It’s in the name — Moza Racing. The brand is synonymous with speed and top-of-the-line equipment. Moza Racing offers a range of sim racing gear, including wheelbases, steering wheels, pedals, digital dashes, and accessories. 

While the extensive selection of Moza Racing gear gives you a lot of choices, it can also be a bit confusing. Which Moza Racing products should you choose? 

In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about Moza Racing sim gear. We also touch on the brand’s pros and cons. 

An Overview of Moza Racing’s Sim Racing Technology 

Moza Racing’s technology is designed with the most advanced features and high-quality materials. 

Here are some cool Moza Racing features you can find in its sim racing gear: 

  • Quick Release: The quick release system allows for easy and fast swapping of steering wheels. You’ll find this feature helpful in endurance races, where you need to change your setup quickly. 
  • Rotary Encoders: The rotary encoders provide precise and accurate inputs, making your driving experience more realistic. 
  • Carbon-Fiber Reinforced Composites: With a focus on durability, Moza Racing uses carbon-fiber materials in its gear to ensure long-lasting products. 
  • Aeroplane-Grade Aluminum: The use of airplane-grade aluminum adds to the overall strength and stability of Racing sim gear. 

Some other features include paddle sensors, magnetic shifter paddles, RGB shift indicator lights, a Moza pit house control suite, and brushed aluminum wheel frames. 

Moza Racing Gear Compatibility 

Moza Racing Gear Compatibility 
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The Moza Racing gear is compatible with multiple platforms, including PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and most sim racing games.

Here are some games you can play with this Racing gear: 

  • iRacing
  • Assetto Corsa
  • Assetto Corsa Competizione
  • F1 23
  • F1 22
  • F1 2021
  • F1 2020

Find the full list of supported games here

Moza Racing Sim Racing Gear Products Overview 

Moza Racing Sim Racing Gear Products Overview
Source: Image by Mohit Pareek on Pixahive 

Some categories in which you can find Moza Racing gear are wheelbase, wheels, pedals, and accessories. 

Let’s look at a few good options from the company. 

Moza Racing Wheelbases 

You’ll need a wheelbase to attach to your desk or racing rig. The wheelbase is the core of your sim racing gear because it houses the motor and electronics responsible for translating your inputs into movements in the virtual world. 

One option from Moza Racing is the R21 wheelbase. Albeit the most expensive wheelbase from the company, it boasts impressive features such as a Direct Drive FFB (Force Feedback) drive system and limitless max wheel rotation. It has a peak torque of 21 Nm and power of up to 480W. The wheelbase also supports quick release to switch out different steering wheels easily. 

If you need a slightly more budget-friendly option, the R9 V2 wheelbase should be your pick. Made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy, this wheelbase provides maximum torque while staying lightweight. 

It also boasts wireless communication and power, along with smart temperature control to prevent overheating. The MOZA Pit House Control Center further gives you more control over the wheelbase’s function. 

If you need additional accessories with the wheelbase, you can get the Moza HBP handbrake. Like the wheelbase, it is also made of airplane-grade aluminum. 

The USB connection to your computer makes it easy to set up this handbrake, whereas the 16-bit high-precision position sensor ensures accurate and realistic handbrake control. 

Moza Racing Steering Wheels 

The first noticeable thing about Moza Racing steering wheels is that they’re not super-expensive like some other brands, such as Fanatec. Even if you need a Formula wheel, you can get it without spending a whole grand. 

The FSR Formula Wheel is the ”pinnacle” of Moza’s sim racing steering wheel collection. First, it has a luxurious leather wheel grip to keep you comfortable during gaming. 

Second, the Toray carbon fiber used in the body makes it incredibly lightweight and aesthetically appealing. 

As for the functionality, the magnetic dual clutch paddles allow you to change the gear at lightning speed. 

Similarly, the built-in digital dash (4.3 inches) eliminates the need for a separate dashboard, giving you more space on your desk. With 10 mechanical buttons and 2 depressible thumb encoders, you can enjoy full control over your game. The wheel also supports RPM LEDs and Intelligent Telemetry. 

If you’re a beginner and need something on the lower end, the Moza KS Steering Wheel is an excellent option. The construction is carbon fiber-reinforced composites with TPE rubber grips. You can program the RGB buttons according to your preference. 

Other features include 3 rotary encoders, 10 buttons, 2 clutch paddles, 8 LED colors, and support for Intelligent Telemetry. 

If you want to use this wheel with a third-party wheelbase, get the MOZA Universal Hub Kit PC adapter for widespread ecosystem compatibility. 

While we’re on the subject of Moza wheels, we have to mention the Moza GS V2P GT wheel. It’s just that good. It has perforated microfiber leather grips, while the shifter paddles have a forged carbon fiber build with 3 mm thickness. 

Besides 10 mechanical buttons, the wheel has 2 thumb encoders and gives you 8 RGB colors to choose from. It supports both wires and wireless communication as per your preference. 

Moza Racing Pedals 

It’s often better to get the wheels and pedals from the same brand to avoid compatibility issues. If you’re on the hunt for a good pair of pedals to go with your Moza Racing wheel, the CRP pedals are a cool choice. 

The 3-stage clutch on these pedals gives you superior control, while the aluminum build ensures reliability and sturdiness. Here are some things you can adjust on these pedals: 

  • Pedal force
  • Pedal face angle 
  • Pedal flush 
  • Pedal stroke 
  • Connection way 
  • Pedal distance 

The Moza SR-P pedals are another option, with their high-strength steel build and pressure detection up to 100 kg. You can adjust the pedal plate height and pedal spacing on the SR-P according to your gaming needs. The pedals sport a USB connection for easy setup and use. 

Want to hear the best part? An anti-slipping pad is included in the package to prevent those frustrating mid-game pedal slips. 

Moza Racing Bundles 

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of buying products separately, you can get your hands on a Moza sim racing bundle that meets your needs. 

The Moza R5 bundle is ideal for beginners as it’s not that expensive but has the essential components for a complete sim racing setup.

The bundle includes the DDR5 wheelbase, the ES Steering Wheel, and the SR-P Lite Pedals. While the DDR5 wheelbase brings in Direct Drive technology and infinite rotation, the ES wheel offers Intelligent Telemetry support and ease of use. 

The pedals, with their adjustable spacing and plate height, complete the bundle. 

You can always add more accessories. Just check the section under the bundle description. 

Moza Racing Bundles 
Source: Screenshot 

For seasoned sim racers looking for something more advanced, the R9 V2 and GS V2P GT Wheel Bundle will definitely be a steal. The comfort and precision of the GS V2P GT wheel, coupled with the Direct Drive tech and performance of the R9 V2 wheelbase, will ensure your gaming experience never lacks control and accuracy.

Another option to consider is the R9 V2 and CS V2P Bundle. The R9 wheelbase brings in the Direct Drive tech with 1000Hz of USB refresh rates and Moza quick release. It’s pretty easy to mount, especially with four holes at the bottom. There’s also a holder to support side fix and angle adjustment. 

On the other hand, the CS V2 wheel features 6 mechanical buttons, 2 rotary encoders, 7 color choices, and 10 RGB light beads. It connects to your gaming setup wirelessly. 

Who Is Moza Racing Gear For?

Who Is Moza Racing Gear For?
Source: Image by Reino Game on Flickr 

Moza Racing sim gear is suitable for people who want quality products at a low price. Even though the price point is lower than other high-end sim racing gear, Moza Racing does not compromise on quality and performance. 

You won’t find many products made in partnership with name brands like Ferrari or Airbus, like Thrustmaster and Fanatec, though. So, if you’re looking for that brand recognition, Moza Racing may not be the best option. 

However, if you’re more interested in value for money and a complete sim racing setup, Moza Racing is definitely worth considering. 

Pros of Moza Racing Gear 

  • Reasonable price for quality products
  • Bundle options for a complete setup
  • Multiple options in accessories 
  • Direct Drive technology in wheelbases for greater accuracy and control
  • Intelligent Telemetry support in steering wheels 

Cons of Moza Racing Gear

  • Limited product options 
  • Compatibility issues with other brand products and even Moza gear 

Final Verdict on Moza Racing 

In our review of Moza Racing gear, we found the company’s offerings to be quite sufficient for most gamers. The Moza Racing wheel you chose can be coupled with accessories like brakes, shifters, and pedals to create a complete racing setup. 

If you’re unsure which products to put together, get one of the nine bundles from Moza Racing. Most of these bundles combine wheels and wheelbase. But some also have pedals in them. 

We would recommend checking the compatibility of your existing gear or accessories before purchasing Moza Racing products. Apart from that, you’re good to go. 

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