Spear-wielders in League of Legends aren’t as common as you’d think. And even though the spear (the western and the eastern versions) is one of the most popular and deadliest weapons out there.

There are only 5 champions in LoL that use spears as weapons:

  • Jarvan IV
  • Xin Zhao
  • Pantheon
  • Nidalee
  • Kaisa

Each of these champions wields a unique type of spear. For instance, Xin’s weapon is clearly inspired by Chinese martial arts while Pantheon’s spear is something the Roman legions would’ve used in ancient times.

Down below I’ll go over each spear, and tell you the history behind the weapon as well as how it ties to the champion’s general gameplay inside League of Legends.

So let’s begin.

Jarvan IV – Drakebane

Jarvan IV model and weapon

Jarvan’s spear is called Drakebane. The weapon doesn’t have a rich lore but we know two important facts about it.

First, Drakebane was crafted by a legendary Demacian weaponsmith Orlon. That’s the same guy who crafted Poppy’s legendary hammer, so we can conclude that the two weapons are on a similar power level.

And second, Jarvan IV received Drakebane from his father, Jarvan III. 

In-game, Drakebane allows Jarvan to deal bonus damage with auto-attacks (Jarvan’s passive). But he can also strike multiple targets with it with his Q, Dragon Strike. 

And even though it may look like Jarvan throws his spear with his E, that’s not true. He doesn’t throw Drakebane at his targets. Instead, he casts a Demacian flag, although the flag looks like it’s attached to Jarvan’s spear.

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Xin Zhao – Three Talon Spear

Firecracker Xin Zhao model and weapon spear

We all know from lore that Xin is a protector of the royal family in Demacia, especially Jarvan IV. But unfortunately, we don’t have much information regarding his weapon of choice – the Three Talon Spear.

From Xin’s gameplay we can understand why his spear is named the Three Talon Spear. When you activate Xin’s Q, Three Talon Strike, he performs three unique basic attacks, with the last one knocking up the target in the air.

But Xin Zhao uses his spear to cast every attack in his kit, even his ultimate. 

Different skins depict the Three Talon Spear differently but Firecracker Xin Zhao is one of his most visually pleasing skins up to date.

Pantheon – A Celestial Spear

Pantheon's model and weapon in League of Legends

In League’s lore, Pantheon has many nicknames – The Unbreakable Spear, The Spear of Targon, a Warrior with a Spear, and so on. But when he comes to his weapon, it’s simply a Celestial Spear.

Put simply – Pantheon wields a regular spear and a shield. But since he’s a celestial himself, his spear is enhanced and empowered by celestial magic. This means that the weapon is ridiculously strong and that it isn’t likely that it will ever break.

And also, Pantheon can recall his spear back to him in a battle which we can (kinda) see in-game when he casts his Q, Comet Spear.

With Pantheon’s rework, Riot Games redesigned all of his skins and made his spear look much more impressive than before.

Nidalee – Javelin

Warring Kingdoms Nidalee skin model and javelin in League of Legends

Nidalee is one of those champions that have little to no lore besides a simple backstory and one short story piece that doesn’t explain anything about her weapon (believe me, I’ve read it).

But we all know that Nidalee wields a Javelin from her Q ability while she’s in human form – Javelin Toss. A Javelin is a very light spear designed for throwing it at great distances which is exactly what Nidalee does with it in-game.

Nidalee even uses her spear to cast auto-attacks from range. But once she switches into cougar form, she no longer needs her weapon to fight.

And Nidalee has plenty of skins that transform her spear’s look. For example, Bewitching Nidalee actually uses a broom while Headhunter Nidalee throws a trident instead of a javelin.

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Kalista – Soul Spears

Kalista different models and spears in League of Legends

Kalista is known as the Spear of Vengeance for a good reason. She has a Black Spear that she uses to bind herself to an ally. And if her ally dies, Kalista hunts the murderer until she delivers vengeance.

BUT, Kalista doesn’t use her Black Spear to fight her enemies. Instead, she uses Soul Spears which are spectral spears (remnants of what killed her in the first place). Kalista can throw these spears all day long and pierce the hearts of her targets.

While she was alive and serving in the court of King Viego, Kalista also wielded a spear as a primary weapon. And her skill of wielding a spear stayed with her forever.

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Jarvan IV, Xin Zhao, Pantheon, Nidalee, and Kalista are the 5 champions that use spears in LoL, each of which possesses a unique type of weapon that best serves them.

Some of these champions have more spear-centered gameplay than the others and I can only hope that Riot Games adds more of them.

Spears are freaking cool!

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