In most video games, hammers, or variations of hammers, are some of the most used types of weapons. But sadly, that’s not the case with League of Legends.

As we’re approaching the 200 champions number mark, we only have 3 characters in LoL that use hammers and one whose weapon is “sort of” a hammer.

These are Poppy, Jayce, Ornn, and Mordekaiser.

So because they are so few, let me go through each of them and explain to you why their hammer weapons are so special and amazing.

And hopefully, Riot Games will change their minds about hammers and add more champions that wield them in the game!

Here Are All Champions That Use Hammers in League of Legends:

1. Poppy, the Keeper of the Hammer

Poppy's Hammer in League of Legends

Poppy has one of the most interesting and adorable stories in the League of Legends role. 

You see, Poppy was an assistant to the legendary Demacian weaponsmith Orion. Although it wasn’t made for her, he crafted the hammer that Poppy uses in LoL.

Upon Orion’s death, Poppy took the hammer, hoping that she could find the “true hero of Demacia” and give him the hammer. But she couldn’t find anyone worthy of Orion’s weapon. 

Nobody could actually use the hammer well. So Poppy is still on this mission, to this day.

Yes, she’s actually too innocent and naive to realize that she is the true hero of Demacia and the proof is that she could use the hammer of Orion without any problem.

In any case, Poppy’s abilities in-game are also centered around using this weapon.

She could throw the hammer from afar and pick it up. She could smack some folks on their heads with it. And of course, she could use the hammer to send her enemies flying back miles away.

In other words, Poppy is the original hammer champion in League of Legends.

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2. Jayce, the Defender of Tomorrow

Jayce's Hammer in League of Legends

Jayce is the second most popular hammer-wielding champion in LoL. But Jayce’s weapon is even more special than Poppy’s. Here’s why.

As an inventor, Jayce crafted his weapon himself. It’s of hextech technology which means that hextech crystals power it. 

Jayce’s weapon is called both Mercury Hammer and Mercury Cannon because it’s both. It can transform from a hammer (melee weapon) to a cannon (ranged weapon) allowing Jayce incredible flexibility and power on the battlefield.

With its cannon form, Jayce’s weapon can fire off hextech magic blasts and open acceleration gates. And with its hammer form, it can one-shot enemies if it falls on their heads.

This is essentially how Jayce’s weapon and abilities work in LoL.

But the entire story behind it is very cool, so I recommend you watch Arcane (if you haven’t already) and see how Jayce designs his Mercury Hammer/Cannon to be so powerful.

3. Ornn, the Fire Below the Mountain

Ornn and his hammer weapon in League of Legends

As a Freljordian demi-god, Ornn is one of the oldest beings in Runeterra. He is the first forger and craftsman. And of course, his hammer is “the first hammer” in the world.

Ornn created his own hammer from star metal. He quickly fell in love with it and kept it forever with him. And now it’s his signature weapon.

Although in League of Legends Ornn uses fire magic and headbutts people, his primary weapon is still his hammer. He uses it for auto-attacks and to craft items for himself and his allies.

Since Ornn’s weapon is the first hammer, its name is just “The Hammer.”

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4. Mordekaiser, the Iron Revenant

Mordekaiser's mace weapon called Nightfall

I wasn’t 100% sure whether to put Mordekaiser on this list, but I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether he and Nightfall belong here.

First of all, Morde’s weapon is technically a mace, which technically is a type of hammer. It’s large and long, with a spiked head and dark colors. When used right (by Mordekaiser mains) it can bring down literally everyone in Runeterra.

Morde’s Nightfall has a cool reference to the band Blind Guardian which you can find more of it here.


Nobody is sure why we only have 4 champions that use hammers as weapons in League of Legends.

We know that Riot Games always try to create unique champions, but nobody can deny that wielding colossal hammers in-game is freaking cool.

This shouldn’t be a surprise though, because there are so few champions that use swords too, the most popular types of weapons out there. 

So let’s hope that Riot adds more of what we like!

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