Yasuo is one of the most inspiring champions in League of Legends. His playstyle, appearance, and character are beloved by many LoL, LoR, and Wild Rift players worldwide.

And Yasuo has tons of life-inspiring quotes that speak of hardship, dedication, truth, self-mastery, and success.

Here in this post, I’ve collected over 30 Yasuo quotes that everyone should read. They paint the perfect picture of Yasuo’s character and show his most powerful inner thoughts. 

You’ll find quotes from Yasuo’s base appearance in League of Legends, as well as some of his best skins too – Nightbringer, Truth Dragon, and Dream Dragon.

Because of this, I’ve broken up all of these great quotes into three categories. This is also because Yasuo’s character has a different flavor with each skin, so it’s best to treat his quotes separately.

That said, let’s scroll down to check out Yasuo’s best quotes from League of Legends!

The Best Yasuo Quotes from League of Legends

Yasuo, the Unforgiven

Yasuo quotes

“This blade never gets any lighter.”

I’ve already explained why this Yasuo quote in particular is one of the best quotes in League of Legends

But to summarize, Yasuo’s trying to say that life never gets much easier. We’re always going to have one problem or another.

And instead of trying to rid life of all problems, we should focus on improving ourselves.

That way, we’re stronger to face all possible problems in this world.

“The road to ruin is shorter than you think.”

Here Yasuo alludes to the fact of how easy it is to lose ourselves in what we do. A hobby can easily become an addiction if we let it.

So, Yasuo warns us to be aware of that fact and never let it conquer us.

“I alone decide my fate.” 

There isn’t a greater strength of character than declaring this quote. 

Doing life decisions on your own is true freedom and Yasuo knows that.

“I will not forget who I am.” 

Forgetting your past is easy. And staying true to yourself is not. 

Yasuo thinks that it’s very important for us to remember who we are, no matter where we go. In each aspect of life that we venture in, we should always do it as our true selves.

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“Virtue is no more than a luxury.”

I love this Yasuo quote! It simply states that virtues and similar things are only available to people that aren’t under a test of morals and character.

In other words, it’s easy to be a good person when you have everything going well for you. 

But a beggar might need to break a belief or two in order to survive. A rich man doesn’t.

“Is a leaf’s only purpose to fall?”

This quote isn’t too complicated but it perfectly shows Yasuo’s philosophical character.

Basically, Yasuo’s questioning his own purpose – is he only alive to be a murderer with a sword and a wanderer? Can’t he be something else? Something more?

“A wanderer isn’t always lost.” 

There’s often an illusion that those who wander are lost. The reason why they wander is that they’re lost. And vice versa.

However, Yasuo denies this. He believes that a wanderer has become a wanderer either to find a purpose or has already found it.

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“No one is promised tomorrow.”

A grim quote, but a very true one.

We should be very careful about how we spend our time and what we do about our present. Because only today is important. No one is promised tomorrow…

“Some mistakes you can’t make twice.” 

Even though this quote can be applied to many different things, I believe that Yasuo alludes to something else.

In the League of Legends lore, Yasuo has slain his brother – Yone. And based on all of Yasuo’s quotes, he regrets that action.

So, with this quote, Yasuo acknowledges that slaying his own brother was a mistake he can’t correct.

“A sword’s poor company for a long road.”

It may not be too obvious, but this Yasuo quote is about friendship. No matter who we are or what we’re doing, we’ll definitely get lonely if we dedicate 100% of our time to our craft.

And in my opinion, Yasuo believes that a friend is a necessary part of our life journeys.

“The blade above all things… except a good drink.”

One of the reasons why we love Yasuo’s character is the humor. And Yasuo is always able to make a joke, especially when it involves a drink.

And for Yasuo, having a good drink is an essential part of life.

“There are three certainties in life: honor, death, and hangovers.”

This is just another quote that highlights Yasuo’s affinity for drinking. And like everyone else, he can’t escape honor, death, and hangovers.

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Nightbringer Yasuo

Nightbringer Yasuo

“Some choose their path. Others are condemned to it.”

Not all of us have the luxury of choice. And not everyone has the freedom to choose which path he’ll follow.

Yasuo seems to be aware of this and he’s simply spreading the message with the quote above.

“From the ashes rises a universe reborn.”

There are many myths and stories about the universe being reborn with flame. And the general idea is that in order for a true change to take place, the old must be completely destroyed.

This quote fits very well with the whole idea of Nightbringer Yasuo.

“I am the wind of change.”

Here Yasuo further explains the meaning of the previous quote. And he takes it upon himself to bring that change to life.

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“Cling to harmony, and you are robbed of freedom.”

Yasuo is never afraid to stand alone and break rules. He considers that our connection to society often makes us slaves.

We shouldn’t blindly follow traditions. Instead, we should decide our life for ourselves. That’s freedom.

“True strength comes from being torn apart.” 

I’m sure that you’ve heard the popular quote “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger comes.” And this is just Yasuo’s version of that quote.

It’s true that pain makes us more durable and stronger, and Yasuo acknowledges that.

To be alive is to know suffering.”

This is another spin on the same idea as the previous quote. Life is full of suffering and it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from.

But to suffer is to live. There isn’t a life without pain. Not a single one.

“My blade is no darker than your heart.” 

With this particular quote, Yasuo’s trying to highlight that everyone has a dark side in them. A person is capable of doing both good and evil, often to equal measures.

“Darkness is needed to see the Light for what it is.” 

Our world is a world of duality. We cannot truly appreciate one thing without being shown its opposite.

For example, we wouldn’t know what a good gesture is without having experienced a bad one.

And the same can be said for almost all things.

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Truth Dragon and Dream Dragon Yasuo

Dream Dragon Yasuo

“My flute is the music of my heart, but my blade its steel resolve.”

This is one of the most beautiful quotes from Yasuo in League of Legends.

It’s not super deep, but it captures Yasuo’s spirit in an ideal way – he’s good-natured, yet he’s determined on his path and nothing will stop him.

“With each road, a worthy challenge. I rise to them all.” 

As with the first quote of this post, the idea here is that the “challenges” never stop. They can come in many different shapes and forms, but one thing’s for sure – they will always come.

And so, it’s important to rise and accept those challenges. All of them.

“Truth without dreams is brutality. Dreams without truth, delusion.”

This is perhaps one of the best quotes I’ve ever read in my entire life. It’s so direct and well-formed that it deserves a whole book of explanations.

Here Yasuo perfectly captures the connection between truth and dreams. Truth is brutal. And dreams often lie.

However, a true fact fueled by a dream for something more is what changes the world.

“An enemy, however fierce, can always be defeated. Belief can always become real.”

This is another quote regarding personal strength and resolve. And Yasuo seems to think that any enemy can be defeated as long as we believe in ourselves.

“Reality and illusion are edges of the same blade.”

Once you read this quote a couple of times, you begin to understand its true meaning.

It’s easy to fall into a world of illusion even if you think you’re being ultra-realistic. Human beings often fall prey to their own heads. And that’s why our minds should often be in check too.

“See the world as it is, unflinching. That is strength.” (Truth Dragon Yasuo)

The Truth Dragon Yasuo skin comes with a very powerful quote – to see the world as it really is before you dream about changing it. 

But doing that requires strength, something that Yasuo also talks about frequently.

“Those who cannot imagine a better world are doomed to never see it.” (Dream Dragon Yasuo)

Having an imagination is a blessing, but also a skill and a preference. And those who don’t imagine a better future and a better world, often don’t live enough to see it.

“If one cannot dream, one is lost to the world’s true meaning. A terrible fate.” (Dream Dragon Yasuo)

These words bring the same message as the previous quote – dare to dream if you want to understand the world and make it better.

Yasuo pities those that are too “stuck” in the everyday way of things and can’t dream about something more. And I can agree, it’s a terrible fate.

“The hardest battles are fought within.” (Dream Dragon Yasuo)

This is an obvious one, but it still deserves your attention. 

Yasuo acknowledges that the greatest enemy in the world you can face is yourself. And self-mastery is the key to any success.

“Greatness is not possible without imagination and will.” (Dream Dragon Yasuo)

Here Yasuo gives even more importance to having free will and daring to dream. 

And in order to achieve greatness, you must be willing to imagine it first.

“Dreams can bloom even on a battlefield.” (Dream Dragon Yasuo)

Yasuo is always on the lookout for a better future, even while he’s fighting enemies. For him, dreams have a lot of value and he always gives them enough attention.

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Those were the best Yasuo quotes in League of Legends! And even though I interpreted only 30 or so of them, there are many more that are worth our time.

Yasuo is one of the most philosophical champions in League. He isn’t only a shallow swordsman that yells “Sorye ge ton!”

He’s a thinker above all else. And these quotes perfectly show that side of his character.

I hope you liked all of these Yasuo quotes as much as I! And if you’d like to listen to them, you can do so on this YouTube link.

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