Cho’Gath is one of the few champions in League of Legends that work with stacks. His design is all about getting more and more stacks so he grows stronger and able to carry games.

But I admit, the idea of Cho’Gath’s stacks can be difficult to understand, especially for newer players. 

So in this post, I’ll explain everything around the stacks that Cho’Gath gets in League of Legends.

I’ll tell you how he gets stacks and how you optimally use Cho’s R to get more stacks quicker.

That said, let’s jump into the explanation!

What Are the Cho’Gath Stacks and How Do They Work? 

Cho'Gath's ultimate Feast in-game

How Do Cho’Gath’s ult stacks work?

Cho’Gath gets stacks when he slays a target with his R – Feast. And each stack grants him bonus health, increased range, and increased size.

Cho’Gath can only get up to 6 stacks from minions and monsters but an infinite number of stacks from Feasting on champions or epic monsters (Dragon, Herald).

Here are the exact numbers you get per stack of Cho’Gath’s Feast.

  • Bonus Health: 80 / 120 / 160, based on Feast’s rank.
  • Bonus Attack Range: 4.62 / 6.15 / 7.69, based on Feast’s rank.
  • Bonus Size: 6 / 8 / 10%, based on Feast’s rank.

This simply means that Cho’Gath only needs 10 Feast stacks to reach the maximum size and bonus attack range. It doesn’t matter whether he gets the stacks from minions, monsters, or champions. 

Cho’Gath can continue to get Feast stacks after that, but he won’t grow bigger if he already has 10 stacks. However, he will receive bonus health regardless of the number of stacks.

Remember, only size and bonus attack range are capped at 10 stacks, not the bonus health.

Cho’Gath’s ultimate – Feast is a point-click spell that deals base magic damage plus a percentage of Cho’s AP and even a small percentage of his bonus health to champions.

And to non-champion targets, Feast deals 1000 true damage instead.

When an enemy champion has less health than the amount of damage Cho’s Feast does, their health bars glow red. This is your indicator that you can execute them if you use Cho’Gath’s R and gain your Feast stack.

Monsters and pets don’t have this indicator since they receive 1000 true damage from Cho’Gath’s ultimate regardless of the amount of AP he has.

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How Many Stacks Can Cho’Gath Get in League of Legends?

Cho'Gath execute with R

Does Cho’Gath stack infinitely?

Theoretically, Cho’Gath can get an infinite number of Feast stacks in LoL since the overall number of stacks is not limited. And if a match goes long enough, Cho’Gath could get 100 or 1000 stacks.

Only the amount of stacks Cho can get from monsters and minions is capped at 6 max.

And like I mentioned above, the bonus size and attack range that Cho’Gath gets from stacks is capped at 10 stacks. But other than that, nothing stops Cho’Gath from getting as many stacks as he wants.

In an actual game that lasts around 40 minutes, it’s expected of you to have at last 15 stacks on Cho’Gath.

At least 6 of those stacks should be from minions and monsters while the other 9 would come from enemy champions, dragons, heralds, and barons.

If you hover on the Feast stacks while playing Cho’Gath you can view how many stacks each category of targets has given you.

There you can check how many stacks you have from minions, how many from champions, and how many from neutral objectives such as the dragons.

What Can Cho’Gath Feast On?

Units on which Cho'Gath's Feast stacks work

Cho’Gath can get Feast stacks from these units in League of Legends:

  • Minions
  • Pets
  • Monsters (small and large)
  • Epic Monsters
  • Dragons
  • Champions

In other words, Cho’Gath can feast on almost all units in League of Legends, including pets from enemy champions. Only the enemy turrets are excluded and some invulnerable units such as Azir’s soldiers. 

But all targets that can be attacked can also be eaten by Cho for a stack.

Remember, Feast does 1000 true damage to all non-champion targets, including a dragon, baron, and a pet.

For example, Cho’Gath can Feast on Annie’s Tibbers and chomp it from 1000 health. However, he can only execute Annie with Feast if she has low enough HP.

How Big Can Cho’Gath Get?

Since Cho’Gath is a LoL champion popular for his size, players often wonder how big he can actually get and what is the maximum amount of stacks that Cho’Gath can earn per game?

Well, each champion in League of Legends has a gameplay radius or a “hitbox”. And this can be modified with items that increase the size (check to see how size affects Cho’Gath’s gameplay).

Cho’Gath starts the game with a gameplay radius of 80. And at 10 stacks of Feast, he reaches a size of 160 which is his maximum growth in size.

However, if Cho’Gath uses items like Elixir of Iron, he can increase his size to 172. And if Lulu uses her R on him, Cho’Gath can grow even bigger.

Here’s an image of how big Cho’Gath can get with maximum Feast stacks, Elixir of Iron, and Gargoyle Stoneplate (no additional help from other champions):

This is how big Cho'Gath can get in League of Legends

Technically, Riot Games haven’t put a limit on how much you can grow in size. But you can’t make Cho’Gath infinitely big since there aren’t too many sources that actually increase your size in League of Legends.

Besides Elixir of Iron and Lulu’s Wild Growth, Gargoyle Stoneplate is the other source that can help you out. And if you use all of these things together, you can make Cho’Gath the biggest champion in League of Legends.

How to Stack Cho’Gath’s Feast Quickly and Efficiently?

If you’ve never been a Cho’Gath player, figuring out the best use of his ultimate may be tough. 

Feast is a powerful cooldown that can help you defeat your lane opponent. But it also gives you stacks and makes you stronger for the late game. So, how the heck should you use it?

Always use Cho’Gath’s R on a minion on level 6 to get a Feast stack as quickly as possible. There’s no harm in wasting an 80-seconds cooldown ability on a minion in exchange for a stack if you aren’t looking to fight in lane.

And if it’s obvious that you can’t defeat the opposing laner, spending your R on a minion has more value than simply waiting and not using it.

Try to get a Feast stack as soon as the ability comes off cooldowns. It’s simple – you want to use Cho’Gath’s R whenever you have it available. At the start of the game, you can do this on lane minions.

But don’t be afraid to roam into the jungle and get a stack from a monster too.

Obviously, it’s difficult to always use Feast optimally. And if a team fight is about to begin, you might want to save Cho’Gath’s ultimate for a champion instead.

Never use Feast on a minion or monster after you’ve done it 6 times. As I explained already, you can only get 6 stacks from monsters and minions on Cho’Gath.

And all subsequent usages of Feast on these units are pointless.

So when you have 6 minions and monsters stacks, start using Feast of dragons, herald, barons, and champions

Cho'Gath getting stacks from jungle monsters

Frequently Asked Questions About the Cho’Gath Stacks (FAQ)

This section is dedicated to questions that I often receive about Cho’Gath’s ultimate.

Can Cho’Gath eat Yorick’s ult?

Since Cho’Gath can eat all pets from enemy champions in League of Legends, he can also eat Yorick’s ultimate – Maiden of the Mist.

Despite being a pet from an ultimate ability, Cho can steal Feast on Maiden for a bonus stack.

Does Cho’Gath ever lose stacks?

Cho’Gath never loses his Feast stacks, even if he dies. Feast doesn’t work the same way as Mejai’s Soulstealer. Once you get a stack with Cho’Gath’s R, that stack stays for the rest of the game. So, all Feast stacks are permanent.

How much HP does Cho’Gath’s ult give?

Cho’Gath’s ultimate gives 80 / 120 / 160 bonus health based on the rank of the ability. On level 6, it grants 80 health per stack, 120 health per stack on level 11, and 160 bonus health on level 16.

How do you make Cho’Gath big?

To make Cho’Gath really big you must get at least 10 Feast stacks and purchase items like Elixir of Iron and Gargoyle Stoneplate.

Additionally, you can ask your friend Lulu to use ulti on you and make you even bigger. All this will give you a huge chonky Cho’Gath.

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Veteran League of Legends players may remember the old days when Cho’Gath’s R worked very differently. Back then, Cho could only get a maximum of 6 stacks with his Feast.

But Riot later reworked Cho’s ultimate and now it’s in a better state than never.

With uncapped stacks, Cho’Gath can scale insanely well in the late game. He is one of the best tanks in the game and it’s super fun to grow him into a huge monster.

I hope you found this article helpful and informative.

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