The dragon pit has been a feature in League of Legends since the game’s early days. Back then, slaying the small dragon used to give us only gold. But now there are many different types of dragons on Summoner’s Rift.

And so, what do dragons really do in League of Legends?

In this post, I’ll explain everything around the dragon pit and the different dragons in LoL. I’ll tell you what they can give your team, which ones are overall better, and how important they are to the game.

So no matter if you don’t know anything about dragons in LoL or you’ve been a long-time League player, this guide will help you understand more about dragons in League of Legends.

Let’s start!

A Quick History of Dragons in League of Legends

History of Dragons in LoL

If you’re a veteran League of Legends player, I’m sure you remember that LoL used to have only one dragon. This one was very simple and it didn’t have major impacts on the outcome of every match. And like I mentioned above, this dragon used to give gold to the entire team upon killing it.

But Riot Games changed all of this with the Rise of the Elements patch back in 2019. This patch officially started the preseason 2020 and added 5 different types of dragons to the game. It also allowed dragons to change the structure of Summoner’s Rift and grant players significant buffs that last until the end of the match.

And so, slaying dragons and collecting buffs became more important and more influential than anything else in the game, including the Baron. Some dragons, like the Infernal one, can majorly influence the course of the game, so it’s always good to have it.

On top of this, Riot Games added 2 more dragons in 2021 as a part of the 2022 preseason. In a video, they admitted that these are even more influential than the previous ones. And that proved true. Later in season 12, Riot removed one of these 2 dragons because it was simply unbalanced.

However, in season 13 Riot re-added the Chemtech Drake again but in a completely new version.

So, how many dragons are there now in LoL?

Now we have a total of 7 types of dragons in League of Legends. These are Infernal Dragon, Mountain Dragon, Ocean Dragon, Cloud Dragon, Hextech Dragon, Chemtech Dragon, and Elder Dragon.

Let’s see what they do in the game!

What Do Dragons Do in League of Legends?

What do Dragons do in League of Legends?

What do drakes do in League?

Dragons spawn every 5 minutes in League of Legends, starting from 5:00. Their spawning order is random and the third dragon always changes the map based on its element. Slaying a dragon grants your team a permanent buff. And if you slay 4 dragons, you get the dragon’s Soul and summon the Elder Dragon.

Even though this may sound generic and simple, it is how dragons work in League of Legends. But to understand them better, let me explain each of the points mentioned above.

Spawn Timers and Order

The first dragon will always appear at 5:00 in every LoL match. But if you slay it in 7:55 for example, the next dragon will spawn at 13:55.

There’s no way of controlling which dragon is going to spawn next in LoL. You can only check which drake will be next either in the logo on the dragon pit or when you press “TAB”.

The first 3 dragons in every LoL game are always different. And when the third dragon spawns, the game only spawns dragons of the same kind. For example, if the third dragon in your game is Infernal, you will only see Infernal Drakes until the match is ended.

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Elemental Changes

Rift changes caused by the Infernal Dragon

Every third drake transforms Summoner’s Rift. Based on their type, dragons may add more brushes, remove or add walls, and even give you portals to quickly travel across the map. This makes every League of Legends match a different and unique experience.

But no one slays a dragon in your game, the first dragon will remain until the match is ended with no elemental changes.

Some dragons are more influential than others. And some benefit certain champions more than others.

For example, the Ocean Drake spawns more brushes across Summoner’s Rift. This is great for Rengar because he has more spots to use his passive on enemy champions.

Buffs and Souls

When you slay a dragon, you get 25 gold (only the slayer), 25% of your XP (all nearby allies), and a buff according to the dragon’s type. 

For example, if you slay a Cloud Drake, your team will have increased slow resist and out-of-combat movement speed. Each type of dragon offers a different buff, but some are generally better than others.

These buffs stack, so you can have 4 Cloud Drake stacks or any other combination of dragon buffs.

If your team collects 4 dragon buffs (no matter the combination), you’ll get the dragon Soul buff of the third dragon’s type. The Soul is a powerful permanent buff that often determines whether you’ll win the game or not.

For example, the Infernal Soul allows your team to deal 80 damage plus 22.5% AD, 13.5% AP, and 2,75% of your bonus health. Needless to say, this is a major power-up for any champion in LoL. And it assures you that you’ll have more damage than your enemies.

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Differences Between the Dragons in League of Legends

Since each type of dragon in League of Legends is fundamentally different, a lot can be learned when we compare them. 

Here’s a table highlighting a few stats and aspects for each of the dragon types in LoL.

HealthAttack DamageAttack SpeedRangeArmorMagic ResistMovement Speed
Infernal Dragon4090 – 8670 based on level and Rift transformations1000.505002130330
Mountain Dragon4090 – 8670 based on level and Rift transformations1500.2505004150330
Cloud Dragon4090 – 8670 based on level and Rift transformations5015002130330
Ocean Dragon4090 – 8670 based on level and Rift transformations1000.505002130330
Hextech Dragon4090 – 8670 based on level and Rift transformations66.70.755002130330
Chemtech Dragon4090 − 8670 based on level and Rift transformations500.55002130330
Elder Dragon
6400 + 180 per minute before it spawns
1500.50500120 − 189 (based on level)70 − 113 (based on level)330

Even though all dragon types have the same passives, some dragons do extra effects during combat.

When you first start a fight with a dragon in League, you get knocked back if in melee range. All dragons are immune to crowd control except for Stasis (Bard’s ult). 

Dragons also gain damage reduction based on how many dragons you’ve already killed. And they get increased physical damage based on your missing health together. Dragons get 30% armor penetration too.

However, the Ocean Drake, for example, slows you down by 30% for 2 seconds with its basic attacks. Similarly, every 4th attack of the Hextech Drake applies to all nearby allies like a chain attack, slowing them down by 40% for 2 seconds.

What Does the Infernal Dragon Do in LoL?

Infernal Dragon in LoL

The Infernal Dragon gives the Infernal Might buff in League of Legends. This buff stacks 4 times and increases your AP or AD, depending on the champion you’re playing. If you collect the Infernal Soul (after 4 stacks), you will deal bonus adaptive damage every 3 seconds.

Here’s what each stack of the Infernal Drake and Infernal Soul give in LoL:

1 Stack of Infernal Might2 Stacks of Infernal Might3 Stacks of Infernal Might4 Stacks of Infernal MightInfernal Soul
4% bonus AP or AD8% bonus AP or AD12% bonus AP or AD16% bonus AP or ADAuto-attacks and abilities cause 80 base damage plus 22.5% AD, 13.5% AP, and 2,75% bonus health as adaptive damage around the enemy target. The cooldown is 3 seconds.

When the Infernal Dragon spawns third, it also tears down walls around the blue and red buffs on both sides of Summoner’s Rift. This makes it easier for you to get into the enemy jungle but also for your enemies to steal your buffs.

The Infernal Dragon is perhaps the most powerful Soul you can collect in LoL. It significantly increases your damage, so slaying enemy champions becomes very easy. Make sure you prioritize its buffs in every game!

What Does the Mountain Dragon Do in LoL?

Mountain Dragon in LoL

The Mountain Dragon grants a protective buff called Mountainous Vigor. It increases your armor and magic resist stats permanently for the rest of the game. You can get a maximum of 4 stacks of Mountainous Vigor. After that, the Mountain Soul will start to give you a shield when you’re out of combat.

Here are all the stats the Mountain Dragon gives in League of Legends:

1 Stack of Mountainous Vigor2 Stacks of Mountainous Vigor3 Stacks of Mountainous Vigor4 Stacks of Mountainous VigorMountain Soul
6% bonus armor and magic resist12% bonus armor and magic resist18% bonus armor and magic resist24% bonus armor and magic resistAfter 5 seconds of not taking damage, you gain a shield that blocks 200 damage, plus 18% of your AD, 13.5% of your AP, and 13.5% of your bonus health.

When the Mountain Dragon spawns as a third drake, it also raises platforms next to the blue and red buffs on both sides of the map. These walls block vision and often require you to put your wards in different spots. They can also block movement, but you can jump or Flash over them.

The Mountain Soul is the most useful buff when dealing with assassins and burst champions. It makes you more defensive and able to survive longer in fights. So it’s always good to have it.

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What Does the Cloud Dragon Do in LoL?

Cloud Dragon in LoL

The Cloud Drake gives the Cloudbringer’s Grace buff in League of Legends. Like the other dragon buffs, Cloudbringer’s Grace stacks 4 times. Each stack increases your slow resist and movement speed but the Cloud Soul also grants a burst of MS when you cast your ultimate.

Here’s what the Cloud Dragon do in LoL:

1 Stack of Cloudbringer’s Grace2 Stacks of Cloudbringer’s Grace3 Stacks of Cloudbringer’s Grace4 Stacks of Cloudbringer’s GraceCloud Soul
3.5% slow resist and out-of-combat movement speed7.5% slow resist and out-of-combat movement speed10.5% slow resist and out-of-combat movement speed14% slow resist and out-of-combat movement speedYou get 10% bonus movement speed, increased to 60% for 6 seconds after casting your ultimate.

The spawning of the Cloud Drake as a third dragon creates circular areas around the blue and red buffs. And while walking in these areas your champion has an increased movement speed. But when you leave the area, the movement speed bonus stops too.

The Cloud Dragon is considered the weakest of all dragons in League of Legends. This is because it’s not as influential to the outcome of the game as the rest of them. Sure, it helps certain champions move faster, but it doesn’t make them deal more damage or survive for long.

What Does the Ocean Dragon Do in LoL?

Ocean Dragon in LoL

The Ocean Dragon grants a useful buff called the Oceanic Will. This buff grants you passive health regeneration when your HP is not at 100%. The Ocean Soul also allows you to heal your health and mana when you deal damage, so it’s a super-powerful effect worth taking.

Here’s what the Ocean Dragon buff and the Ocean Soul do in League of Legends:

1 Stack of Oceanic Will2 Stacks of Oceanic Will3 Stacks of Oceanic Will4 Stacks of Oceanic WillOcean Soul
2.5% missing health regeneration over 5 seconds5% missing health regeneration over 5 seconds7.5% missing health regeneration over 5 seconds10% missing health regeneration over 5 secondsDealing damage to enemies restores 160 health plus 36% AD, 22.5% AP, and 9% of your bonus health. It also restores 80 plus 3.5% of your maximum mana over 4 seconds.

If the Ocean Dragon spawns third in a row, you’ll see a few more brushes across Summoner’s Rift. This dragon also enlarges some existing brushes. And lastly, it sprouts more Honeyfruit plants around the map so you can restore mana and HP with them.

The Ocean Soul is a great buff that helps many champions in the game. For example, it provides poking champions like Ezreal or Lux with unlimited mana regeneration. But it also helps fighters to get more healing when they’re in the middle of the action.

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What Does the Hextech Dragon Do in LoL?

Hextech Dragon in LoL

The Hextech Dragon gives the Hextech Prowess effect, a powerful buff that increases your ability haste and attack speed. If you manage to collect 4 stacks of Hextech Prowess, you can collect the Hextech Soul. And the Hextech Soul allows you to deal more damage and slow down your enemies.

Here are all the stats that the Hextech Dragon gives in LoL:

1 Stack of Hextech Prowess2 Stacks of Hextech Prowess3 Stacks of Hextech Prowess4 Stacks of Hextech ProwessHextech Soul
6% ability haste and attack speed12% ability haste and attack speed18% ability haste and attack speed24% ability haste and attack speedYour abilities and auto-attacks deal 25 − 50 (based on level) bonus true damage and slow your target for 3% per 100 bonus AD, 1% per 100 AP, and 0.5% per 100 bonus health. This effect jumps up to 3 nearby enemies and has a cooldown of 8 seconds.

When the Summoner’s Rift changes with the Hextech Drake, portals appear on both sides of the map. These portals connect the two bases with the jungles. Players can click on a portal to quickly travel to its other end. There’s no cooldown for using the Hextech Portals.

The Hextech Dragon is very influential. The Hextech Soul has a high win ratio and it often helps the winning team close the game sooner. The damage and the slow effect are really worth taking, so keep that in mind.

What Does the Chemtech Dragon Do in LoL?

The Chemtech Drake is a defensive dragon that grants bonus tenacity and heal and shield power. When you collect the Chemtech Soul, you get damage reduction and an increase in damage below 50% HP, which is really useful on many champions.

1 Stack of Chemtech Prowess2 Stacks of Chemtech Prowess3 Stacks of Chemtech Prowess4 Stacks of Chemtech ProwessChemtech Soul
5% bonus tenacity and heal and shield power10% bonus tenacity and heal and shield power15% bonus tenacity and heal and shield power20% bonus tenacity and heal and shield powerWhen you are below 50% HP, you receive a 10% damage reduction as well a 10% increase in damage.

The Chemtech Dragon also transforms all plants on Summoner’s Rift and gives them better effects. So, the honeyfruit plant heals more and even grants a shield. And the blasting cone blasts you much further.

In this state, the Chemtech Dragon is a much healthier addition for the game.

What Does the Elder Dragon Do in LoL?

Elder Dragon buff in LoL

What does Elder Drake give you?

The Elder Dragon only spawns after your or the enemy team has slain 4 dragons. Instead of a permanent buff, the Elder Dragon grants a temporary buff called Aspect of the Dragon. If you have this effect, your abilities will burn your targets for 75 − 225 (based on minutes) true damage and execute them below 20% HP.

In other words, the Elder Drake increases your overall damage and allows you to execute enemies on low HP. 

The spawn timer of the Elder Dragon is 6 minutes instead of 5. So, if you’ve just collected a dragon Soul, you’ll have to wait 6 minutes for the Elder Drake to appear. The second Elder Drake will also spawn 6 minutes after you slay the first one. And the Elder Drake will spawn every 6 minutes, no matter how long the game goes on.

When the Elder Dragon spawns, it doesn’t cause any changes in the terrain of Summoner’s Rift.

However, the Elder Dragon’s buff is the most powerful buff in the game. And when a team has the execute effect, it’s often game over for the opposing team. You can almost never win against a team with the Elder Dragon buff because you simply get slain first.

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What Did the Chemtech Dragon Do in the Past?

The Chemtech Drake used to give bonus attack speed based on a percentage of missing health. It used to add camouflage areas on Summoner’s Rift where you could stay invisible.

And the Chemtech Soul allowed you to immediately resurrect after being slain as a zombie and continue to use attacks and abilities.

And Why Was the Chemtech Dragon Disabled?

The Chemtech Dragon was disabled because it wasn’t balanced. Its influence on the outcome of every match was way higher than any other dragon in the game. In fact, the Chemtech Soul held a 91-93% win rate on the live patches which made it almost impossible to win against it.

Aside from that, the camouflaged area proved too problematic as well. Some champions got too big of an advantage from them, especially junglers who were already invisible, such as Kha’Zix or Shaco.

And lastly, the Chemtech Soul conflicted with the entire logic of League of Legends. Champions like Tryndamere or Sion could resurrect 3 or 4 times in a row after being slain and continue to heal with omnivamp or lifesteal.

In other words, it simply made no sense for this dragon to exist in the game. And it’s weird how Riot Games could add the Chemtech Dragon in the game without expecting this outcome, despite the fact that we all knew it was broken the minute we saw it.

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