Dashes are one of the most common mobility abilities in League of Legends. And besides bonus movement speed, they’re the best tools we have for catching up to our enemies or running away from them.

So dashes can either be offensive cooldowns that allow us to secure more kills overall or defensive ones that let us dodge key spells coming from the opponent.

Dashes are useful for outplaying our opponents as well as setting up a fight.

But different champions have different types of dashes in LoL. Some dash abilities can pass through walls while others can’t. And some dashes have way more range than other champions’ dashes.

So in this post, I’ve made a list of the best champions with dashes in League of Legends based on how useful their dash is, how it fits in their kit, and how it performs overall on Summoner’s Rift.

Check them out!

These Are the Best Champions with Dashes in LoL:

10. Ahri


Ahri is one of the best mage champions in League of Legends. She’s extremely efficient at assassinating squishy enemies and making it out to safety.

But Ahri’s efficiency heavily depends on her dashes. Her R – Spirit Rush has 3 charges and allows Ahri to dash 3 times in a chosen direction. 

However, each champion takedown adds another charge of Spirit Rush and lets Ahri dash over 5 or 6 times in a single team fight.

What’s more important, Ahri’s Spirit Rush only lasts for a limited amount of time once the ability is activated. And so, she has a time window when she can spend all of her dashes and then remain an immobile mage champion.

Because of that, it’s absolutely vital for all Ahri players to use her dash charges optimally. For example, you can dash to close the gap between you and your target so you’re in range for your E.

Or if the enemy is throwing CC at you, you can dash away to dodge it.

All in all, Ahri’s Spirit Rush perfectly fits the rest of her kit and gives her huge advantages in team fights.

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9. Kassadin


Kassadin is one of the hyper-carry mid laners that you often see in the hands of smurfs and elo boosters. And there’s a clear reason why.

Besides the “bonkers” burst damage that this champion can do, Kassadin is one of the safest champions you can play in mid lane after level 6. And it’s all because of his jumps/dashes.

Kassadin’s R – Riftwalk is a blink ability that you can use every couple of seconds. Technically, it has an infinite number of charges since you can use it as long as you have enough mana for it.

Each subsequent cast of Riftwalk costs double the mana of the previous cast, stacking up to 4 times. At 4 stacks, Riftwalk does an insane amount of damage to all enemies around the landing spot. 

But realistically, you can only use Kassadin’s ulti a few times when it’s fully stacked before you run out of mana. Still, runes like Presence of Mind help you here by restoring your mana after each kill/assist.

And it’s not uncommon to see Kassadin jumping up to 10 times in a team fight.

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8. Qiyana


When Qiyana first came out, the majority of LoL players were simply overwhelmed by the amount of dashing this champion can do. And at times, it seems like hopping around is all Qiyana does.

Two of Qiyana’s active abilities are dashes and players can be very creative in how they’re using them.

First, Qiyana’s W is a short jump in a chosen direction that grants her an element. It can also be used to jump over walls.

And second, Qiyana’s E is a dash with a longer range but it can only be used on an enemy target. This means that it’s best used when doing your full combo and trying to assassinate your target rather than positioning.

On top of this, many players go for the Prowler’s Claw item on Qiyana giving her one more dash.

But with or without Prowler’s Clow, Qiyana is one of the best dashing champions in League of Legends. And if you know how to use her dashes, you can outplay so many enemies in solo queue!

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7. Riven


Ever since the early seasons of LoL, Riven has been known as the dashing champion. Her kit allows her to outplay her opponents in a number of different ways all because she can dash left and right during a fight.

Although only two of Riven’s active abilities are dashes, her Q – Broken Wings has 3 charges and all of them technically work as dashes on their own. 

The first two casts of Broken Wings dash Riven to a chosen direct while the third cast is a jump that also knocks all enemies near the landing spot.

On top of this, Riven’s E – Valor is a dash with a short range that also grants her a shield for a brief duration.

And Riven can use her E in between the Q casts and combo the abilities in unpredictable ways.

Combined, both abilities give Riven opportunities to surprise the enemy through different types of dashing and outplay them. 

6. Bel’Veth


Bel’Veth is a champion with a very unique way of dashing across the Summoner’s Rift. 

First of all, Bel’Veth has 4 dashes that all come from her Q ability – Void Surge. Each of the 4 dashes has a designated direction so Bel’Veth cannot dash 4 times forward, for example.

Instead, Bel’Veth players must turn their champions in different ways so that they can keep dashing in the direction they want.

The direction of the available dashes is represented close to Bel’Veth’s HP bar, so you can always see where you can dash toward.

Bel’Veth’s Q plays a huge role when it comes to fighting as well as clearing jungle camps. Each charge does decent damage that also scales with her AD, so it’s a key ability in her kit.

5. Kalista


Even though most ADCs in League of Legends have some sort of dash in their kits to help them kite enemies around, Kalista is the best example of them.

She can hop around all the time while fighting and dodge everything her enemies throw at her.

Her passive – Martial Poise allows Kalista to dash/jump in a chosen direction after each auto-attack.

This is done by holding down the SHIFT or the ALT key on your keyboard while playing the game normally.

The range of Kalista’s dash isn’t too impressive, but given the fact that with more attack speed she can throw more basic attacks and thus jump more times, the mechanic is actually broken.

In the right hands, Kalista is a dashing machine that simply cannot be stopped. Her passive allows her to outplay her opponents by dodging spells, outrunning them, and peeling for herself.

So, if you want a safe ADC pick that can dash all the time, go for Kalista!

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4. Katarina


As for mid laners, Katarina is one of the go-to champions if you enjoy the adrenaline rush of extreme mobility as an assassin. 

Truthfully, Katarina has only one dash/jump and it comes from her E – Shunpo. It’s a blink ability that can be used on an ally minion, a teammate, an enemy champion, or one of Katarina’s daggers.

However, the cooldown of Katarina’s jump can be reset by collecting a dagger. And so, Kata can jump 2 or 3 times in a single second if she has available daggers laying around.

Additionally, each champion takedown resets the cooldown of Katarina’s entire kit, including her jump.

Because of this, she can immediately jump after each kill and throw even more daggers so she can use Shunpo even more…

It’s exhausting just talking about how many times Katarina can jump in a single team fight, so I just recommend you check her out.

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3. Yasuo


Next, we have Yasuo – the dashing samurai that terrorizes all mages with skill shots in the mid lane!

Yasuo’s dash comes from his E ability – Sweeping Blade. It’s a dash that can only be used on a target, such as an enemy minion, champion, or neutral monster in the jungle.

Yasuo’s E has a cooldown of less than one second and can practically be spammed to dash around. However, Sweeping Blade marks each target after Yasuo dashes through them and cannot dash again until the mark expires.

And so, Yasuo can only keep on dashing if he chooses different targets. For example, the minion wave has 6 minions, so Yasuo can effectively dash 6 times through them. 

On top of this, Yasuo’s E can be combined with his Q to create an AoE attack of his Steel Tempest.

It’s a key ability for setting up a tornado and changing positions during a team fight, so it’s a core spell in his identity.

Sweeping Blade is also the only spell in his kit that does magic damage and scales with ability power, so it allows Yasuo to go off-meta and go full AP.

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2. Akali


To be completely honest, I really think that Akali is the best dashing champion in League of Legends. And this is simply based on how effective her dashes are and how they fit into her general design.

Starting with her E – Shuriken Flip, Akali can dash backward and create distance between herself and the enemy.

However, she can also anchor the thrown shuriken and reactivate the spell in order to dash to its location.

Once Akali unlocks her ultimate – Perfect Execution, she gains two more dashes. 

The first charge of her ulti is only usable against enemy champions and it’s the perfect gap closer for the rest of Akali’s damage.

The second cast doesn’t require a target and it deals huge amounts of damage to anyone Akali dashes through.

Combined, Akali can dash up to 4 times with her E and R abilities. 

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1. Lee Sin

Lee Sin

And the best dashing champion in LoL according to the majority of players in League is Lee Sin.

Given the fact that Lee is one of the oldest champions in the game, it’s amazing that his kit has remained largely unchanged. And up to this day, Lee Sin’s dashes play a huge role in his success as a champion.

The first dash from Lee Sin comes from his Q ability – Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike. In order for Lee Sin to dash, he needs to hit the first case, Sonic Wave, on an enemy champion, minion, or monster.

And reactivating it dashes him to the hit target.

Lee Sin’s second dash is on his W ability – Safeguard / Iron Will. The first cast of this ability dashes Lee Sin to a friendly target, either a teammate or a minion, or a ward.

Now, Lee Sin’s dashes can be combined in a number of different ways to create insane mechanical plays like the InSec Kick.

The InSec Kick requires Lee to aim his Q, dash to the target, place a ward behind them, dash to the ward, and kick the target back to his team.

It’s a difficult move to pull off and requires a lot of practice but it really speaks to the champion’s strength thanks to his dashes.

If you want to learn more about this, click here to check my in-depth guide on how to do the InSec Lee Sin kick fluently.


There are many other champions in League of Legends with dashes that are super impactful on the general gameplay.

For example, Camille’s dash allows her to gap close so quickly, isolate a key target, and win a team fight single-handedly.

However, the 10 champions in this list are all amazing when it comes to using their dashes creatively to set up themselves and their teams for success.

And if dashing is a fun mechanic for you, I’d definitely recommend you to check them out!

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