Trap abilities have always been a part of League of Legends. True, traps haven’t been the most influential spells in the game but they are part of some champions’ core identity.

Regardless of the champion, traps are often used as substitutes for wards. And since most of the traps are invisible, they can signal when an enemy has stepped on them.

So, they’re incredibly useful against enemy junglers.

With some champions, their trap abilities are part of their setup or even the main source of their damage. So let’s check the champions that have trap abilities in LoL and see how each of them works in-game.

These Are the Champions with Traps in LoL:

5. Jhin – E, Captive Audience

Jhin's E

Jhin’s E, Captive Audience is easily the least important ability in his kit. It allows him to place down invisible traps that can ward off enemies, especially the jungler.

When enemy champions or minions step on Jhin’s traps, the detonation begins and they get slowed. And after a few seconds, the traps explode dealing magic damage to all enemies nearby.

Jhin’s traps are useful for marking opponents for his W, Deadly Flourish. And because they apply slow effects, the traps allow him to snare targets with his W a bit better.

Jhin's traps in-game

However, since Captive Audience is the only ability in Jhin’s kit that does magic damage, it’s not often utilized completely. After all, Jhin is an AD carry champion and his build focuses on AD/crit items.

But in any case, his traps should be placed strategically throughout the game.

4. Nidalee – W, Bushwhack

Nidalee's W

Although Nidalee’s traps aren’t the most powerful ones in League of Legends, they are useful in her role as a jungler.

Nidalee’s W in human form, Bushwhack, allows her to place traps around the map. These traps last for a limited time but they’re also invisible.

And when an enemy champion steps on them, they activate and deal magic damage over 4 seconds only to that target.

Nidalee's traps in-game

But the great thing about Nidalee’s traps is that they also trigger her passive.

In other words, each enemy champion, minion, or jungle monster that steps on one of her traps allows Nidalee to jump on them with her W in cougar form, Pounce.

Additionally, the target has stepped on Nidalee’s trap is revealed for 4 seconds so Nidalee can track them wherever they go.

Nidalee’s W also lets her quickly mark a monster and jump over the walls to them. And this makes her an efficient jungler.

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3. Caitlyn – W, Yordle Snap Trap

Caitlyn's W

Unlike Nidalee and Jhin, Caitlyn’s traps actually play a huge role. And those Caitlyn players that know how to utilize her traps are usually the players that can carry fights more often than not.

With her W, Yordle Snap Trap, Caitlyn can place multiple traps at once on the ground. These traps aren’t invisible and opposing players can see them except when they are inside unwarded bushes.

However, when an enemy champion steps on Caitlyn’s trap, her auto-attack range increases tremendously and her next auto-attack is a headshot that does a lot of extra physical damage.

Caitlyn has a couple of seconds to use this auto-attack.

Caitlyn's traps in-game

Additionally, Caitlyn’s Ws are traps in the true sense of the word because they also root the enemy champions for over a second. True sight is granted as well so Caitlyn can attack her targets even if they enter invisibility.

In the late game, Caitlyn’s traps are mostly used to secure an area or a passage on Summoner’s Rift to prevent the enemy team from passing through.

And this is a strategy that works well because rarely who dares to step on one of Cait’s traps when she’s fed.

2. Shaco – W, Jack in the Box

Shaco's W

Shaco’s traps are actually the most important part of his gameplay, at least during the early game. As a jungler, he absolutely depends on his boxes to tank the monsters for him so he can be efficient at farming early on.

But Shaco’s Jack in the Box is also a necessary tool for ganking. It’s the only real crowd control effect he has and the gank often depends on it.

When Shaco ganks, he usually places the traps behind the enemy champions so that they can step on them as they try to run away.

And when they do, a Jack in the Box appears, fears the enemy champion, and deals magic damage to them for 5 seconds.

Shaco's traps in-game

But Shaco’s invisible traps can also be effective tools for warding off one area on Summoner’s Rift to prevent enemies from passing through.

And If you’re interested a bit more in this champion, here’s my in-depth guide on how to gank as Shaco in League of Legends.

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1. Teemo – R, Noxious Trap

Teemo's R

Teemo is the only champion in League of Legends with an ultimate ability that lets him set traps. But because of that, he has the most powerful traps in the entire game.

When Teemo unlocks his R, Noxious Trap, he can place invisible mushrooms on the ground. They last for a very long time but can be destroyed when revealed by Red Wards and Oracle Lenses.

However, there’s no limit to how many mushrooms Teemo can place around Summoner’s Rift. His R keeps recharging anyway and with more cooldown reduction he can place more traps around the map.

Teemo's traps in-game

Upon detonation, Teemo’s traps burst and apply poison to all enemies around them. The damage lasts for 4 seconds during which the enemy champions are slowed and revealed. 

Teemo’s mushrooms scale with ability power and do lots of magic damage. In the late game, he can collect kills while being in the base simply by opponents stepping on his randomly placed traps.

So, Teemo is the king of the champions with traps in League of Legends!

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Traps are really an interesting mechanic in League of Legends.

They introduce a new way of strategizing in the game and I like that I need to think about where I should put my traps for the best results.

But the developers at Riot Games aren’t too keen on this type of champions so I only hope that they’ll add more in the future.

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