There are all kinds of crowd control (CC) abilities in League, with some of the most popular being root, stun, and silence.

Charm, however, is a unique type of CC that manipulates the behavior and movement of the enemy target. 

It is the exact opposite of the fear ability in League, because the feared targets flee away from you (the source), while charmed targets walk towards you instead.

Having a champion with this ability on the team can turn around entire matches and win team fights. So, let’s see what are the best champions that have charm in League of Legends.

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1. Ahri

The Nine-Tailed Fox Ahri is the first champion that comes to mind when we talk about the charm ability in League. This mage/assassin is widely known for her E – Charm that carries the very name of the CC ability.

Ahri’s charm is a skillshot ability that only collides with the first enemy target. It deals a good amount of damage while also slowing and charming the enemy.

On the highest rank, the charm’s duration is 2 seconds for enemy targets with no Crowd Control Reduction. 

Since Ahri is a pretty old champion, she’s seen a couple of reworks throughout the years. For instance, older versions of the Charm ability also amplified Ahri’s damage dealt to the charmed target for a few seconds.

2. Evelynn

With Evelynn’s rework in season 7, she got brand new abilities that completely changed the playstyle for this champion. This rework also gave the demonic lady her very own charm CC. 

Evelynn’s W – Allure is a bit more unique than the rest of the charm abilities on this list.

In order to charm an enemy target, Evelynn has to mark them first and wait for at least 2.5 seconds before using another attack or ability on them.

Allure’s mark only lasts for five seconds, which means Evelynn has a small time window to hit the charm. 

Depending on Allure’s rank, Evelynn’s charm can last anywhere between 1.25 to 2.25 seconds. This ability lasts two seconds longer on jungle monsters, making Evelynn’s Allure very efficient in the jungle.

3. Rakan

Rakan’s very title is The Charmer, so it doesn’t come as a surprise to see him on this list. 

His ultimate – The Quickness is the only ability that lets Rakan charm his enemies. Once activated, Rakan gains bonus movement speed and ghosting and can charm enemy targets by simply walking into them.

Using W’s knock-up after charming as many targets as possible with the ultimate is one of the best AoE combos in the game. This is why Rakan’s charm is very well utilized as an engage mechanic in mid and late game.

Rakan’s charm from his ultimate is the only charm on this list that doesn’t have a pink animation. Instead, it has a golden color for his base look, while each skin has its own color variation for it.

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4. Seraphine

Seraphine has multiple different abilities that make her a wonderful support mage. The best one is her ultimate, Encore, which charms all enemies in a line and reveals them.

The duration of Seraphine’s charm is 1.25 seconds on rank 1, all the way up to 1.75 seconds on rank 3.

Encore’s travel distance is extended with each ally or enemy champion hit, making it not only the biggest AoE charm but also the biggest CC ability in the game. 

In other words, the charm can theoretically travel from the allied inhibitor turret all the way to the enemy inhibitor turret if all allied and enemy champions are lined up.

It can come as a real surprise to enemies if it first hits the allied champions and extends all the way to the enemy targets.


Charm is definitely one of the most powerful crowd-control abilities in League of Legends. It’s better than just stunning and rooting enemies in place because it also manipulates their movement direction. 

The champions on this list all have their own version of the charm CC.

Whether it’s charming a single enemy such as Ahri and Evelynn, or charming multiple targets such as Rakan and Seraphine, every team can benefit from it.

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