A League of Legends account is a measurement of time, energy, effort, and money put into the game.

But a brand new account is an opportunity for you to explore new things in League of Legends such as playing new roles, new champions, and trying to reach new heights in solo queue. It’s also a way for you to continue playing the game when your main account is banned, lost, or worse – stuck in elo hell.

You can create a new League of Legends account and level it up by hand. But in 99% of the cases it’s better to simply buy a cheap account online and save your time. Because even with XP boosts, you’ll still need to grind a lot of games to get to level 30 so you can start playing ranked again.

That said, this post will aim to give you a full overview of buying a brand new League of Legends account online. My point with this post is to make you aware of the potential dangers as well as instruct how to do this safely.

So let’s jump into the actual guide and discuss things further.

Is it Safe to Buy a League of Legends Account?

Trading League of Legends Account Online is Bannable

The idea of buying an account has always been a bit controversial. Riot Games have explicitly mentioned in their terms of service that trading accounts is against the rules.

But let’s face it: the market exists, and there’s demand. People buy new League of Legends accounts every day, including Twitch streamers and professional players, although they do it behind closed doors.

So the real question is: how do you buy an account safely without getting punished for it (i.e. banned)?

First, you need to understand the risks. There’s always a chance of getting scammed by people on the internet. And Riot Games can always issue a ban, so there’s no guarantee for anything. However, countless players have bought LoL accounts online, including me, without ever getting banned.

And second, you need to know why you’re buying a new account. Do you need an account on another League server? Or are you buying it because you can no longer climb on your main account?

Based on these questions, there are specific things you need to look for when buying a new LoL account.

Things to Look for When Purchasing an Account

A New LoL Account

These are the things I’d think about before buying a brand new LoL account online.

  1. Rank and ELO – If your goal is to get Diamond, for example, but you can’t do it on your main account, you can always search for Diamond accounts to buy. But if you want to start your ranked journey from the beginning, then buying a fresh and unranked account is the way to go. So be clear on which rank you want your new account to be because the higher its tier the higher the price you need to pay.
  2. Champions and Skins – This is perhaps the most important thing to look for in a brand new LoL account. Cheap unranked accounts usually come with a bunch of Blue Essence so you can buy your main champions right away. On the other hand, one of my friends bought a very expensive account just because it had the PAX Twisted Fate skin. So see where your priorities are when it comes to champions and skins,
  3. Server Region – Another key aspect of buying a brand new League of Legends account online. You always want to buy your account in the region you plan to play in. This could be the same server you’ve always played. But in case your friends are on EUNE, for instance, and you’re on EUW, then buying an EUNE account to play with them is the way to go.
  4. Account Verification – Please, for the love of God, always buy in unverified accounts, especially when buying cheap and unranked accounts. Riot Games can detect when the account changes owners if it’s been previously verified by another person. So keep that in mind.

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The Best Platforms to Buy a LoL Account

  1. PlayersLoot: They have a huge library of League of Legends account, ranging from 1$ for unranked accounts all the way to pricy high-elo accounts. On the left side, you can filter the type of account you want to buy and there’s also a 7-day warranty making PlayersLoot the best platform to buy lol accounts.
  2. G2A: This is a site where you can buy everything digitally related to gaming and it’s perhaps the biggest marketplace for brand new LoL accounts. A word of caution: always check the seller’s reputation. You always want to buy an account from a credible seller with good reviews.
  3. Playerauction: I’ve bought some accounts from Playerauction and I’ve had a positive experience overall. The site is a marketplace that has an escrow system, so both buyer and seller are protected.
  4. Account Warehouse: Similar in structure to Playerauction, it has hundreds and thousands of accounts from different servers and ranks. The site has a rigorous verification process, but it ensures the legitimacy of the accounts on sale.
  5. eBay and Amazon: Perhaps the most popular e-commerce sites on the internet, you can find lots of accounts there. Most people know how to navigate these sites so they’re generally super safe platforms for buying new LoL accounts. I’d say that eBay is generally a cheaper option, but definitely do your homework before spending money.

How Much Should You Pay?

Pricing will be different every time. My friend spend a whopping $800 for a PAX Twisted Fate account back in the day. And I’ve bought more than 10 unranked smurf accounts for $3-5 each.

So many factors can affect the price including the rank, number of skins, champions, and other in-game assets. A higher rank like Diamond or Challenger can push the price from $60 to $11,000, especially if it has rare skins. So it’s always a smart thing to check multiple sites and compare the prices before buying.

Tips for a Safe Purchase

Paying for a New LoL Account Through PayPal
  • Use a Secure Payment Method: Stay away from direct bank transfers if you can. Instead, opt for services like PayPal. Their buyer protection is a lifesaver.
  • Check Seller Reviews: Most platforms have a rating system. A seller with a ton of positive feedback and successful transactions is a safer bet when it comes to buying League of Legends accounts that might get banned later.
  • Avoid Sharing Personal Details: It goes without saying, but you’d be surprised how many people fall into this trap. Keep your personal data personal.
  • Change Passwords and Emails Post-Purchase: Once the account is yours, change the login credentials. It’s an added layer of security, ensuring the account stays yours.

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Purchasing a League of Legends account can be scary for many people. And even if you spend only $5 on an account but it gets banned later because of something the seller did, that’s essentially throwing $5 away for nothing.

So, please go over the potential risks highlighted in my post again to make sure you understand how the entire process goes. And I hope I helped you figure out how you can buy a new LoL account in a safe way.

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