The music of World of Warcraft has always been one of the most integral parts of the game. And for many of us, it’s exactly the music that has really made us fall in love with WoW.

But because we all have different music tastes and it’s all subjective anyways, it’s tough to determine what’s the best music of World of Warcraft overall.

However, here in this post, you’ll find the best zone music in WoW that the majority of the players have agreed upon.

I’ve listed 10 zones from nearly all expansions of World of Warcraft but know that there are many more that deserve your attention!

And I’m sure that many of you will recognize and love the music choices I’ve made! 

The Most Beautiful Zone Music in World of Warcraft

10. The Barrens

The Barrens WoW Music

The Barrens is one of the first zones Horde players fall in love with. It’s a gorgeous wasteland, a dry and sunny battleground ideal for getting to know your character better.

But besides the appearance, Barrens is also recognizable for its striking music. In Classic WoW, the music is largely in line with all the Orc music in the game. However, it also has Troll as well as Tauren elements.

But when Blizzard revamped the zones with Cataclysm, they also added new music for the Barrens. So in modern WoW, we have Northern and Southern Barrens, two zones with the same charming music.

I personally prefer the modern Barrens music simply because of how beautiful the violin parts are. But you can check both versions here:

9. Elwynn Forest

Elwynn Forest WoW Music

Speaking of nostalgia, who doesn’t remember their first days of running in the shiny Elwynn Forest in World of Warcraft vanilla?

Seriously, the music of Elwynn Forest is so captivating that it’s the favorite zone music for many Alliance players even though it’s only the starting zone for Humans.

What makes the music of this zone so good is that it perfectly captures the feeling of being in those surrounding. There are glorying parts such as human choruses but also ambient sounds such as birds chirping.

So, I can’t help but recommend this zone for pure music enjoyment!

8. Eversong Woods

Eversong Woods WoW Music

In the 8th place, I have another starting zones that many of you will definitely like – Eversong Woods. It’s the starting place of Blood Elves, easily the most beautiful race in Azeroth.

But as much as Blood Elves are pretty, in my opinion, their music is even prettier. 

The sad melodies you hear and all the stringed instruments make you immerse yourself in the story like never before.

The music is quite fitting with the golden environment and when you listen to it you feel like you’re part of the Blood Elves’ long history.

There aren’t too many zones in World of Warcraft that can replicate the feeling I get when I’m leveling up in Eversong Woods.

7. Azuremyst Isle

Azurmyst Isle WoW Music

The music of Azuremyst Isle is one of the most unique music you can ever hear in World of Warcraft. And if you’ve never heard it, you must create a Draenei character and level up through it.

First of all, the whole zone of Azuremyst Isle as well as its music are made to be really different than anything you can see and hear on Azeroth. The Draenei are an alien race and their aesthetics are really alien.

However, that’s precisely what makes it so appealing. The storyline of the zone familiarizes you with the history and the unfortunate situation of the Draenei race, but the music makes you care about all of that.

So, definitely give it a listen.

6. Drustvar

Drustvar WoW Music

The whole zone of Drustvar is an experience in and of itself. It’s one of a kind place in World of Warcraft and everything from its creepy storyline to the eerie music is masterfully done.

Drustvar is a zone of witches, witchcraft, and dark magic. You’re taken on a journey accompanying shady characters while listening to music that reminds of the creaking of old doors in abandoned and haunted houses.

In Drustvar, you can hear sad choruses and ominous melodies that fit so well together one can simply start weeping. And if you weren’t a part of the Alliance players that did their questing there in Battle for Azeroth, I wholeheartedly recommend you to give that zone a visit!

5. Ardenweald

Ardenweald WoW Music

In Shadowlands, I and many others were surprised to find one of the most beautiful music in the whole of World of Warcraft. 

The music of Ardenweald is simultaneously something new and old. It’s a unique compilation of gorgeous melodies that you’ve never heard before but also of beloved sequences that you instantly recognize.

If you didn’t guess already, Ardenwald’s music has similarities with the Night Elf zones of Teldrassil and Ashenvale. However, the music is done so well that I daresay it elevates even the old melodies to a higher level. 

4. Karazhan

Karazhan WoW Music

Karazhan’s music probably deserves a whole post. The place itself has such a big significance in the story and the history of World of Warcraft. And Blizzard made sure to give it the music it truly deserves.

Although it’s not an entire zone but a raid, I and lots of WoW players visit Karazhan simply to listen to its music. In Karazhan, you can hear the creepiest song in World of Warcraft, a song notorious for scaring the living hell out of raiders.

Karazhan’s music is theatrical and glorious, a fitting hymn of the greatest fall of power in the game’s history.

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3. Grizzly Hills

Grizzly Hills WoW Music

Judging by nostalgia alone, Grizzly Hills may be the zone with the best music in World of Warcraft. It’s a place from the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, one that’s in contrast to most of the other places in Northrend.

Grizzly Hills is a forest with evergreen trees and wide hills, some green and some covered with snow.

The music has heavy influences from traditional Scottish and welsh music, but it also has some Viking elements to it.

Those that have never spent hours and hours questing in Grizzly Hills in Wotlk can’t always grasp the beauty of the music at once.

But know that the music of Grizzly Hills has brought to tears many players, including popular streamers.

2. Teldrassil

Teldrassil WoW Music

Back in 2004 when World of Warcraft was a new game, the Night Elf music was something truly magical. And to this day, questing in Teldrassil, Ashenvale, or Ferales, and listening to the music feels like total bliss.

Teldrassil’s music can be described with many different words. But for someone who has never heard it before, I daresay that it’s surreal. The entirety of it is simply fantastical and it perfectly captures the feeling of being in a fantasy world.

On top of this, in Darnassus, the capital of the Night Elves, you can even hear the most beautiful song in the whole of World of Warcraft. That song is often named “Temple of the Moon” after the temple in which it plays automatically upon entering.

Please give it a listen!

1. Suramar

Suramar WoW Music

If I close my eyes and really think about the most pleasant moments I’ve had in WoW while listening to its music, I narrow it down to one place – Suramar.

Suramar is a glorious zone that Blizzard made for Legion. It’s also the largest city in the game with music that raises goosebumps each time you hear it.

Like Ardenweald, Suramar’s music has a few similarities with the Night Elf music of Teldrassil. It’s because Suramar is the home of Highbourne, descendants of the Night Elves.

However, 90% of the music is original, and the melodies you can hear speak to the very core of your soul.

Suramar’s music is perfectly fitting to the idea of the whole zone – a glorious and forgotten empire that once shined brighter than anything in Azeroth.

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If you’re anything like me, you know that there are more than 10 amazing zones when it comes to music in WoW. Personally, I listen to the music of every zone in the games while working (even while writing this).

And honestly, I love them all.

But for this post, I really wanted to pick only 10 zones that have left a scar on me or on the entire WoW community with its music. And I know that many players will agree with me.

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