Choosing the right theme for your WordPress podcast website is a crucial element of creating a truly successful online presence.

You want to be able to strike a balance between style and function that keeps your users returning time after time, while also being simple enough to be navigated by newcomers.

Striking this balance, and finding the perfect theme for your WordPress blog can be incredibly difficult, and you can often spend hours hunting through the various paid themes, only to settle for an inferior free theme that doesn’t show off who you are in the right light.

You’re probably reading this right now because you need a little bit of help finding the right theme for your WordPress podcasting blog, right?

Don’t worry, we know how difficult it can be to find the right one to express yourself, so we’ve done the difficult homework for you by putting together this incredibly comprehensive guide to the absolute best WordPress themes for podcasters.

There are so many options out there, so it is easy to feel overwhelmed, so read on below to see who truly leads the pack.

What Is a WordPress Theme?

A WordPress theme generally refers to a general style guideline that a website, built on WordPress, adheres to. Themes control how your website appears, down to even the most minute details.

A good theme will have a good color choice that is pleasant to the eye and will have a design that employs a good visual hierarchy. Without a good theme, a WordPress site can fail completely, which you definitely don’t want!

WordPress themes often cost money, while some cost no money at all. Thus, many people opt to settle for free themes, which often leads to many websites looking the same. Paying for a good theme is how you can get a great leg up on the competition.

Why Do I Need A WordPress Theme?

A good WordPress theme helps to make your website easy to navigate while still being attractive. The easier to use and more attractive a website is, the more likely it is that people will return to it in the future.

This is how many online businesses and podcasts thrive, by investing in a good WordPress theme, to help their podcast to stand out.

What To Look For In A WordPress Theme For Podcasters

Of course, the main attraction of any good podcasting website is audio. You will want to ensure that your WordPress theme gives easy access to your podcasts with little hassle, and with no annoying glitches.

Check that your theme has a reliable audio player that is easy to use, and offers your users control functions such as volume controls.

You will also want to make sure that your WordPress theme is properly organized so that users don’t get lost and become discouraged from returning.

To help with this, you might also want to invest time into making sure that your WordPress theme works well on mobile platforms, as smart devices such as iPhones are where many people choose to listen to their favorite podcasts!

GeneratePress Theme For Podcasters

GeneratePress WordPress Theme

The first WordPress theme we will look at today is GeneratePress, an open-source theme that allows you to create beautiful websites while also remaining in full control!

GeneratePress is perfect for creating fast and efficient websites that are desktop and mobile friendly in equal measure.

GeneratePress Features

One of the best features that GeneratePress boasts is its friendly code. The coding of GeneratePress is so advanced and up to date that it can easily accommodate all manner of plugins and special features that you might want on your WordPress page.

Say you wanted a very specific audio player for your podcast episodes? Simply insert it into your GeneratePress theme, and it will instantly work to accommodate it so that it works without a hitch!

GeneratePress is also completely open-source, so you can easily play around with advanced settings to achieve exactly the experience you want for your visitors.

Better yet, the basic open-source plan for the GeneratePress theme is completely free, so you can try it out first.

However, the premium plan is truly where the great features reside, such as block-based theme building, so that you don’t need to be a coding wizard to get the website of your dreams!

GeneratePress is a perfect option for both the well-experienced website developer and anyone looking to get into web design for the first time.

GeneratePress Pricing

GeneratePress offers a number of options to suit different types of users, each of which differs greatly in price.

The first option is the free option, which can be downloaded directly from their website. This plan offers the basic stable of features so that users can get right to developing their website and playing around with the tools that GeneratePress offers.

However, the free version of GeneratePress does not offer the great benefits that the two premium plans do offer.

The first premium plan is the yearly plan, which costs $59 for a year’s worth of access to GeneratePress tools. It also allows you a year’s worth of updates and premium support to get assistance with any queries.

The second premium plan is the lifetime plan, which is a one-time payment of $249.

This plan allows you all of the same benefits as the first plan, but it allows you to access them forever, without having to renew your payment at any point. This can be a great option for those who have plenty of experience in hosting podcasts.

Is the GeneratePress Theme Fast & Lightweight?

Very much so. It is one of the theme’s best features and one of its greatest selling points.

Not only does a WordPress site that uses GeneratePress run well for users, but GeneratePress is also incredibly easy for developers to use, with no noticeable glitches or problems that could render a WordPress website defunct.

Is The GeneratePress Theme Responsive?

Definitely. Those on the user end of the theme will find that information is clearly laid out, and that all buttons, such as navigation buttons and audio control buttons, respond quickly to a single click.

On the development end, GeneratePress is easy to use to create amazing websites without any advanced controls necessary (though they are there should they be needed).

GeneratePress also prides itself on the wealth of support it can offer. Premium account holders get priority support from qualified professionals, to help to troubleshoot issues or glitches when putting together a WordPress website.

Support services can be accessed 24/7, and 98% of all requests for support are answered within the same day that the request was made.

You can contact GeneratePress customer support either through their dedicated chat line, or via their helpline phone number. No matter how you contact them, they’ll be there to help.

GeneratePress Support Options

GeneratePress also prides itself on the wealth of support it can offer. Premium account holders get priority support from qualified professionals, to help to troubleshoot issues or glitches when putting together a WordPress website.

Support services can be accessed 24/7, and 98% of all requests for support are answered within the same day that the request was made. 

You can contact GeneratePress customer support either through their dedicated chat line, or via their helpline phone number. No matter how you contact them, they’ll be there to help.

StudioPress Theme For Podcasters

StudioPress is another simply incredible WordPress theme that you can try out for yourself. Read on below for the downlow on the incredible stuff that they offer.

StudioPress Features

StudioPress offers their own eclectic stable of WordPress themes via their website.

Many are designed by StudioPress themselves and many come from third parties, but what they all have in common is top-notch coding that will have your website looking and moving better than ever before.

Perhaps StudioPress’ most popular product is their Genesis Pro theme.

This theme features a block building toolset that allows you to easily drag and drop the elements of your website around to create the perfect website for your podcast.

It’s also just as easy to make quick edits and changes to your website even after it has been published, so that you can keep it looking tip top, and solve any issues that might suddenly arise, all without interrupting the user experience!

Genesis Pro is also content oriented, so it is perfectly designed for hosting your audio content such as podcasts.

You can also easily implement your favorite audio playing platform into your WordPress website thanks to Genesis Pro, so that your podcast can sound as good as it deserves to, and control just as well.

You can also use Genesis Pro on an endless number of websites, unlike GeneratePress, which only allows you to use its services on a maximum of 500.

StudioPress Pricing

Genesis Pro offers an incredible stable of easy-to-use features, and as such its price is quite reflective of this.

You can expect to pay around $360 per year to access Genesis Pro. The $360 model also gives you access to the Genesis Pro theme and its associated toolset, as well as 24/7 chat support.

Other themes vary quite massively in terms of price, but purchasing any one of them will also give you access to full support from StudioPress.

Are The StudioPress Themes Fast & Lightweight?

Our tests of numerous StudioPress themes showed that all of the themes were incredibly snappy and responsive, and had us feeling in control at every second.

They feel incredibly quick to control when building your website, and the well-engineered net-code of StudioPress themes also ensure that your website moves quickly for anyone that uses it.

The themes are also non-complicated in their design, and in their construction, so that you don’t have to be a master at coding to get a good looking theme.

Are The StudioPress Themes Responsive?

Yes. We found that there was very little delay between clicking any elements on any StudioPress theme and receiving a response. Latency stayed at an absolute minimum, which helped us to feel more in control.

This means that your users will be able to more easily access your content, including your podcast episodes, on a whim, without getting lost.

StudioPress Support Options

StudioPress is proud to offer 24/7 live chat with StudioPress representatives, so that you can contact them with your queries no matter when.

This is a lifesaver for those intense situations of late night coding where things just keep going wrong! However, this support can only be accessed after any of their themes have been purchased.

The live chat representatives can help you with all sorts of queries, such as technical troubleshooting, or even troubles with your account and past purchases.

This makes it easy to stay on top of your StudioPress experience so that you and your website are always receiving the best!

SecondLine Themes For Podcasters

SecondLine is also another great WordPress theme host that boasts an incredible number of themes that you can try out for yourself.

Make sure to also check the live demos on the SecondLine website to get a real sense of how each theme functions and what it can bring to your users.

The greatest thing about SecondLine? All of their themes are designed for podcasters!


The first SecondLine theme on our list today is Satchmo. This incredibly stylish podcasting theme helps to make your podcast truly stand out, while also being incredibly easy to navigate.

It is easy to customize and to update, from moment to moment and is truly responsive, whether your users are tuning in from a desktop computer or their smartphone.

satchmo Secondline theme

Satchmo also makes it easy to keep extra information, such as podcaster bios and contact details accessible while still being hidden away nicely.

Satchmo is available at $69 alone, or it can be purchased as part of a web site-wide bundle of all themes for $139. This provides access for 1 year. The Lifetime access plan, at $389, allows users to use all themes forever!


The Dixie theme features screen-wide audio control that puts the user into direct control over the podcast that they are listening to.

This puts the focus entirely on the act of listening to your podcast, which makes it all the more easy to draw new listeners, while also retaining returning listeners.

dixie Secondline theme

You can also choose how you decide to display your episode list, so that you can choose to impress your users with a wealth of choices, or keep it focused on just the latest few episodes. It’s all up to you!

Prices for Dixie are identical to the prices for the Satchmo theme.


The Gumbo theme features a highly subtle and understated design that makes use of intense blacks and more muted colors, which perfectly suits a more chilled out vibe for a more chilled out podcast.

This theme is also easy to edit, so that you can choose how your episodes are arranged, as well as how your users navigate around.

You can even upload images to work as backgrounds, so that you can create whole vibes all of your own!

gumbo Secondline theme


Bolden features a distinctly more poppy and colorful design scheme that makes any website jump out from the screen.

The use of block bright colors and simplistic and modern fonts creates a modern and energetic vibe that also has a relaxing air to it. This is perfect for more subject-oriented podcasts.

As with any SecondLine theme, this theme is super easy to customize to your needs, so that you can create a user experience that is truly unrivaled!

bolden Secondline theme


Finally, Tusant features probably our favorite design scheme yet. The intensely dark black values, contrasted with bright green elements, helps to create a website that is pleasant to look at, and very easy to navigate.

The contrast of green against black makes it easy to see where everything is on the website, which significantly improves the user experience. This is definitely a podcast theme for the ages.

Tusant Secondline WordPress theme

SecondLine Features

SecondLine was designed, from the ground up, to be a website-building platform especially for online podcasters to easily host their content.

No longer do you have to wrestle around with complex netcode or teach yourself to code from scratch. Simply use SecondLine’s easy to use block system to drag and drop elements of your WordPress site around on a whim.

SecondLine themes also make it easy to post and update your content whenever you want to, so that you can keep your users updated without ever interrupting their experience with the website. It’s just so effortlessly smooth that we were quite blown away by it all.

SecondLine Pricing

SecondLine offers each individual theme for a very healthy $69, in case you just want one theme out of their many others. This is also an annual purchase.

If you want all of SecondLine’s themes on a yearly basis, you can also spend $139. However, arguably the best option is the lifetime option, which gives you lifetime access to all themes for just a single payment of $389.

Are SecondLine Themes Fast & Lightweight?

Yes. They operate incredibly smoothly, no matter what platform you access them on, and no matter what browser you are using. The themes can also adjust themselves on the fly to suit smartphones and other smaller devices, to make accessing your podcasts easy for everyone.

Are SecondLine Themes Responsive?

Our tests of the SecondLine themes showed that they were all incredibly responsive, and allowed for users to easily navigate around and find exactly what they are looking for without any trouble.

SecondLine Support Options

As well as their wealth of incredibly functional themes, you also get access to SecondLine’s support helpline which can be accessed online via their dedicated chatting platform. This helps you to find a quick fix for any problem even at unsociable hours!

You can also access a range of support before you make any purchase thanks to the pre-sale FAQs and quoting systems.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a new WordPress theme for your podcast, then you’ve come to the right place. With our guide, you’ll have an impressive and easy to use theme to show off your podcast in no time.

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Last Update: April 1, 2024