Zed is one of the most iconic champions in League of Legends. Throughout the game’s history, players like Faker, LL Stylish, and ZED99 have made a name for themselves by playing Zed on such a high skill level.

But if you’re a Zed player too, chances are that you’ve asked yourself “what are some other champions like Zed in League of Legends?”

There isn’t an easy answer to this question. Zed is a uniquely designed champion and he doesn’t share too many similarities with the others in the game.

And even if you only look at assassin champions, you simply won’t find another Zed.

However, there are champions in LoL that have “something” like Zed in their kits.

This may include abilities like dashes and summoning copies of themselves, similar playstyle during the laning phase, or positioning during team fights. 

And in this post, I’ll give you the top 5 best champions like Zed in League of Legends. Let’s begin!

Top 5 Best Champions Like Zed in League of Legends

1. Talon

Champions like Zed - Talon

Talon is one of the best assassin champions you can play if you like Zed. 

For starters, he has similar aesthetics to Zed and there are many skins that bear resemblance to Zed’s skins.

On top of that, Talon’s playstyle is much like Zed – play passively and farm in lane until you get to level 6. And once the ultimate is unlocked, it’s a “go time” for both Talon and Zed.

What makes Talon such a good substitute for Zed is that you can retain the same playstyle on both champions. What do I mean by this?

During the laning phase, you can safely farm with Talon’s W – Rake. This is a ranged ability and works similarly to Zed’s Q. Talon has a strong level 2 all-in, and you can always try to burst your opponent down.

But this is also true for Zed because you unlock double shurikens at level 2.

After level 6, both Talon and Zed can assassinate anyone on the enemy team. Talon’s R – Shadow Assault can be used against one champion to quickly one-shot him.

And you should always look to score a kill whenever you have this ability available. 

Additionally, Zed and Talon need the same positioning in late-game team fights. Sneaking behind the enemy team to eliminate their ADC or mid laner is always a good strategy. And both champions have the means to do so.

As Talon, you can roam much faster thanks to the E ability – Assassin’s Path. It allows you to jump over walls in parkour style and reach your enemies. So, it’s a great way to get more kills.

And that’s why Talon is one of the best champions like Zed in LoL!

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2. Fizz

Champions like Zed - Fizz

In the second place, we have Fizz. Those who have played League of Legends since season 3 or earlier remember the legendary matchup of Fizz versus Zed.

These champions are so similar that you could say “Fizz is the AP version of Zed” and that “Zed is the AD version of Fizz.”

If you take a look at their ability kits, you’ll quickly realize that Zed and Fizz don’t share many similarities. In fact, none of their abilities really match.

However, Fizz and Zed have a nearly identical playstyle throughout the match.

During the laning phase, Fizz must “turtle down” against any opponent, at least until level 3. His burst is huge once he unlocks all 3 basic abilities, which is true for Zed too.

And just like Zed, Fizz reaches his full power after level 6.

Fizz’s R – Chum the Waters is an ability that does massive amounts of damage, especially if you cast it from afar. Once it’s applied to an enemy champion, Fizz can use all of his ability to quickly burst that champion down.

Zed’s ulti works the same, with the exception that Fizz’s R doesn’t mark the champion for more damage.

Aside from that, Fizz is objectively one of the most fun champions to play in League of Legends. He’s pretty quick, he jumps and dashes all the time, his cooldowns are pretty short, and his damage is unbalanced.

And I’m sure that in Fizz you’ll find many of the same things you initially liked in Zed.

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3. Akali

Champions like Zed - Akali

Akali is another assassin that I’d definitely recommend if you like playing Zed.

In her current form, she has the same qualities as other assassin champions in the game, including Zed – great mobility and insane burst damage.

But the reason why you should consider playing Akali as a substitute for Zed is because of the playstyle

Like Zed, Akali doesn’t fight too often without her ultimate. Her R – Perfect Execution is the highest source of damage that Akali has and it’s the perfect tool for executing enemies on low HP.

But Akali’s ultimate can do much more than simply slay a target. It has 2 charges and it allows Akali to dance around her target until he’s dead.

But you can also use Perfect Execution to go in and out of the fight, just like you would with Zed’s Death Mark.

Aside from the plays you can create with the ultimate, Akali has some great tools for the laning phase too. With her Q, Akali can safely farm minions and not expose herself to enemy attacks.

Her E marks the first target hits and allows Akali

On top of that, Akali has her W – Twilight Shroud. This is a great defensive ability that makes Akali invisible and therefore immune to most of the attacks.

And if you use it well, you’ll score some pretty incredible ninja kills!

All in all, Akali is a great champion like Zed in League of Legends and you should definitely give her a try!

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4. Qiyana

Champions like Zed - Qiyana

Hands down, Qiyana is one of the most fun champions that Riot Games have ever designed. And even we weren’t talking about LoL champions like Zed, I’d still recommend you to play her.

But in comparison with Zed and his potential, Qiyana stands pretty close. She has a few strengths that high-elo players always take advantage of and carry games.

So, let’s start like this.

Qiyana’s Q and W abilities synced together. Each time Qiyana uses her W, she collects an element. There are 3 elements that she can choose from – water, brush, and terrain.

And based on what’s she has chosen, her Q gets a different bonus effect. For example, if Qiyana uses W in the river (water element), her Q will also root the target.

Even though this is more complex than Zed’s W+Q combo, the idea is essentially the same. You combine the two abilities to deal quick burst damage to the enemy champion.

Similar to Zed, Qiyana can use her Q to poke down enemies in the lane. And it is a skill shot ability that you must aim as though it was a shuriken.

Once Qiyana unlocks her ultimate – Supreme Display of Talent, she becomes truly deadly. You can use this ability to quickly assassinate your target.

And unlike Zed’s R, Qiyana’s ultimate can damage all enemy champions if they stand close enough to the chosen terrain.

So, if you want to have some fun with a similar champion to Zed, go for Qiyana!

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5. LeBlanc

Champions like Zed - LeBlanc

And finally, we have LeBlanc. On the surface, you might think that LeBlanc is nothing like Zed. Yes, she’s a ranged AP champion and not a melee AD assassin. But the reality is – players that 

enjoy playing Zed in LoL also love playing LeBlanc.

LB and Zed have some obvious differences, but they also have similarities too. Both of them can assassinate targets in less than a second.

And both of them can summon shadows/copies of themselves to trick and outplay their opponents.

One of the greatest advantages you have as LeBlanc during the laning phase is the range. Unlike Zed, LB can play really aggressively in the lane from level 1.

And her level 2 burst is high enough to kill any squishy opponent in the mid lane. The same can be said for the level 3 spike.

Aside from the burst damage, LeBlanc is also one of the safest champions in the game. Her W – Distortion is one a fairly short cooldown throughout the game and she can use it to dash away t safety.

Distortion works very similarly to Zed’s W – Living Shadow and it’s on the same keyboard button.

Unlike Zed and his ultimate, LB doesn’t have a major damaging cooldown. This is also an advantage because her burst is much more often available. All she needs to do is press R to replicate her last used spell and deal tons of damage.

I really suggest you give LeBlanc a try if you like Zed in League of Legends. Believe me, she might surprise you!

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Bonus Pick – Pyke

Champions like Zed - Pyke

And if you really want to get out of your comfort zone when searching for champions similar to Zed, picks from other roles can surprise you too.

Lee Sin, Kha’Zix, and Kayn are all super interesting champions. But Pyke is even closer to Zed’s playstyle and you can take him in the mid lane too.

Pyke has a simple set of abilities – hook, invisibility, dash/stun, and execute. The idea is to use your invisibility first and surprise your enemy with your position.

Then, you should hook your enemy and stun him with your dash. In the end, you can use Pyke’s R – Death from Below to execute the opponent.

Pyke’s build is almost identical to Zed’s build when he’s in the mid lane. You should focus all on Lethality items and armor penetration. And one rotation of your abilities will be enough to assassinate an enemy!

Those were all the best champions like Zed in League of Legends!

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