Counter-picking has always been an effective strategy for winning ranked matches in League of Legends and still is.

No one has fun playing Nasus into Vayne top and the matchup always results in Nasus crying under his turret with 10% HP and less than 100 stacks.

The same can be said for every role. So if you want to climb without frustration it’s important to play a champion with little to no counters possible.

Champions like Olaf, Nilah, or Yuumi make it very difficult for you to counter them simply because no matter what you do, they can still come out on top and win the fight.

But let’s dive deeper into the subject and see why each role has a champion that can’t be countered no matter what.

Top Lane – Sion

Sion in League of Legends

I’m sure we’ve all seen hundreds of clips of Bausffs destroying entire Challenger teams with his “inting Sion” strategy. And if winning with a 1/20/2 score doesn’t prove that Sion is a no-counter champion, nothing else does.

If you play Sion, there are a couple of “lane counters” you can run into. For example, Vladimir can harass Sion early, he’s ranged, and can even dodge Sion’s Q with his W. And Riven can do a similar job of dodging Sion’s abilities and doing more damage than him early on.


As soon as you get used to dying on Sion and utilizing his zombie form, no one in League of Legends cans top you. And how could they?

Let’s say that you’re about to die close to the enemy turret. Well, when you do, slam the turret a couple of times and get a plate. Or did you die next to the enemy jungle? Well, steal their camp from them!

In any case, Sion is a champion that can push in a brain-dead sort of manner for the entire game, taking down towers and inhibitors like they’re a joke and eventually grabbing a victory. His split pushing draws enemies closer and frees his team to take other objectives on the map.

So yeah, Sion is the best top laner with no counter in League.

Jungle – Olaf

Olaf in League of Legends

Olaf is arguably the strongest 1v1 champion in the game. There’s little you can do to stop him once he gets a couple of kills and your best strategy is to shut him down early. Here’s why.

When Olaf unlocks his ultimate, Ragnarok, that’s when he becomes a broken champion. Every crowd-control ability in the game becomes totally useless against him and you can’t slow him down.

Not only does Ragnarok gives Olaf CC immunity for as long as he’s attacking, but it also cleanses him from all stuns and snares when he activates the ability. So needless to say, all champions in League that rely on CC setup for a kill don’t perform well against Olaf.

The only proven strategy to work against Olaf is kiting. 

Champions like Vayne can sometimes outplay Olaf but it takes extreme amounts of skill and focus to do so. This is because Olaf has 3 times more health and armor than Vayne and he only needs to hit one axe to apply a slow to Vayne. And when that happens, it’s GG for Vayne.

So if you want a simple jungler that can always be strong in fights, go for Olaf.

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Mid Lane – Irelia

Irelia in League of Legends

Irelia’s no-counter nature can be summarized in a very simple manner. Like this.

Over half of the mid lane players in LoL are AP mage players. They hate every second of playing against Irelia because they can NEVER EVER win a 1v1 duel against her. Irelia can dash through minions and dodge their skillshots, AND block significant spells (like Syndra’s ult) with her W.

The rest of the mid laners who play AD and melee champions there also hate Irelia because she’s always stronger than them. Irelia has more damage, more HP, and more mobility than most AD mid laners in League, so she has no problem outplaying them.

In other words – Irelia is one of the most cancerous champions in the game. Yes, everyone knows she’s unbalanced but she’s also a champion you can’t really counter. 

And even if you manage to beat Irelia in lane, she can always swap with the top laner and end the game by split pushing. A good Irelia player is more than comfortable at committing to a 1v2 fight in a side lane, so good luck trying to stop him.

Bot Lane – Nilah

Nilah in League of Legends

Even though Nilah’s popularity isn’t as great as Riot hoped for, she’s definitely one of the most broken champions they ever added to LoL. She really exemplifies the “200 years” meme.

In all seriousness, a big part of the reason why Nilah doesn’t have any hard counters is her insane scaling. I’m sure you’ve played many games where the enemy Nilah has been 1/5/0 within the first 10 minutes but then ended up carrying the game anyway.

Since Nilah is a mix of Diana, Samira, Katarina, and many other “unbalanced” champions, she can do pretty much everything. She has two dashes and can follow up an engage by any support, but she also has tons of AoE damage to dominate a teamfight, even if she’s behind.

On top of that, Nilah is more defensive than most ADCs in League. And because of this, she can often win 1v1 fights against top laners, junglers, mid laners, and I’m talking about champions like Zed, Olaf, Jarvan, and Bel’Veth.

When I’m playing bot lane, I make it a priority to ban Nilah no matter what. And since no one can really counter her, I recommend you play her if you want to climb.

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Support – Yuumi


Yuumi is another “cancer” champion in LoL and one with the worse reputation possible. And part of the reason why League players hate her is because she can’t be countered in any of the standard ways.

Since Yuumi can attach herself to an ally, you can’t damage her until you kill her friend. This already counters 90% of the logic in League of Legends and video games in general. It’s not like Soraka whom you can assassinate and counter her that way.

Moreover, since Yuumi can attach herself to any ally, she can also avoid the “bad ADC player in my team” scenario. When that happens, she can attach to her jungler or top laner instead and take over the map anyway.

Yuumi may not be strong by herself but she provides an insane amount of healing and movement speed to her friend. She’s one of the best healers in League so it’s difficult to stop her when she’s attached to champions like Bel’Veth or Master Yi.


Of course there are more than 5 League of Legends champions without any hard counter out there. 

Some of them are Master Yi, Bel’Veth, Jax, Tryndamere, and similar right-clicking champions that can’t miss you with anything really.

But the 5 picks on this list take the crown in my opinion. So either ban them every game or learn to play them!

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