Playing Clash in League of Legends, or participating in any other tournament with a premade group of friends, is essentially a different experience than playing solo queue.

And if you’re a top laner, you’ll need to think strategically about your picks and how they can impact the game.

Clash matches usually have lots of team fights and it’s always a good tactic to go for a top lane champion that thrives in them.

For example, Ornn has a pretty useful ultimate that can set things up in his team’s favor.

But in this article, I’ll go over the 5 best top laners you can play in Clash matches in LoL, including Ornn. So even if you have no idea what to play, this post will help you out.

However, know that your pick as a top laner should also align with your team’s overall vision and plan for winning the game.

You want to have a team comp that has everything, including engage and frontline.

So, choose accordingly!

The 5 Best Top Lane Champions for Clash in LoL

5. Ornn


Ornn is a very strong tank champion but players usually underestimate his damage, especially during the early game. He can successfully trade and even solo kill his lane opponent with no help from his jungler.

Laning as Ornn is pretty easy even against hard counter picks. And since he’s a safe pick in all matchups, he frees his jungler to focus on the mid and bot lane instead of top lane.

Ornn can craft items and buy components that grant bonus armor and magic resist while he’s in the lane.

This makes it difficult for his enemy to punish him since Ornn is always ahead of the enemy in items and stats.

His passive also comes into play in the late because Ornn can upgrade items for his teammates.

The extra stats are sometimes what makes all the difference in League of Legends, especially when he upgrades items like Liandry’s Anguish or Kraken Slayer for his mid and ADC.

And that’s why Ornn is the best scaling champion in LoL!

On top of this, Ornn has very useful tools for team fights. He can slow a target and knock up multiple enemy champions with E and R.

Ornn is also a fantastic frontline and can absorb a lot of damage for his team. And he can help with kiting for his AD Carry!

So, Ornn has everything!

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4. Camille


If you are looking for a pick to dominate the top lane with and apply pressure early on, Camille is one of the best champions for the job.

Not a lot of top laners counter Camille and those that do find it difficult to shut her down just because Camille has an array of useful tools in her kit.

Camille is both good at dueling and escaping a fight, so she always has an answer to every difficult situation.

Besides the insane damage from her Q (true damage) which always gives her potential for solo kills, Camille’s also pretty good at setting up ganks for her jungler, especially after level 6.

For example, Camille’s E can stop the opposing laner from running away and her R can trap them inside so she and her jungler can shut them down.

Later on, Camille can also use her E to quickly get to the enemy backline and easily single out their carry.

And within the Hextech Ultimatum, Camille can annihilate any marksman and mid laner in League of Legends.

Camille’s R is one of the best tools when it comes to team fights since it gives no way for the trapped enemy to escape.

Overall Camille is a very strong pick that can win her own lane, rotate fast, and even assassinate the most vital member of the enemy team. So, she’s perfect for Clash!

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3. Wukong


Wukong isn’t the most popular top lane champion but he can dominate the role and take over the whole game with ease. All he needs is a couple of successful trades early on to solo kill his opponent.

And he has the right tools in his ability kit to do so.

For example, Wukong can dash forward, auto-attack, and Q his enemy, then quickly activate his W to disappear and run away.

This always gives him an edge when it comes to trading in lane because his opponents can’t do anything to stop it.

On top of this, Wukong is a master when it comes to team fights. His R – Cyclone is an AoE knock-up effect that can be used twice and through his clone too.

It does an insane amount of damage and can heavily influence the flow of the team fight in his team’s favor.

With Wukong, it’s always recommended to keep an eye on your jungler and help them in invading the enemy territory.

Wukong’s kit allows him to thrive in hectic fights and skirmishes with the possibility of making it safe in the end.

With the right build, Wukong becomes great at both dealing damaging and absorbing damage for his team. His engage is key to winning a fight, so it’s up to you to be the main initiator for your team.

On top of this, Wukong can stop the enemy’s engage and protect his team with crowd control.

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2. Gnar


Gnar is one of the first champions that come to mind when looking for a team-focused top laner in League of Legends. And he’s perfect for Clash tournaments too!

Gnar is a champion that gives you many ways to win your games but he’s also a fun champion to play, regardless of the matchup.

His ability kit is dynamic and flexible enough for you to carry each fight without a problem.

For starters, Gnar can poke and farm safely during the laning phase, no matter who he’s up against. On the other hand, he has enough health and damage in Mega Gnar to win most duels 1v1.

And lastly, he can even escape a gank with his jump (E)!

When it comes to team play, Gnar is also a fantastic pick that can carry fights on his own.

However, his passive transformation plays a huge role here because it allows him to not only crowd control the enemy team, but also burst them down.

So, it’s important to know how to manage it.

If you land a good combo with Mega Gnar, you almost guarantee a win. It has such a great impact on the outcome of every fight that he’s often the only champion that decides the victory at the end.

Overall, Gnar is simply an amazing pick for top lane and is of huge benefit to the whole team!

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1. Malphite


Malphite is one of my most recommended champions in League of Legends, no matter if you’re a beginner, pro, mid laner, top laner, low, or high elo player!

Malphite is simply amazing at tanking and one-shotting enemies which he can do successfully even in Clash matches.

The facts are, Malphite is one of the easiest champions to play in League.

And if you aren’t sure about your top lane pick for Clash or you aren’t a top lane main, definitely go for Malphite and don’t think twice.

Here’s why.

Malphite is primarily a tank that’s extremely effective at countering AD champions. His W – Thunderclap increases his armor with each rank and it’s not a surprise for him to get over 400 armor in a single game.

This simply means that AD champions won’t be able to hurt Malphite in any significant way. And because of that, he can also be a very good carry when it comes to team fights.

When it comes to 5v5 battles, Malphite’s best asset is his ultimate – Unstoppable Force. It’s an AoE knock-up effect that also does an insane amount of damage, especially if Malphite goes AP.

But even if he’s a full tank, Unstoppable Force is an amazing tool for setting up team fights.

Here, R is your winning button and you need to use it carefully and on the right targets. When grouped up, make sure to knock up the enemy ADC or mid laner to quickly eliminate them from the fight.

During the laning phase, Malphite actually has an easy time against most top laners. He can safely poke with his Q and stack his armor in order to increase his safety throughout the game.

So, definitely give Malphite a go in Clash!

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These 5 top lane champions are good examples of how you should approach composing a team in Clash.

They’re impactful picks that give you huge advantages both in lane and in team fights, so don’t be afraid to play them in your own games.

Of course, Clash is where your main will almost certainly be banned, so make sure to practice these champions and have them ready for situations like that.


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