When starting a podcast you need to have a podcast host, much like you need a website host when starting a website.

There are many websites that will give you good and easy hosting. This means you don’t have to worry about making sure that your podcast is present on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. and your host does all the work for you.

Blubrry is at its core, a good podcast hosting provider, it will store all of those large audio files and make sure that they are uploaded when you want to upload them. Before getting into our review of Blubrry we first should take a look at what Blubrry is and get familiar with the podcasting host.

Blubrry was created in 2005 and has become a very popular podcasting host among the community, especially to those who already have a WordPress site, this is mainly because of the handy WordPress plugin it calls Powerpress.

Powerpress is there to allow you access to upload your podcasts from the WordPress dashboard instead of having to have a Blubrry dashboard open as well as a WordPress one.

This means that WordPress users can upload their podcasts more efficiently with a site that they already know.

The WordPress plugin isn’t the only stand-out feature that Blubrry has to offer.

In this article we’ll be diving into the advantages and disadvantages of having Blubrry as your podcast host, finding out if Blubrry is the right podcast host for you.

What To Look Out For When Choosing A Podcast Host

If you are new to podcasting you may not even know where to start with considerations.

You may need to think about what equipment you are using, what content your podcast is putting out, and how, or if you are going to monetize your podcast.

You also have to decide how you are going to host your podcast, and there are many companies out there that offer podcast hosting that is largely the same.

All podcast hosts do have different features that are going to sway your vote, but it is also important to focus on the fundamental use of a podcast host, the bandwidth, and the monthly upload of your podcast.

These are the two main factors you should consider when looking for a podcast host, below we’ve outlined the choices that you’re going to have to make before we get into a review of Blubrry.


Deciding on how much uploading you’re going to be doing largely relies on the frequency of your podcast.

If you are uploading an hour episode every couple of days then you’re going to want a podcast host that can allow you to upload a large amount of content frequently.

Podcast hosts will often have different plans that allow you different monthly uploads and some will allow unlimited uploading. The more monthly uploads you need, usually the more expensive the podcast host is going to be.

However, if you only upload a half-hour podcast every week then you won’t need much monthly upload for your podcast and can focus on the other features of your podcast hosting site instead.


Bandwidth is basically the number of listeners who can download your podcast without any downloading issues.

Picture a café that has more customers than seats, the customers would be the listeners to your podcast and the seats would be the bandwidth. If you have less bandwidth than listeners then you will drive away your listeners and potentially lose money.

If you are starting out a podcast then this shouldn’t be something you’ll need to worry about yet as it is unlikely that you will be getting too many listeners to start out with.

But it is definitely something you will have to think about in the future. Thankfully, most podcast hosts will offer unlimited bandwidth whatever the package, but you may have to pay more for the privilege on some sites.

What Makes Blubrry Different From Other Podcast Hosting Sites?

When all podcasting hosts are quite similar, it is important to know how each podcasting site stands out from the rest, here are a few reasons that we think Blubrry stands out from other podcasting websites.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Just having talked about how important bandwidth is when choosing a podcast host, it is apt that we start with Blubrry’s offer of unlimited bandwidth in every plan Blubrry offers.

Even in their cheapest plans, unlimited bandwidth comes as standard, so you’ll never have to worry about an increase in audience meaning an increase in price.

Blubrry’s Powerpress Plugin

The Powerpress plugin is Blubrry’s most popular feature and a big stand-out to why it is favored around the podcasting community. Blubrry’s plugin is one of the most powerful podcast plugins available, it has over 60,000 active installations, and we can see why.

If you already use WordPress for a website and want to start a podcast alongside this website then with any other podcast hosting website you would have to use a separate dashboard for your website as well as your podcast.

However, with Blubrry’s Powerpress plugin you can use the WordPress dashboard to handle everything you do with your podcast, this includes uploading your podcast.

This is perfect for anyone who already has a WordPress site, as you likely already know your way in and out of the WordPress dashboard, and the thought of having to master a new dashboard entirely may be daunting.

It must be noted that the Powerpress plugin from Blubrry will only work with self-hosted WordPress sites and not through blogs on WordPress.org.

25% Overage

Unless you choose a plan that has unlimited monthly episode time or stick to a strict structure with your podcasts, uploading exactly what you are allocated each month, then there is definitely going to be sometimes where you go over your allotted time by a few minutes.

On most podcasting hosting websites you will simply be charged a flat fee for every hour you go over, this fee usually isn’t much, but it adds up if you keep your podcast going for a long while.

However, Blubrry gives you a 25% leeway of your service plan on the total hours you choose, meaning you won’t have to pay anything if you go over your allotted time by 25%

Blubrry Analytics

If you want a successful podcast, you can’t just upload your podcast and then forget about it, you need to know exactly how your podcast is performing and where you can improve on it to have the best podcast possible and hopefully make as much money as possible from it.

Blubrry’s podcast analytics stand out from the other podcast analytics, and they are the only podcast host that is certified by the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau).

Blubrry’s analytics are condensed and compiled into easy-to-read charts and statistics making all the information you need to know easily readable.

They even send their custom reports and daily summaries right to your email inbox, so you don’t have to go looking for your statistics constantly each time a new podcast is uploaded.

We do have to note that Blubrry’s analytics come as a separate subscription to the podcast hosting, and have a pricing tier of their own. However, the basic option for Blubrry’s analytics is free and all you have to do is register for it on your Blubrry account.

Blubrry Payment Plan Options

Blubrry currently has three plans available for their podcast hosting, all coming with different features and different limitations, these plans are the standard plan, the advanced plan, and pro hosting.

To see all the podcast hosting options in more detail you can visit them at Blubrry’s podcast hosting website.

On this site, Blubrry has also included an estimator that can help you see which plan would be best for you, all you have to do is put in the length of time your podcast usually lasts and the frequency you’re thinking of uploading your podcast, and they give you a recommended hosting plan.

Standard Plan

The standard plan is the lowest plan on the Blubrry podcast hosting price range at $12 per month.

It comes with 100 MB of monthly storage and the standard statistics are included. Although it is the cheapest option on the Blubrry plans, it still comes with some great features.

The standard plan offers a free WordPress site and Blubrry subdomain to anyone who starts hosting with this plan, which means not only do you get somewhere to host your podcast you can also build a website around your podcast for free.

The standard hosting will give you only the essential themes and plugins but is a brilliant option for those who do not have a lot of podcasts to put out and want a simple podcast host with a website included.

Advanced Plan

Right now the advanced plan comes with a free 30-day trial which allows you to see if it is what you need.

If you are using way less than the advanced plan gives you then you can switch over to the standard plan without having to pay anything toward the advanced plan.

The advanced plan starts with 250 MB of storage but gives you the option to upgrade your storage at any time.

The advanced plan also comes with advanced statistics that give you more information about your podcast and how it is doing than the basic statistics.

You will get everything that is available from the standard plan such as the WordPress site for free.

Domain mapping will also be included in the advanced plan as well as additional themes and plugins. The advanced plan starts at just $20 per month.

Pro hosting

Pro hosting is Blubrry’s most expensive option at $100 per month and is made to be a dedicated plan for those who already have established professional podcasts, and those who have multiple podcasts that require additional storage and monetization.

The biggest selling point of the pro plan is the unlimited storage it offers. It also comes with advanced statistics that let you see in-depth how your podcast or podcasts are doing.

The pro plan has a focus on monetization and includes dynamic ad insertion that allows you to place ads wherever you want in your podcast.

No Free Plan

One of the downsides of Blubrry is unlike some other podcast hosting websites, they do not offer a basic free plan.

If you are just starting out podcasting and want to have an idea of what using a podcast hosting website is like, then you may not want to have monetary commitments to the podcast hosting website and other websites may be more lucrative.

Final Words on Blubrry

Blubrry podcast hosting is a great hosting website for people who also want to integrate their WordPress website and their podcast. The Blubrry analytics and features are some of the best around the podcast hosting community and their plans will always put the content creation first.

Blubrry’s analytics are the stand-out option among podcast hosting websites to us, and if you want an in-depth look into some analytics certified by the IAB to better your podcast and therefore make more money, then Blubrry is the one for you.

Blubrry also has great customer support that is very responsive and helpful with any queries that you have.

If you are just getting started with podcasting though, and you do not have a WordPress site or any intention of using a WordPress site alongside your podcast, then it may be worth looking at cheaper options that do not include a WordPress account or even free options to see exactly how podcasting works for you.

Whatever site you choose to be your podcast host, it should all depend on your podcast’s needs and wants. Blubrry is a great option if your needs and wants are in line with monetization, integrating with WordPress, or quality analytics.

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Last Update: February 23, 2024