With the changing natural world and the climate crisis, paired with our busy schedules, it might seem like there’s not enough time in the day to pay attention to all of the world’s issues. And while this feels impossible, an easy solution to this is through podcast shows focusing on the climate movement. 

There are many podcasts out there that can provide environmental news and eco-friendly advice without overwhelming you with information. The best thing about podcasts is they can be listened to while on the go or doing other tasks.

Podcasts are free to listen to and are available on all devices and computers. With podcast apps like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher, you can listen to your favorite show in no time. 

Environmental podcasts are made by world-renowned climate activists, climate scientists, and those curious and active in environmental issues. We’ve handpicked the best environmental podcasts to listen to because they offer interesting facts and conversations while inspiring you to be active in the fight for a sustainable future. 

Here are our picks for the best environmental podcasts in 2023. 

How to Save a Planet

Climate change can be very overwhelming, but Gimlet Media’s How to Save a Planet promises to be uplifting and energizing. Journalist and host Alex Blumberg dives into a different issue in each episode and talks to those on the frontlines in a conversation podcast format to learn about what the everyday person can do for the climate crisis and to help each other. 

Women Mind the Water

Women Mind the Water is concerned about our planet, particularly our oceans. As 97% of all water is in the ocean, it plays a central role in how our planet works. Weather patterns, agriculture, and carbon storage are key players in how we function and use energy on the planet, and this podcast looks at stories about the oceans. 

Authors, painters, and artists from all walks of life share their perspectives on the ocean and the environment around us, focusing on conversation and sustainability. 

People Places Planet Podcast

The best environmental podcasts unite those who love our planet

The Environmental Law Institute (ELI) takes on plenty of cases about the environment, including conducting research, publishing periodicals, and staying up-to-date on environmental law in the country. Their podcast People Places Planet offers listeners insight into the ELI’s work and how the law can help citizens and the environment. 

The Energy Gang

The Energy Gang offers weekly episodes, with conversations about what’s happening in clean technology, renewable energy, and the environment, all from Wood Mackenzie, a global research and consultancy group. For factual information and unpacking complex technology, The Energy Gang breaks it all down for listeners. 


Although this podcast went off the air at the end of 2022, we think it’s worth a special mention on our list because of the interesting facts and hilarious conversation it gave its listeners. 

Sustainababble is a weekly podcast about the environment for people who may be confused about everything that’s going on. Hosts Ol and Dave guide you through topical climate issues, all while trying to make sense of the confusing information out there. 

How to Save the Planet

being an environmentalist is more than hugging trees

Not to be confused with How to Save a Planet, Friends of the Earth offers their show, How to Save the Planet. Friends of the Earth is a global collective of climate activists dedicated to providing factual information and resources for solving environmental problems. 

Each episode talks to climate activists out in the field, offering a look at the frontlines of the climate movement and inspiring listeners to get involved for themselves. 

Global GoalsCast

Global GoalsCast is a sustainability podcast that aims to empower listeners to join the climate movement. The climate crisis can be overwhelming, and you are not alone in the fight for a better world. 

This podcast focuses on the Global Goals, a list of goals signed by world leaders in 2015 for a more sustainable future by 2030. Each episode breaks down the goals to make it easier to understand, as well as covering environmental news around the world. 

Breaking Green Ceilings

At the crux of environmental issues is intersectional environmentalism and environmental racism. The podcast Breaking Green Ceilings aims to shed light on these issues, arguing that real climate justice begins by addressing the rights of marginalized people. 

Each episode in this bi-weekly show features an interview with an environmental activist from communities that need a spotlight, from disabled to Queer to Latinx to Indigenous communities, and many others. 

The Climate Pod

Co-hosts Brock Benefiel and Ty Benefiel want to talk to their guests about all things climate. From the latest news about the climate crisis to environmental law and justice to science and politics, the world is ever-changing, and each episode’s guest has plenty of insight to give to our hosts. 

There are plenty of exciting guests featured on The Climate Pod, such as Bill Nye, Jeffrey Sachs, and political leaders from around the world. 

Hot Take – Critical Frequency

Critical Frequency podcast network’s climate-based show, Hot Take, talks about all things climate and the media. Hosts climate justice essayist Mary Annaise Heglar and journalist Amy Westervelt are here to discuss the many ways that climate change is framed in the media, as well as discuss issues that might be overlooked and how all of these issues influence your life in ways you may not know. 


We hope you check out these environmental podcasts featuring top names in the fight for a sustainable planet. Educating yourself on science and staying up-to-date on climate news can feel less overwhelming knowing that the gears are turning towards an eco-friendly future and plenty of people are working hard for climate solutions.

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Last Update: March 4, 2024