TikTok has become the most famous video-sharing platform, allowing users to create, edit, and post their videos. Downloading a TikTok video has not been easy ever. However, now anyone can download it on their devices with a few clicks. 

It is a fact that most people don’t want to post the raw video on TikTok without adding more value through editing to engage the targeted audience. Therefore, give yourself some time to think creatively about editing and posting your video on TikTok. 

Let’s find out how to download TikTok videos in different ways:

How to Save TikTok Without Posting?

You can easily save your TikTok videos to the camera roll and gallery to make a draft of your videos. All you need to do is follow the easiest steps given below:

  1. Open TikTok Application
  2. Tap on “+” icon
  3. Select the Filter and Effects
  4. Tap on “Who can watch my video”
  5. Set Option to “Private”
  6. Upload Video on TikTok
  7. Open The Video
  8. Tap on Share Menu to save Video

Now that you know the brief steps for downloading a TikTok video without posting, let’s take a detailed look at them:

How to Save TikTok Without Posting
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1. Open TikTok Application

The first step is opening the official TikTok app, and the latest trending videos appear on the homepage.

2. Tap on + Icon

You need to click on the icon “+” from the bottom of the screen to choose a video from your gallery or create a new one. 

3. Select the Filter and Effects

When you have uploaded or created a video, you will get the option to add the filter and effects to your video. You also have the option to add the text and music to your video.

4. Tap on “Who can watch my video”

After selecting the filters and effects, you will see the page saying “Who can watch my video”. As you tap on it, this will allow you to choose who can watch your video on TikTok.

5. Set Option to “Private”

Then you can click on “Private” to make sure that only you will be able to view your video. 

6. Upload Video on TikTok

Now, the video will be saved automatically on your device when you upload it to your TikTok profile. 

7. Open The Video

After uploading the video, you need to open the specific video from your profile to download TikTok videos without posting publicly.

8. Tap on Share Menu to Save the Video

In the final step, you need to click on the “Share” menu, and you will see a new page, allowing you to share and save your video. Finally, click on “Save” and the video will be stored in your gallery. 

How to Download TikTok Video on Android Device?

How to Download TikTok Video on Android Device
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It has become easy for you to save TikTok videos on your Android phone without posting them. This detailed guide allows you to download a TikTok video easily.

  1. Open TikTok on your phone
  2. Use the search bar to search for the desired video by using the name or hashtag.
  3. Click on the desired video.
  4. Click on the share icon resembling an arrow below the likes and comments from the lower right side.
  5. Save the video through the “Download” or “Save” options and enable access to the gallery.
  6. After downloading the video, you can view it on the camera roll or phone gallery.

How to Download TikTok Video on iPhone Device?

Follow these steps to save your TikTok video on your iPhone without posting. 

  1. Open TikTok on your iOS system.
  2. Search video on TikTok.
  3. Tap on the share icon.
  4. Save it by tapping on “Save Video.”

How to Use Screen Recorder to Save TikTok Video?

Can I save a TikTok video without posting it? The screen recorder is an easy but challenging option to save a video by capturing the screen when the video on TikTok is being played. 

  1. Open TikTok
  2. Search for video
  3. Play the video
  4. Start the screen recorder from your device
  5. Pause the screen recorder when the video ends
  6. Finally, save it.

However, it will not be easy for you to remove the watermarks from your downloaded video.

Why Unable to Download a TikTok Video?

Why Unable to Download a TikTok Video
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You can’t download a video due to the following factors.

  • Disabled Download: The creators have the option to disable the download option that can restrict you from downloading the video.
  • Private TikTok Profile: You cannot download a video from the private profile on TikTok unless you are asking for a video from the creator. 
  • Network Issues: When a video is downloadable, and you’re unable to download it, you are facing issues with the internet network.

The solution to downloading videos from private accounts and disabling download options is using online video downloaders to save any video. 

How Do You Remove a Watermark from TikTok Videos?

The best method to remove the video watermark is using software or an online website. 

1. Use Video Tools

You can use basic video tools like Capcut and Online Video Cutter to blur the watermark by adding the pixels, which is only recommended for videos with a static background. The result can be messy when using these tools for the overlay videos.

2. Use Video Editing Software

You can use different video editors like Photoshop and PicLab to add images or GIFs on the watermark of TikTok videos. However, the results will be better than using video tools, but still, some things are messy on videos.

3. Use A Downloader

The best and easiest method to remove the watermark is using downloaders like TopClipper and TikTokDownloader which allow you to download your video without a watermark.

How do You Download a TikTok Video Without a Watermark?

How do You Download a TikTok Video Without a Watermark
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When you download a video from TikTok from the above-discussed methods, a watermark will appear on the video. Using a third-party website is recommended to download the watermark-free videos. 


It is the best website to download a watermark-free Tiktok video by going through the following steps:

  1. Open iMyFone Website

You need to open the iMyFone website and click on “Download Watermark-Free Video.”

  1. Copy TikTok Video URL

The next step is to open TikTok and copy the link to the video.

  1. Search Videos

Now, you need to paste the copied video URL into the search and tap on the “Search” button.

  1. Download the TikTok Videos

You need to tap on “Download” from the right side and choose the desired format for downloading the video.


It is another third-party website to download the video:

  1. Open TikTok and search for a video.
  2. Click on the “Copy Link” from the share icon
  3. Open SSTT.cc and you will see the homepage.
  4. Paste the video URL on this TikTok downloader and click on “Search.”
  5. Video will appear with options of different formats.
  6. Download the video with the chosen format.


You can download a TikTok video through TikTokDownloader.

  1. Open the TikTokDownloader.io 
  2. Use the search bar to paste the video URL copied from TikTok
  3. You will see the video with the different formats
  4. Click on the download icon to save it in the desired format


Considerations for the Best TikTok Video Downloader

You need to consider the following factors which make a downloader the best option for downloading a video. 

  • Free download option
  • Best user interface
  • Format Choices such as HD
  • High downloading speed

Final Thoughts

You can download TikTok videos without posting by using the easiest steps mentioned in this article. Moreover, you can download videos that are not downloadable on TikTok by using the different downloaders such as SaveTT and TopClipper available online for your flexibility.

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