Valorant?

Do LoL cards work for Valorant? And can you use LoL RP Gift Cards in Valorant? 

No matter when you’ve purchased a League of Legends RP card, you can redeem it and use it in Valorant too. Both new and old League of Legends cards work on Valorant. So, even if you bought an RP Gift Card for LoL a long time ago (years), now you can use the same card in Valorant.

This is a very convenient feature that Riot Games has established. Many people that play League of Legends also play Valorant too. And the opportunity to redeem the RP in the other game is pretty cool.


Even though buying Riot Points with real money in League of Legends is optional, many players do it. Spending money on skins is always worth it if you like the skin concept and you actually use the champion. And so, buying RP in LoL is a very common thing.

I hope this post helped you figure out how you can purchase RP for yourself and where you can find RP Gift Cards around your home. 


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