These days, on social media, people are more concerned about their Threads profile notifications, Threads profile viewers, and other interesting details regarding their visitors. Threads is a renowned messaging app, and managing these features on this app is a bit different. Let’s discover “Does Threads show who viewed your profile?” 

What is “Threads”?

Threads is the latest social media platform launched by Meta. Threads became the talk of the town and became popular after its release. Many users started using Threads, and many stamped it as the end of Twitter. Threads allows its users to post text messages and include photos, videos, and GIFs in their posts.

A user can follow other users, check their accounts, like posts, and comment on them. Many people began early on Threads to get good reach and become famous social media influencers on this app. If you use Threads as a social media app or as an influencer to share your beliefs and thoughts, you might be interested in knowing your profile views and notifications.

For influencers, it’s crucial to check their Thread profile views to know more about their audience and plan the ways and ideas to keep them attracted. However, regular users should check who is viewing their profile. But the question is, can you see who is stalking your profile? But the question is, can you see your Threads profile viewers? And if yes, then how? Worry not, we have answered this question below.


What are “Threads Profile Views” on the Thread messaging app?

Profile views on Threads only mean how many people have visited your profile and who they are, their dynamics, age, gender, etc. It can just be a detailed and quicker peek. Your profile showcases your existence on the app. So, having an up-to-date and interesting bio is vital. It impresses visitors and leaves a good impression on them. A well-maintained and well-kept profile brings in more followers. If they like their posts, they might also share your profile link on other platforms to endorse your posts.

Some users like to keep their profiles private to avoid unneeded attention, although many think it’s useful to develop connections. But it’s crucial to remember that not everybody wants to be a people person and vice versa; not everybody wants others to know when they’ve visited a profile. This can, at times, result in misunderstands people being careful while checking out others’ profiles. That’s the reason why some platforms don’t offer showing who’s viewed your profile to maintain privacy.

Does Threads send notifications to its users about profile viewers?

Threads never send notifications to its users about their visitors or profile views. The app doesn’t keep track of its visitors. The only way to track profile visitors and viewers is by looking at the comments, replies, likes, or other interactions. You will get a notification from Threads, if somebody engages with your posts by commenting, liking, replying, reposting your posts, or mentioning you, you will get a notification from the app.

This way, you will get to know about your profile viewers. Threads don’t disclose the identity of the person to protect their privacy. If people knew the time you visited their profiles, it might create an awkward situation for both of the users.

threads notification on user phone

This feature is not required on Threads. If somebody wants to connect with you, they can like your posts or comment on them, or they can follow you. These interactions are more crucial than knowing who’s visiting your profile anonymously. If you are concerned about privacy, you can change the settings and make your Threads account private.

Rather than worrying about your privacy and profile views, you can focus on your posts, comments, followers, and ideas to promote your content. These interactions are more important than knowing about your profile visitors. If you’re concerned about your privacy, you know about the “privacy settings” and make your account private.  

If you come across an annoying user, you have multiple options, like block, restrict, or mute them to maintain a positive experience.

How To Make Your Threads Profile Private?

1. Tap your profile icon in the app. You will see it at the lowest-right corner of the Threads app.

threads profile private

2. Click on the settings icon. It appears on the upper-right corner.

click on the setting icon

3. Click on the Privacy in the Settings Menu.

privacy in the setting menu

4. Tap the Toggle switch located near the “Private profile.” This sets your profile settings to “private.” Now, the only people who can see your posts are your followers.

private account

It’s not likely that third-party apps show your profile viewers. You may have used some of these apps that claim to be able to show you the profile of viewers on Threads. It’s not possible that these apps work as they claim, and we strongly recommend that you do not buy them as they may endanger your account.

Providing your Instagram or Threads profile log-in details to a third-party app can lead to compromising the privacy of your account and it can get hacked.

Buying a membership of a third-party app to know about your profile viewers is against the “Threads Policy” and can get your account banned.

Can you tell me when a user views your Threads profile?

When you view somebody’s Threads profile, they won’t get any notification from the app, just like you cannot tell if somebody visited your profile, as it stays private because of the settings.

The only time when someone gets a notification about your visit to their profile is:

  • When you like their post,
  • When you mention their name in your own posts or add a comment to their posts
  • You quote their post on your profile

As long as you don’t do any of these, you can visit their profile without them getting any kind of notification.

Who can see your Threads profile content?

The visibility of your Threads profile is what determines who can see your posts, photos, or videos on Threads. Your profile’s privacy can be changed from public to private and based on the privacy settings, you decide who can see your followers and posts on Threads.

who can see your threads profile content

If you have a public profile on Threads:

  • Anybody on Threads can view the posts that you upload.
  • Anybody can check your followers and the people you follow, even if they have private Thread accounts.
  • Anybody can like, quote, repost, endorse, quote, and share posts from your profile.
  • Anybody on Threads can share your Threads to their Insta story or share a link to your post on Threads.
  • If you have a Private Profile on Threads:
  • Only your followers can see your posts on Threads.
  • Only your followers can see your followers and the people you follow.
  • Only your followers can like, comment, share, quote, and repost. Posts from a private profile cannot be shared anywhere.
  • While anybody can share a link to your Threads post, nobody can share your posts on their Instagram story.

Threads app allows all users on Threads to see your basic information, such as your profile photo, username, name, and bio.


Threads prioritizes its users’ privacy. If somebody checks out your profile, you won’t know unless they want you to know. Although this might be disappointing for some users, it’s a very important feature that allows users to browse freely and helps protect privacy. This shows that Threads keeps its users comfortable. You must feel confident browsing around while knowing that your private data is protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you see your Threads profile viewers using third-party apps?

No, as of now, you cannot see your Threads profile viewers. Developers might be developing such apps that can help you see your profile viewers later in the near future. As the app is new, there are no third-party apps offering such features.

2. Does a user know if you view their profile on Threads?

As you cannot see who views your posts, others will also not know if you visit their profile. It means you can check out the private or public profiles of your followers, and they will not know it.

3. How can I know who follows me or interacts with my posts?

You will get a notification when somebody follows you, likes your posts, or comments on them. These are the steps that you can follow to check the notifications for people who are interacting with your profile:

  • Open the App
  • Click on the notification icon at the bottom bar
  • You can click on All to see all notifications
  • Similarly, you can click on follows, replies, mentions, quotes, verified and reposts to see the relevant details.

4. How can I see my followers and the people I follow?

If you want to go through the list of all your followers or the people you are following, you can do it by following these steps:

  • Open the Thread app and click on the Profile icon
  • Click on the Privacy icon at the top
  • Now, click on the option “Profiles you follow”

You will see these three tabs: followers, pending and following and you can check your followers and follow requests by clicking on these tabs.

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Last Update: February 12, 2024