When Riot Games were initially designing champions for League of Legends, they pulled inspiration from all cultures and mythologies around the world. And because of that, they created a bunch of champions with wings on their backs.

Unfortunately, there aren’t too many winged champions in LoL. And some of them even don’t have their wings on all the time. 

A few champions like Kayle and Anivia can’t be imagined without their wings. But others like Aatrox and Kha’Zix gain wings only under certain conditions like an ultimate ability or an evolved effect.

That said, I’ve separated all the champions with wings in League of Legends into two groups – those with permanent wings and those that have limited access to their wings. 

Let’s check them all now.

All Champions with Wings in League of Legends 

Anivia, the Cryophoneix


Anivia is an ancient being, a demigod who embodies the harsh nature of Freljord – ice, winds, struggle to keep on living, constant fights with death, and eventual rebirth. Many Freljord tribes pray to Anivia and revere her as a symbol of hope.

Since the beginning of the game, Anivia has had her iconic shape – an ice bird. Her wings are bigger than her actual body and she uses them for nearly all of her abilities.

For example, whenever you cast E with Anivia, she flings one of her wings forward to throw an icicle toward the target enemy.

Even though Anivia has many different skins, in all alternate universes she’s a bird with wings. Bird of Prey Anivia features her as a large eagle while Divine Phoenix Anivia turns her into a glorious phoenix. 

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Kayle, the Righteous


Kayle, Morgana’s sister, is one of the winged protectors of Demacia. She symbolizes justice and serves Demacians by punishing all wrongdoers according to the law. 

Kayle’s appearance has always been angelic. She has received a major visual update and a rework in the past, but her identity has stayed nearly the same. And out of all champions with wings in League of Legends, hers are the most impressive ones.

Contrary to all other champions, Kayle can have up to 4 pairs of wings or 8 wings in total. She starts the game with only 1 pair and 2 wings but grows another pair each time her passive upgrades. This happens on levels 6, 11, and 16.

But Kayle’s wings aren’t only for aesthetic purposes. They’re actually connected with her gameplay because each time she grows another pair of wings her attack radius increases too. So, she’s the perfect winged protector!

Morgana, the Fallen


As a sister of Kayle, Morgana is the second aspect of justice in Runeterra. She embodies a different kind of justice though because she believes in fair justice for all people, even criminals.

But unlike Kayle, Morgana’s wings aren’t always noticeable. This is because Morgana bound her wings down after her fall out with Kayle and as a sign of protest against her sister’s idea of justice. That’s why Morgana doesn’t fly or use her wings in League of Legends like Kayle.

But before Riot Games gave Morgana a full visual update, her wings weren’t actually tied. Instead, she looked like a proper fallen angel with huge wings spreading on both sides. And they were pretty cool!

Sadly, Riot decided to go in another direction with her story and now this is what we have!

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All Champions That Gain Wings Temporarily in League of Legends 

Aatrox, the Darkin Blade 

Justicar Aatrox Skin Overview

Aatrox is a darkin, a fallen protector of Shurima, and one of the most powerful warriors in Runeterra. Most League players are surprised to learn that Aatrox is actually the blade and not the body it possesses.

And unlike the 3 champions above, Aatrox doesn’t have wings all the time. Instead, Aatrox grows a pair of wings when you activate his ultimate ability – World Ender. During this time, he’s flying instead of walking and his wings are massive.

Once World’s Ender is finished, Aatrox’s wings disappear until he activates the spell again.

The cool thing about Aatrox is that each skin grants him a new and unique pair of wings. For example, Justicar Aatrox features huge blue and golden wings instead of dark red ones.

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Bel’Veth, the Empress of the Void


Bel’Veth is a champion we least associate with a winged character in League of Legends. But she definitely is one.

The only way to see Bel’Veth’s wings is when she’s transformed thanks to her ultimate – Endless Banquet. While in her true form, Bel’Veth flies around with massive void wings spread widely.

And unlike other champions, Bel’Veth actually uses her wings in order to do damage. The animation of her auto-attacks is literally her stabbing the target with sharp wings. So, she’s truly scary!

Kha’Zix, the Voidreaver

Kha'Zix AP or AD Damage Guide

Kha’Zix is another void champion in League with the ability to grow a pair of wings under a certain condition. Here’s how it happens.

It’s all tied down to Kha’Zix’s E – Leap. Normally, this ability lets Kha’Zix jump to a close target location. But if Kha’Zix evolves his E (levels 6, 11, or 16), he grows wings on his back and can jump to a much bigger range. Additionally, his Leap resets with each champion takedown.

Unlike most champions on this list, Kha’s wings are that of an insect. They’re thin and translucent, much akin to that of a fly. But they are powerful!

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Quinn, Demacia’s Wings


Most players don’t count Quinn as a champion with wings but she’s the closest thing we have to a winged marksman in League of Legends.

True, Quinn doesn’t have wings herself. Instead, she attaches herself to her bird Valor and flies around Summoner’s Rift. This happens when Quinn activates her R – Behind Enemy Lines which has a channeling time, low cooldown, and activates automatically when you use Recall.

Quinn and Valor are inseparable and if you see them as one, it’s easy to accept that Quinn has wings each time she uses her R.

Shyvana, the Half-Dragon

Shyvana AP or AD Guide

There’s no list of winged champions in the world of Runeterra without Shyvana, the Half-Dragon. She’s a magical being with a humanoid form and a dragon form and can switch between the two.

In League of Legends, Shyvana becomes a dragon when her fury bar is filled. And as a dragon, she has two huge wings on either one of her arms.

Unfortunately, Shyvana can’t fly in-game after using her Dragon’s Descent. And her wings look too weak to keep her massive body up in the air.

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Those were all champions with wings in League of Legends. Winged champions aren’t that common in League but they’re definitely cool. And if Riot Games decide to add more, I’ll be quick to update this post.

Winged champions aren’t that common in League but they’re definitely cool.

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