By now it’s apparent to everyone how big of an advantage the champions with resets have in League of Legends. 

Nearly every other new champion that Riot Games designs and releases has a reset mechanic in their kits and it’s undeniable that it’s a big part of their overall power.

Since these champions can reset their abilities (usually upon a champion takedown) they can sometimes use them back-to-back and unleash more damage than most other champions can handle.

They’re often branded as “unfair to play against” which also means “excellent for solo queue” if you choose to play them.

So here are the best LoL champions with resets if you’re interested in maining one of them.

1. Katarina

High Noon Katarina Splash Art

Katarina is the first champion that pops into people’s minds when they’re talking about resets in League of Legends. And she’s the best example of how abusive this mechanic can get.

Katarina has two reset mechanics:

  • Passive, Voracity – each time Katarina scores a champion takedown, she resets the cooldown of her abilities by 15 seconds.
  • E, Shunpo – when Katarina picks up a dagger, the cooldown is reduced by up to 96%.

Thanks to her passive, Katarina becomes a monster in late game teamfights. 

Each time she kills an enemy champion or helps her teammates do so, she resets her abilities completely (because they have less than 15 seconds cooldown in general) and is able to use them once again.

On top of that, since the cooldown of her jump can be refreshed from both a champion takedown and a dagger, Katarina is one of the most mobile picks in the game. It’s not uncommon for her to jump 10 times in a single teamfight, so it’s very hard to stop her.

This level of resets is extremely difficult to beat, especially if the Katarina player is really good. Each time you try to do anything to her, she can jump, do some burst damage, jump away, and repeat the same thing until everyone on your team is dead.

So, she’s undeniably the best reset champion in LoL.

2. Viego

Viego Pentakill Splash Art

Next is Viego, the champion whose reset mechanic threatens the entire logic of League of Legends. It’s unfair on so many levels, so let me explain exactly how it works.

As the Ruined King, Viego can possess slain enemy champions thanks to his passive, Sovereign’s Domination. He can pick up their souls after they die (he has to at least assist the champion takedown), transforming into them and gaining their abilities and items.

In other words, if Viego slays Diana, for example, he can right-click her soul to transform into her and then use her abilities to keep on fighting. Viego’s abilities don’t share a cooldown with Diana’s abilities.

So when Viego stops the possession, he can immediately start using his own abilities again.

This mechanic works well on its own before level 6. But when Viego unlocks his R, Heartbreaker, that’s when he becomes the most broken champion in the game.

If Viego possesses a slain enemy, Heartbreaker becomes instantly available for use. It doesn’t matter whether it was previously on cooldown or not. And each time Viego possesses a new enemy champion, the cooldown of his ultimate resets.

Viego has probably the most influential reset in the entire League of Legends because of how much damage and self-healing he gets out of it. And everyone hates him for it! That’s why he’s on the list of the most cancer champions too.

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3. Darius

Dunkmaster Darius Splash Art

Darius is one of the first champions in League with a reset mechanic. And because of that, his is more “bearable” for most players out there.

Darius’ reset is linked with his ultimate, Noxian Guillotine. It’s a point-click ability that does true damage based on how many passive stacks he has on the target. 

And if Darius slays an enemy champion with Noxian Guillotine, the ability resets and can be used again in a 20-second window at no cost.

Basically, this means that Darius can use his ultimate 5 times in a single teamfight if he executes one champion after another with it. The good thing is that it doesn’t cost him any additional mana after the first cast, so he isn’t limited by that either.

The trick to making Darius’ R an effective execute spell is to apply 5 stacks of his passive on your target before you use it. This will maximize its damage and make it more likely that you’ll execute them.

And if you do, you can apply the same technique to your next target.

Darius’ reset has had its fair share of controversy over the years. For example, during the 2022 Worlds event, it failed to reset in a very close game between G2 and JDG after executing a target. It was an impactful bug and you can check it here.

Hopefully the same doesn’t happen in one of your games!

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4. Pyke

Empyrean Pyke Splash Art

Pyke is one of the few champions with executes in League of Legends and the only support that can assassinate the entire enemy team with back-to-back casts of his ultimate.

Pyke’s R, Death from Below, is a true execution because it can slay any target below a certain percentage of health. When cast, it affects all enemy champions in a large “X” on the ground, effectively removing them from the fight.

Pyke can monitor his enemies’ health bars and see how much damage he needs to do before executing them. When the targets are “ready”, their health bars glow red for him. And when he executes one enemy champion, the ability resets and he can use it immediately on the next.

Death from Below is one of the most powerful abilities for teamfights in League of Legends. Pyke only needs to wait for his teammates to do some AoE damage before he can enter the scene and pentakill the enemy team.

Pyke’s execute-reset-execute mechanic is so vital for his champion that Riot Games added a special effect on his Empyrean skin. And if you manage to score a pentakill while using this skin, the entire Summoner’s Rift changes and sinks under water. 

You can view this effect here.

5. Master Yi

Project Yi Splash Art

Master Yi’s resets don’t work the same way as the other champions on this list but they’re very toxic to play against. Here’s how it works.

First, Master Yi’s passive, Double Strike, allows him to hit the target twice with every 4th basic attack. But when this happens, the second strike is counted as a first auto-attack in the next cycle, so Yi only needs 3 basic attacks to proc his passive again.

This reset is minor but it does help him dish more damage, especially in prolonged fights.

And second, each time Master Yi auto-attacks, he refreshes the cooldown of his Q, Alpha Strike. This ability allows him to disappear while dealing damage (it can even crit) and become a real problem for the enemy team, especially when he gets enough attack speed.

Remember, Yi’s Double Strike counts as 2 basic attacks, so this means 2 seconds less cooldown on his Q. Add a few more basic attacks with lots of extra attack speed, and you essentially get a 2-3 seconds cooldown of Alpha Strike.

Basically, what Master Yi does is that he casts Q, auto-attacks once or twice (with R activated for even more attack speed), and uses Q again. This allows him to pentakill the enemy team with ease while they can’t do anything to stop him. That’s why this mechanic feels so illegal!

6. Samira

High Noon Samira Splash Art

Samira has a rather simple reset mechanic, one that isn’t particularly game-breaking. It’s linked with her dash (E) and it helps her reposition during a fight and keep on chasing enemy champions.

Samira’s E, Wild Rush, can only be used on targets such as enemy champions. It dashes Samira through the chosen target and after each champion takedown (kill or assist) the full cooldown resets and Samira can use the ability again.

By itself, Wild Rush isn’t a problematic spell at all. However, it’s part of an overloaded kit and it becomes a problem because Samira can dash during her W and R abilities. 

Some of you may remember that when Samira was first released, she could use her Wild Rush on both allied and enemy champions. This gave her all the advantage in the world because she could always safely dash to her support or a minion and escape all ganks.

Not to mention that Samira could also dash through an allied turret, something that’s not conventional at all in League.

But even in this state, Samira’s E offers a reset mechanic that’s not entirely fair for most players.

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7. Vex

Vex Splash Art

Vex’s reset isn’t something many people take into consideration when discussing this champion’s overall power. But most high elo players know how influential Vex’s ultimate can be in late game teamfights.

Vex’s R, Shadow Surge, is a long-range skill shot that deals damage to the first enemy champion hit while also marking them. Vex can then recast this ability to dash to the marked target and deal even more damage to them.

The reset happens when Vex’s primary target dies within 6 seconds of being marked. And if Vex’s is successful, she can then recast her ultimate on any target she wants and essentially repeat the same process until all enemies are dead.

I personally love Vex’s reset mechanic because it allows you to 1v5 the enemy team and offers a big outplay potential.

For example, you can use Vex’s ultimate to enter the dragon pit and assassinate the enemy ADC when they’re doing Dragon. Then, you can switch to the mid laner or the support, taking them down one by one.

But if you’re on the receiving end and Vex is doing this to your team, then you’re guaranteed to feel helpless.

8. Diana

Diana Dragonslayer Splash Art

Diana’s reset is a minor one in the grand scheme of things but a pretty significant one for her gameplay. 

Diana’s E, Lunar Rush, is a simple point-click dash that requires an enemy target. But when used in combination with her Q, Crescent Strike, the dash’s cooldown resets and Diana can use her E again.

This is because when Diana hits enemies (minions, monsters, or champions) with Q, she also marks them with Moonlight. So when she consumes the Moonlight mark with her E, the cooldown resets.

This combo is designed in a way to be used very quickly without the need for waiting on the actual animation to end. Instead, you can simply press Q+E on Diana and your E will reset even if the animation of the Q comes to the target after Diana herself. 

Now, you can technically only dash 2 times with Diana’s E because the Q allows one reset. However, there’s a trick that allows you to dash 3 times if you perform the combo quickly enough and not consume the Moonlight mark from the nearby target.

Here’s a link where you can check that out.

9. Akshan


Akshan’s reset isn’t the most influential reset in League of Legends but it does allow this champion to make some sick plays. Here’s how it works.

Akshan’s E, Heroic Swing, allows you to swing yourself around a wall/terrain. While doing so, Akshan also fires his gun and deals lots of damage that scales with AD. And the more attack speed he has the more he shoots.

Well, after each champion takedown, the cooldown of Heroic Swing is essentially reset, or to be precise, it’s refreshed down to 0.5 seconds. This simply means that Akshan needs to wait for only half a second to use this ability again.

Heroic Swing is an amazing ability for repositioning in teamfights and kiting enemy champions. Akshan can first use it to engage the enemy but he can quickly swing around and avoid troubles when he wants to as well.

10. Kha’Zix

Championship Kha'Zix Splash Art

Kha’Zix’s reset comes only with a condition and it’s not available when you start the match with this champion.

Kha’Zix can evolve his 4 active abilities 3 times per game. This happens on levels 6, 11, and 18 when he upgrades his ultimate. So, in each game, Kha’Zix can only evolve 3 of his abilities (the ones wants in whatever order he chooses) out of 4 offered ones.

Well, if Kha chooses to evolve his E, Leap (which is basically just a jump ability), he actually evolves wings (visible on his in-game model too). This buffs this ability too, giving it a bigger range but also a reset mechanic.

So, when Kha’Zix scores a kill or an assist after using evolved E, the cooldown resets completely. He can then instantly jump onto a new target and assassinate them too.

In the past, this reset was far more powerful, especially during season 3. Back then, Kha’Zix was an AD mid lane assassin and he could use his W and Q mid-jump. This allowed him to one-shot enemies in no time, but Riot Games fixed this and changed it for the better.

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Besides the 10 champions you see on this list, there are many more with minor resets in League of Legends. 

For example, Ryze can refresh his Q by casting W or E which results in a machine-gun playstyle. And Tristana’s W can be used multiple time in the same teamfight if she keeps on killing enemy champions or busting her bombs.

But I created this list with the most broken/influental resets gameplay-wise, and I hope you agree with me too.

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