Storytelling is an ancient way people used to tell stories to one another. Do you know, now we can listen to stories in a new way? Yes –through audiobooks. 

Audiobooks are a great source that can help you listen to novels, memoirs, and more while doing everyday tasks. They’re perfect for busy days or when you want to relax. They are also important for visually impaired people.

Most importantly, there are a variety of audiobook apps in the market like ‘Audible’. From sleep timer features to narration speed, these apps have their own selling points. You can even have some of the free audiobook apps in the market!

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through what to look for in an audiobook app. You’ll also learn about some of the top audiobook apps. Let’s dive in!

What is a Good Audiobook App?

What is a Good Audiobook App
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A good audiobook app offers a wide range of titles, user-friendly features, and customizable listening options. It should also have a reliable playback experience and be compatible with various devices.

Here are the things that can give you an idea of what to look for and expect in a good audiobook app.

  • Multiple Payment Programs: There must be flexible prices along with multiple payment methods so you can best pick what suits you.
  • Large Catalog: You must have access to hundreds of thousands of books to ensure you always have something new to read.
  • Free Trial Period: Before you commit to paying every month, there must be a free trial for 30 days.
  • Access after Cancellation: Even if you choose to no longer subscribe, it should let you keep copies of books forever.
  • Multiple Platforms: You can listen to these audiobooks on both Android and iOS devices.
  • Intuitive Navigation: It must let you browse by titles or categories. 
  • Free Returns: If you don’t like a book, you may have the option to return it. 
  • Originals: It should offer exclusive audiobooks you won’t find anywhere else.

Exclusively, a good app also has extra features such as a sleep timer, bookmarking, skipping sections, and speed adjustments. 

Best Audiobook Apps in 2024

Best Audiobook Apps in 2024
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Before diving into the most downloaded and best audiobook apps on the Google Play Store, have a look at the following table for an overview of all these apps: 

Audiobook Apps
AudibleEverandKoboFreed AudiobooksLibbyStorytel
Price$7.95 / $14.95$11.90$7.99FreeFree$10.94
Multiple Payment PlansYesNoNo― ― No
Number of Audiobooks200,000+300,000+100,000+14,000+― 1,000,000
Free 30-Day Trial PeriodYesYesYes― ― Yes
Access After CancellationYesNo6 Months― A Few Weeks― 
Multiple PlatformsYes― YesYesYes― 
Free ReturnsYes― ― YesYes― 
OriginalsYesYes― NoNoYes
Sleep TimerYes
Intuitive NavigationYesNoNoNoYes― 
Speed ControlYes― ― Yes― ― 
StableNoNo― No― ― 
Non-Audiobook ContentNoYesYesNo― ― 

1. Everand

Originally known as Scribd, this app lets you listen to over 300,000 audiobooks and podcasts. At a price of $11.90 a month, you even get Everand Originals. Therefore, this app is cheaper than Audible Premium Plus, yet more expensive than the base subscription.

With Everand, you’re only renting the books. The moment you cancel your subscription, you lose access to all the audiobooks you had. On top of this restriction, there’s no clear policy on maximum borrowing. And so, you might end up hitting your limit without knowing it until you reach for the next audiobook. And to make matters worse, users claim the app is unstable and difficult to navigate compared to its competition.

Nevertheless, users still rate this app highly: 4.5 stars on Google Play Store. If you’re not sure if Everand is the best audiobook app for you, you can try it for free for 30 days. And while you’re trying it out, you can check out the extra features such as the 2 million ebooks, magazines, and news articles.


  • Cheaper than Audible Premium Plus.
  • 30-day free trial available.
  • Access to 2 million ebooks, magazines, and news articles.


  • No clear policy on maximum borrowing and the potential for unexpected limits.
  • Users report the app is unstable and difficult to navigate.
  • Inferior user experience compared to competitors.

2. Kobo

This book listening app costs $7.99 a month ― and you still have to pay for some individual titles. In addition, users claim this app isn’t as easy to use as its competition. Nevertheless, you get access to over 100,000 audiobooks, which you still have access to 6 months after you cancel your subscription. 

You can try out Kobo for 30 days for free. However, you need to keep in mind that Kobo purchases aren’t compatible with Apple Store. Therefore, you have to use a browser and sync your app with it if you use an iOS device.


  • Access to over 100,000 audiobooks.
  • Continued access to audiobooks for 6 months after subscription cancellation.
  • Offers a 30-day free trial.
  • Audiobooks remain accessible for a significant period post-cancellation.


  • Some individual titles require additional payment.
  • Users report the app is less user-friendly compared to competitors.
  • Not compatible with Apple Store purchases; iOS users must sync through a browser.

3. Freed Audiobooks

With this app for audiobooks, you get over 14,000 available titles – and you don’t have to pay anything. Firstly, don’t worry about the legality of Freed Audiobooks. This app only has public domain titles. Therefore, anyone can legally reproduce every title in Freed Audiobooks’ catalog.

Freed Audiobooks also has these nifty features:

  • Comcast Compatibility: You can connect the app to your TV.
  • Speed Control: You’ll choose whatever narration speed you prefer. 
  • Sleep Timer: If you like to go to bed while you read a book, you can adjust your settings so Kobo will stop reading after you’ve fallen asleep.

One downside to Freed Audiobooks is its navigation. Some users have complained that this app is difficult to use and plays random books if you search by category.


  • Over 14,000 titles for free.
  • All titles are in the public domain
  • Comcast Compatibility for TV connection.


  • The app is difficult to navigate.
  • Plays random books when searching by category.
  • Limited to public domain titles

4. Libby

If you have a library card, it might give you access to audiobooks through Libby. However, your library system needs to connect to OneDrive. Once you’re sure it is, you can access all the audiobooks your library has on hand. But the number of books you can borrow and their wait time depends on your library. 

This is a good app for audiobooks because it’s completely free! You can access it from multiple devices. Additionally, you can add a variety of library cards to your account. Most importantly, the app has a great interface, so navigating it is easy.


  • Availability of all the audiobooks your library offers.
  • Accessible from multiple devices for convenience.
  • Allows adding multiple library cards to one account.
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation.


  • Limited to the audiobook collection of your specific library.

5. Storytel

This app claims to have over 1 million books. But it’s not clear how many audiobooks you get with a $10.94 monthly subscription (€9.99 in France). Still, like Audible, Storytel offers its original audiobooks, including podcasts.

A major disadvantage of Storytel is its accessibility. The app lets you choose from a few countries of origin. Sometimes, users have complained that certain titles on Storytel were not accessible due to the ‘not available in your region’ issue.


  • over 1 million books.
  • Includes original audiobooks and podcasts


  • Accessibility issues with some titles due to regional restrictions.
  • Limited selection based on the user’s country of origin.


While Audible dominates the audiobook market through quality and quantity, it’s not the only great app. For instance, Kobo matches Audible in most areas. If you look at quantity, Everand does pretty well with over 300,000 audiobooks. As for free trials, Storytel is the best app for audiobooks, offering the same features as Audible. Additionally, if you’re looking for free audiobook apps, Freed Audiobooks and Libby are there for you. Overall, any of these audiobook apps beat Audible if they meet your particular needs better.

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