Lux is a long-range enchanter mage that does 3 things exceptionally well – burst damage, crowd control, and shielding. She can comfortably root and one-shot the enemy ADC any time past the 20th minute. And she can protect her teammates at a distance with an AoE shield.

But are there more champions like her in LoL?

In this post, I’ll go over the top 5 champions that are very much alike Lux. Some of them have similar playstyles and some simply share similarities in their abilities. Nevertheless, they could be a great replacement for you when Lux is banned or you simply want a change.

Here they are!

Top 5 Champions Like Lux in League of Legends

1. Morgana

Champions like Lux - Morgana

Morgana is the first champion that pops in mind when talking about champions like Lux in League of Legends. Morgana and Lux have tons of similarities, so let’s start with the most obvious one.

Morgana’s Q – Dark Binding is a nearly identical spell to Lux’s Q – Light Binding. In fact, both of these abilities have the same range and root the first enemy hit in its long path. However, the difference here is that Morgana’s Q can last up to 3 seconds while Lux’s only 2 (on all ranks). Similarly, Morgana’s Q can only affect one champion while Lux’s two if they’re next to each other.

Another great similarity between Lux and Morgana is that they both have shields. True, Lux’s W – Prismatic Barrier is a skill shot ability that casts a shield to every ally in its path. Morgana’s E – Black Shield could only be cast on one teammate, but it blocks the effect of incoming ability (stun, root, etc.).

Morgana’s W – Tormented Shadow is an AoE attack that does damage in a target area. Lux’s E – Lucent Singularity is also an AoE attack, but it deals all of its damage once where Morgana’s spell is a burn effect

The ultimate abilities of these two champions have no similarities at all. Lux’s R is a long-ranged burst while Morgana’s R requires her to be near her targets.

Playing Morgana after Lux shouldn’t feel too different. With Morgana, You’ll still be looking to snare enemies with your Q then do all of your damage while they’re rooted. But instead of bursting them right away, you can let your teammates help you out with the DPS.

And that’s why Morgana is the best among the champions like Lux in LoL!

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2. Seraphine

Champions like Lux - Seraphine

The next champion on the list is Seraphine. I put Seraphine in second place because she has all three key attributes that Lux does – damage, shields, and crowd control.

When you play Seraphine, your root comes from your E button and not Q. But Beat Drop has the same range as Light Binding and can root all enemies in its path for 1 second. Then, you can use Seraphine’s Q – High Note to quickly burst the enemy down, much like you would with Lux’s E.

One of the best similarities between Lux and Seraphine is the fact that their shields are both on the W button. But Seraphine’s Surround Sound is even better because it’s not a skill shot spell and it can even heal teammates (combined with passive). 

And lastly, Serahpine’s ultimate is also a long-ranged ability that deals damage in its path. True, this damage isn’t as bursty as Lux’s R, but Encore also charms all affected enemy champions. It also extends its range when it passes through allies or enemies, so it’s great for securing kills from range.

Seraphine is definitely a more “supportive” champion than Lux. But if you like being able to help your teammate while still having good damage, then you should totally give her a try!

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3. Xerath

Champions like Lux - Xerath

And if you’re looking for a more offensive champion than Lux that has almost the same playstyle, Xerath is a great pick for that. Yes, he lacks shields and overall defensiveness, but he has even more damage than Lux.

Xerath is an AP long-range mage that can poke down enemies and assassinate them from afar. With enough ability power, Xerath can easily half the HP of any enemy with a single Q – Arcanopulse. This ability damages all enemies in a long line and has a very short cooldown.

Xerath’s E – Shocking Orb is also a long-ranged spell that travels in one direction and stuns the first enemy hit. It’s similar to Lux’s Q, although its distance is shorter it only stuns one enemy champion.

But Xerath’s W – Eye of Destruction is also an AoE type of damaging spell, similar to Lux’s E. The best part is that it has shorter animation and you don’t need to reactivate it.

Although there are obvious differences between Lux’s R and Xerath’s R, both ultimates are long-ranged abilities that do a lot of damage. Lux’s ult does a lot of damage in one single line and it can only be activated once. But with Xerath’s R, you can shoot down enemy champions multiple times, making it less likely that you’ll miss your big cooldown.

All in all, Xerath is one of the best champions like Lux in League of Legends!

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4. Vel’Koz

Champions like Lux - Vel'Koz

In the fourth place, we have Vel’Koz. This is another all-offensive champion in League of Legends that works very well as a substitute for Lux. Vel’Koz is a long-range AP mage that has the same strengths as Xerath.

With Vel’Koz, you’re always looking to set up kills for you and your team from afar, much like Lux. Your main CC spell is E – Tectonic Disruption which knocks up all enemies in a small target area. It doesn’t travel like Lux’s Q, so it’s often an easier ability to hit.

Once your enemies are knocked up in the air, you can use Vel’Koz’s W and Q to quickly burst them down. Both of these abilities can do a tremendous amount of damage, especially combined with his passive. Additionally, you can use either Q or W to poke down enemies in the lane, much like you would with Lux’s Q and E.

Getting level 6 is always exciting for both Lux and Vel’Koz since their ultimates are sources of massive AoE damage. But where Lux’s R damages only once, Vel’Koz ulti continuously damages all enemies in a straight line. Combined with his E, W, and Q, you can easily one-shot an enemy champion exactly as if you’re playing Lux.

Aside from that, Vel’Koz is just a super fun champion to play if you like the long-range mage playstyle.

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5. Zyra

Champions like Lux - Zyra

And finally, we have Zyra. Zyra is an awesome support mage that can do many different things. The only drawback with Zyra is the fact that she doesn’t have any defensive spell for her or her teammates. So, you can’t shield allies like you would with Lux.

However, Zyra has unbelievable damage potential, especially in the late game. Her damage numbers and ratios are pretty high across all abilities. But what makes her a really reliable champion is the fact that you don’t really need to hit your abilities.

In fact, Zyra’s plants are so powerful that they can always poke enemies out of lane, even if you’ve missed your Q or W. 

Zyra’s E – Grappling Roots is a long-ranged ability that damages and roots everyone in its path. In some situations, it might be even better than Lux’s Q since it can snare up to 5 enemy champions.

Zyra’s Q – Deadly Spine doesn’t share similarities with any of Lux’s abilities. It’s just a simple spell that does damage in a straight line.

Similarly, Zyra’s ultimate is a large circle that damages enemies and knocks them up. It’s completely different from Lux’s R, but even more helpful in many situations.

I’d definitely recommend you Zyra if you play Lux as a support. Zyra can be just as aggressive in the lane as Lux and she has more reliable CC too. 

Those are the top 5 best champions like Lux in League of Legends!

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Bonus Pick – Varus

Champions like Lux - Varus

Although the 5 mage champions I showcased above are great substitutes for Lux in LoL, you shouldn’t only limit yourself to AP mages. In fact, there are many marksman champions in League with a similar playstyle to Lux.

For example, Varus is one of the best picks to play if you like Lux. His damage has a very long range and he has reliable crowd control too.

Varus’ Q is an arrow that damages all enemies at a great distance. His W is there to empower his Q. His E is similar to Lux’s E but it doesn’t do the same damage. On the other hand, Varus’ R is a sure snare because it travels through minions and only affects champions. It also deals high damage, especially early on.

And the greatest thing about Varus is that he has multiple viable builds. You can play the ADC Varus build, the Lethality Varus build, or the full AP Varus build. All of them are strong, but if you like something close to Lux, I recommend switching between Lethality and AP Varus.

You can also play Varus in the mid lane, so he’s the whole package!

Good luck!

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