Ever since the “chad memes” appeared on the internet, the League of Legends community has been playing fast and loose with branding champions as “chads”.

Every Zed main thinks that his champion is “chad” but so does every Lillia main. So which one is correct?

Well, I scoured the internet and read every post on the Leagues forum as well as Reddit and I even asked the question in the most populated Twitch chats out there.

And according to most League players, the biggest chads in the game are Braum, Sett, and Aatrox. But there are more! 

So here’s the entire list of big chad champions in LoL as well as the one that candidates as a “GIGA CHAD”.

These Are the Best “Chad” Champions in LoL:


Braum in League of Legends

One look at Braum is enough to convenience anyone that he’s the true chad of League of Legends. A good-hearted guy with massive muscles all around that only wants to protect his fellow friends – that’s prime chadness right there!

Half of Braum’s sayings are jokes while the other half encourages his allies to fight and stick together. He takes care of his poros and doesn’t feel the need to prove his strength to anyone because everyone knows how strong he is.

In other words – a true chad.


Sett in League of Legends

Sett isn’t called “The Boss” for no reason. He walks with a certain bravado that no other character can replicate. 

Sett doesn’t care about other people’s opinions and even if he did, he would punch it right out of their head with his knuckles.

Sett is a ripped underground criminal who’s amassed a huge amount of respect both in lore and on Summoner’s Rift. And I haven’t met a single LoL player that doesn’t like Sett in any way.

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Aatrox in League of Legends

Aatrox is the “philosophical chad” of League of Legends. Yes, he can win 1v3 fights alone in the top lane but he’s also ancient and incredibly wise. 

When you play him, you often hear him musing about the past or the potential future, having grand thoughts about existence.

But a big part of the reason why the community brands Aatrox as chad is that he isn’t dependent on his team. He can carry solo carry games from the top lane without complaining. Like a real chad.


Pantheon in League of Legends

When Riot Games reworked Pantheon, he instantly became one of the biggest chads in League. Just look at him – a God’s physique coupled with unbelievable prowess for battle. 

His “Spartan-like” appearance is more than enough for all the men to admire him and for all the girls to like him. Don’t believe me? Here’s a list of the hottest male champions in LoL ranked by my girlfriend.

But even in the lore, Pantheon’s a true chad. A celestial warrior that wields a spear and a shield and fights on the side of the good!


Taric in League of Legends

Taric has a similar status to Braum and has become a chad by the same means. He’s a big guy in shining armor that can crush many champions in 1v1 duels but chooses to protect his allies instead.

In the lore, Taric is the very Aspect of the Protector. He’s the one the shields people and prevent them from dying. And he does remind us of Oscar Wilde a bit.

Taric loves his job and he does it with his magical and shining gems. Gems are truly, truly, truly outrageous. Aren’t they?

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Jarvan IV

Jarvan IV in League of Legends

Jarvan IV is the king of Demacia. And he strolls through the Summoner’s Rift like one, asserting dominance and commanding respect with every step. He wields a big spear called Drakebane and isn’t afraid to fight anyone.

Jarvan is a widely beloved champion in League with a truly enjoyable playstyle. His specialty is the level 2 gank on the mid lane, but he’s perfectly capable of dominating every inch of the map as a jungler.


Garen in League of Legends

Speaking of Demacia, Garen is the second-biggest chad from that region. He’s one of the royal warriors that protects Jarvan IV in battle and he does that perfectly.

For many League players, Garen is the ideal champion. He’s got the most impressive armor set in the game coupled with an enormous sword that he uses to spin around and slash all enemies around him.

Garen is the face of justice in LoL. We love him because he’s the good guy, the one we need in tough times to deliver judgment on our enemies. He never says anything bad about anyone else and simply shines with masculine energy.

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Darius in League of Legends

Darius is the Noxian king, the counterpart of Jarvan IV. And for people, Darius is even cooler, greater chad than Jarvan IV. He’s the dark and powerful king who doesn’t take “no” for an answer and takes everything he wants by force.

In-game, Darius dominates the top lane since the early game. If he’s given a slight advantage, he turns into the biggest carry in the game because he can 1v9 with ease. 

And to all the masculine men out there, listening to Darius’ voice line is pure joy!


Gragas in League of Legends

When it comes to Gragas, his status as a chad is more of a meme than an actual reality. Most players love Gragas and despite his “big boy” frame, he’s deemed as a masculine fighter.

All Gragas cares about is brewing his own beer and drinking as much of it as possible. He embodies the idea of “the man who drinks heavily but he’s always ready to perform”. 

And he does that so well that he’s got no problem one-shotting you with his beer casks.


K'Sante in League of Legends

Riot Games made a huge effort to make K’Sante the League of Legends version of the “Giga Chad” internet meme. I can’t say if they succeeded in doing so, since the community doesn’t particularly love K’Sante, but looks like the closest thing to Giga Chad.

I mean, Riot even released in-game emotes with K’Sante’s face resembling the real Giga Chad model’s face. But it’s up to you to agree or disagree.

K’Sante definitely looks cool. He’s big and masculine and can carry games alone. He might not be what the community really expected of a Giga Chad champion in LoL, but he’s close to that ideal.

Those are the biggest chads of League of Legends!

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