Every League of Legends player can recall a time when a single champion has made the game absolutely toxic for him.

And it’s true – some champions in this game are simply “cancer” when playing against them. Runes and items can rarely help you feel better because the reason why these champions are annoying lies in their design.

Well, if you were to construct a list of the most annoying and cancerous champions in LoL, I’m pretty sure it would look something like this. The picks you’ll see here are globally known to int players, regardless of the elo and rank they’re in.

So, scroll down and take a look at the cancer of League of Legends!

10. Riven


Riven has always had a reputation for being the champion of noobs in League of Legends. 

And the reason is that there are thousands and thousands of Riven mains in low elo across all servers that have no mechanical skill whatsoever, that keep ruining the match for every player in their team by feeding the enemy and going 0/3/0 in the first 3 minutes…

Whew. You don’t want a low elo Riven on your team and if that happens then you should definitely dodge in order to preserve your sanity.

Anyway, there’s a completely opposite reality existing simultaneously with this one. And the proof for that is when an excellent Riven player (I’m talking about high elo) plays against you and ends up carrying the game 1v9.

Seriously, Riven is a fantastic champion, with lots of strengths, and the ability to duel multiple enemies at once. But all the dashes, jumps, shields, and kiting make it extremely frustrating to play against her.

Half of the time you waste chasing her and the other half you’re wondering why she deals so much damage to you. Fighting Riven as a mage or an ADC is especially infuriating and I’d simply suggest avoiding her, either by banning or dodging.

9. Irelia


Now, Irelia is one of my most banned champions ever. As a mid laner, and one that primarily enjoys mages, it’s maddening to lane against Irelia. One can lose his mind only by watching her dash endlessly left and right while CSing.

But Irelia’s mobility isn’t the only problem here. The champion is unbelievably durable, especially when her W is active. There’s no mage that can defeat her in a 1v1 battle, even if you happen to land all of your skillshots.

Another reason why playing against Irelia feels so cancerous is that it’s painfully obvious that she doesn’t deserve her power. Even if she fails the laning phase and she’s 0/2/0, for example, she’s still stronger than any mage, an ADC, and the support.

On the other hand, if you happen to make a mistake and feed Irelia, you’re in a world of unbelievable pain. She’s a champion that can roam anywhere she likes, duel anyone on the enemy team, and emerge victorious.

So, take my advice and avoid Irelia as much as possible. For your own sanity.

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8. Viego


I could go on for days about why Viego annoys me every time I see him on the Rift. But I’m going to do my best here to highlight the objective reasons why so many players hate him so much.

For starters, Viego is one of the simplest new champions in League of Legends. Normally, Riot Games designs new champions with complicated mechanics that require lots of mastery. But Viego is a freak of nature that even the biggest noobs can play successfully.

The reason for this is that most of Viego’s damage comes from auto-attacking. His kit is overloaded with attack speed and lifesteal, so it usually takes the Viego player to right-click and win the duel.

But here’s where Viego really shows his cancerous nature.

Once Viego kills an enemy champion, the entire logic of League of Legends falls apart. Not only can he possess the slain enemy and use his abilities (without any cooldown mind you) but he also benefits from their items as well.

In other words, this simply means that it doesn’t matter whether you go 20/0/0 or 0/20/0 on Viego because as long as you can use what other players have gotten, your performance doesn’t matter.

And lastly, with his ultimate, Heartbreaker, Viego can become untargetable. He can dodge so many abilities in LoL that’s simply unfair in combination with the rest of his kit. Not to mention that this ability resets once he possess a slain enemy.

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7. Shaco


If you randomly find a League of Legends player of any elo and ask him about the most cancerous champion according to them, the answer will probably be Shaco. And there are tons of reasons for it.

The most obvious one is his boxes! Shaco’s W, Jack in the Box, allow him to place an invisible trap that detonates when an enemy champion steps on them. The boxes cause the enemy champion to get feared. But they also do lots of damage, especially if Shaco is AP.

Next, we have Shaco’s Q, the invisibility effect available to him from level 1. It’s the ability that makes so many mid laners cry because Shaco can gank them immediately after taking his buff. And since he’s invisible and unexpected, most of them fall prey to it.

And lastly, we have Shaco’s R, the ability that allows him to spawn a clown of himself. There aren’t many things in League as toxic as getting trolled by Shaco’s clone. This ability can completely throw you off, especially when the Shaco player is good.

When you combine Shaco’s abilities, you get a champion that can become invisible and gank you from behind, fear you with invisible boxes, and laugh at you while you’re fighting his clone instead of him.

And if that isn’t a recipe for a “cancer” champion in League of Legends, I don’t know what is!

6. Zoe


Unlike most champions on this list, Zoe is hated by so many players not only because of her in-game abilities, but also her character as a whole.

Where Irelia and Riven look like fierce female warriors you’d otherwise respect, Zoe… is just a troll. Her entire appearance is a joke and she constantly talks down on her enemies. She’s giggles and sticks her tongue out, simply begging you to hate her.

In other words, Zoe looks like she’s having the biggest fun in the world while making players feel miserable.

Zoe’s entire champion design revolves around one idea – one shot from range. 

She does that by casting her E, Sleepy Trouble Bubble first, an ability that puts you to sleep for several seconds. And then she blasts you with her Q, Paddle Star, which is almost guaranteed to take 80 or 90% of your HP.

So when you play against Zoe, you are constantly feeling afraid because she can throw her E across any terrain and put you to sleep. Suddenly, every neutral objective and enemy turret becomes incredibly difficult to take. 

And if you’re playing a squishy champion and you aren’t being careful about your positioning, well, let’s just say that that’s what Zoe mains dream about at night.

5. Katarina


Katarina is known to cause disgust in the majority of LoL players, including me, so let me be completely honest here.

The most cancerous fact about Katarina is that she can build any item in the game and still one-shot you, even if it’s something that gives mana or health. 

Seriously, you can put a blindfold on your head and select the most random items from the shop and you’ll still be stronger than anyone on the enemy team. 

It’s simply ridiculous. There’s AP Katarina, AD Katarina, bruiser Katarina, tank Katarina… there’s no end to it.

And as if this wasn’t “cancer” enough, Riot Games still believe that it’s a great idea for Katarina to have a passive that resets her entire kit.

And so, when you have a champion that can jump 10 times in a single teamfight, assassinate anyone she likes, and cause an unbelievable amount of AoE damage repeatedly, playing against her forces people into a genuine depression.

As was the case with Irelia, Katarina can feed all she wants and go 0/10/0 only to score 2 easy kills and become stronger than everyone else. This actually happens in most games so the last thing you want to do is let Katarina unbanned.

4. Yasuo


To be honest with you, I needed some time to remember what playing against Yasuo actually felt like because he’s perma-banned in my games. 

Yes, I ban Yasuo religiously. I ban him regardless of the role I’m playing or the champion I’m going for. Banning Yasuo is the first thing I do when I enter champion select in League of Legends.

There are just so many small things that make Yasuo a “cancer” champion that I only hope I can explain all of them here.

First of all, Yasuo has one of the highest numbers of one-tricks in the entire game. So many players fall for the samurai/anime aesthetic and playstyle this champion has that it’s simply crazy. And as you can guess, most of them are Bronze and Silver hardstucks.

So, when those Yasuo OTPs enter a game, it often feels like it’s their religious duty to feed the enemy mid laner. They always go 0/5/1 in the first few minutes with their most common score being 1/13/2.

But playing against Yasuo is also frustrating. He can dash between minions and dodge your skill shots. But he can also spawn his Wind Wall and block almost every attack in the game. He directly counters mages but he can also hold his ground against most fighters and tanks.

Another reason why League players attach the “cancer” word next to Yasuo is his “10 deaths power spike”. It’s true, this champion can feed as much as he wants but in the late game he suddenly becomes the biggest mid lane hyper-carry.

It just feels so unfair and if you want to know more about this, I’d recommend you watch the Yasuo syndrome video on YouTube.

3. Yone


And if someone else has already banned Yasuo from my team, I automatically ban Yone. This is the second champion I personally cannot lane against, especially when I’m on my main account in Master elo.

Before Yone was released, many players thought that it was impossible for a champion to annoy them more than Yasuo. But Yone surprised us all with his “200 years” champion design and unbelievably unfair playstyle.

Let’s take Yone’s Q, for example. 

The spell is essentially Yasuo’s Q but instead of a tornado, it allows Yone to dash forward while also providing a knock-up. I know this is annoying to play against (also because it’s available every other second) but it’s nothing compared to Yone’s E.

With his E, Yone can safely enter a teamfight, deal unbelievable amounts of damage, and return back to a safe position no matter what happens. This ability can completely destroy many CC effects in the game such as Morgana’s Q or Zoe’s E.

And let’s not even dive deep into Yone’s R! We all know how stupidly wrong the in-game indicator is because the spell can get you even if you’re inches outside of its animation.

Finally, Yone is one of the simplest and most powerful champions in the entire League of Legends. Compared to Yasuo, he has a much lower skill gap yet he can 1v9 games like it’s nothing.

2. Teemo


If you’ve been a League of Legends player for a long time, you probably know that Teemo was the original “cancer” champion. The very king of “cancer”, in fact. But nowadays, he only falls behind one champion.

Nonetheless, Teemo is still known as the incarnation of the Devil in League of Legends, especially among top laners. He even has a Little Devil Teemo skin that’s primary goal is to torment his opponents even harder.

But appearance isn’t the only thing that makes Teemo a hated champion within the community.

In fact, the biggest reason why Teemo has gotten his reputation is that he’s a ranged top laner and counters most picks there. His Q is a point-click spell that deals damage and blinds the enemy, rendering their auto-attacks useless.

So Teemo can essentially torture his lane opponents by casting his Q right when they’re about to take a CS. This results in them missing the minion and growing more frustrated each time it happens. 

And it’s an effective strategy Teemo players use to counter and stop Nasus from stacking.

But Teemo is also annoying because he can place invisible mushrooms all over the map. In the late game, they actually deal an insane amount of damage. Stepping on two or more of them brings you a guaranteed death, even if Teemo hasn’t actually attacked you.

All in all, Teemo players have no soul and they know it.

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1. Yuumi


There hasn’t been a single champion in League of Legends that the community has hated more than Yuumi. 

She’s often described as “everything that’s wrong with modern LoL”, so she absolutely deserves the title of “the most cancer champion” in this game.

Besides being a cat that obviously doesn’t care for anyone else (including her ADC), Yuumi is the only champion in League that cannot be hit. When she attaches herself to an ally with her W, she becomes untargetable and it’s impossible to harm her in any way.

Now, this wouldn’t be as much “cancer” as it is if Yuumi couldn’t use all of her abilities while being untargetable, including her long-range Q, her ultimate CC, as well as the biggest heal in the game.

The strategy to win against Yuumi is simple – slay the ally she’s attached to and then slay her. However, Yuumi can jump from teammate to teammate without a cooldown, whenever she wants. And when you’re about to hit her, she just becomes untargetable again!

At the same time she can keep healing the ally she’s attached to more than most champions can deal damage. And it’s infuriating to play against her because no matter what you do, she can simply attach to one ally and win the game only by spamming her E.

Yuumi players will often abandon their ADCs, especially if they fail the early game. They would attach to the mid laner or the jungler and take over the entire game. This makes both teams extremely mad.

And there’s been a huge petition by the League of Legends community for Riot to simply delete this champion from the game. I’m not sure that they will but in my opinion, they absolutely should!


Because there are over 150 champions in League of Legends, and the nature of the game is toxic too, it doesn’t happen often that you get into a game and have a 100% pleasant experience. 

We all have champions that we absolutely hate, no matter whether they’re broken or have a 45% win rate. The 10 picks on this list are universally accepted as incarnations of “cancer” in LoL, so they really deserve their spot here.

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