You might be the most tilt-proof League of Legends player, but chances are, you have been tilted at least once after an enemy has flashed their emote. 

It’s no secret that League is a very competitive game to the extent that it can be even toxic at times. Salty players from all around the globe come together in a 5v5 battle that leaves at least five people with a hurt ego.

And, once the emotes were introduced back in 2017, Riot added salt to the wounds of the already salty players. 

You might also say that emotes are also used to cheer on your team or thank your ally. But their most frequent use nowadays is to laugh at your enemies, provoke them, and, of course – make them int.

Therefore, I made a list consisting of the best emotes you can use to tilt your enemies in League of Legends. Most of these are also some of the best emotes in the entire game, too. Let’s get started!

1. Nice Try

Nice Try Emote

It’s definitely slightly disturbing to have Lux’s huge blue eyes stare at you with a grin while holding her two thumbs up.

But, flashing this emote when your enemy makes a bad move or you outplay him is more than just annoying.

And since I’ve never seen this emote being used in a non-ironic way, I’d say it’s one of the best ones on this list and has a great potential to tilt your enemies.

2. D’Pengu

D'Pengu Emote

The dabbing penguin comes in two versions – regular and animated with sunglasses. It’s almost like one wasn’t enough, so Riot gave us ✨variety✨ when we want to show off after a takedown.

D’Pengu is certainly going to add insult to injury, especially if you use it after scoring a kill or outplaying your enemy 1v1.

3. Towa


Whenever an opponent makes a mistake that makes you wonder what they were thinking, Towa is the emote to use.

This emote always has its reserved spot on my emote wheel. The best part about it is that you can not only use it to tilt your enemies, but also flash it when your allies make some questionable plays.

4. Wahaha

Wahaha Emote

There are a few emotes with the same energy as the Wahaha, but this one surely takes the cake at being the most tilting one.

Instead of spamming Ctrl + 4, you can use this emote on repeat if your main goal is to annoy your enemies. There’s nothing quite like laughing with tears at your enemies demise, is there?

5. Goodbye Friend

Goodbye Friend Emote

Perhaps the Goodbye Friend emote doesn’t really look like it could make your enemies int, but it surely possesses that power. It might be because it’s an emote featuring Zoe, who we know is famous for being one of the most cancer champions in League.

It might also be because of her usually cheery and happy character, so this almost feels like pretend-crying. Whichever it is, flashing this emote after scoring a kill is sure going to make your enemy even saltier and pettier.

6. Maybe Next Time

Maybe Next Time Emote

Maybe Next Time is one of the most trolling emotes in the game. I mean, just look at Fizz’s face here! So, obviously, it can be used in so many different scenarios to annoy the enemy players.

Some of my favorites are either when you get all-in’ed by the enemy, but you kill them instead, or when you survive a gank on a single-digit HP.

However, I also use it sometimes to joke at my own expense, especially after missing a skillshot or after doing something plainly dumb.

7. GG

GG Emote

When making this GG emote, Riot knew it was going to be used for anything but to congratulate allies or enemies for the good game.

It’s yet another emote that is mostly being used ironically whenever the enemy makes a bad play. There’s nothing more satisfying than to flash this emote after an enemy dies while diving you under your own turret.

8. Gotta Run

Gotta Run Emote

Imagine you are on the mid lane trying to farm while looking out from ganks from every possible direction. All of a sudden the enemy bot duo appears and they manage to take you down, while (of course) your bot is on their own lane, minding their own business.

And just as you’re typing “bot diff” in the chat, the enemy ADC flashes this emote. Undoubtedly, it will make you want to punch your monitor. Bonus points if the ADC is also playing Ezreal.

9. Go Get Em

Go Get Em Emote

The Go Get Em emote falls into the same category as the Jinx’s Wahaha emote because it has almost the same effect on enemy players.

It’s obvious that nobody wants to be laughed at when they play badly, so you know for sure that this emote can make your enemies’ blood boil.

10. Does Not Compute

Does Not Compute Emote

This Blitzcrank emote is the equivalent to the question mark ping, but for enemies.

Since they can’t see your pings, spamming this emote when the enemy fails miserably at a certain mechanic is the perfect way to make them also question if this game is even worth it anymore.

11. Little Camper

Little Camper Emote

All laners hate this emote with a passion, and for a good reason. There is nothing more annoying than to be ganked multiple times by the enemy jungler, except if they also flash this emote afterward.

Being camped is one of the worst experiences one can have in the game, so if you combine that with the Little Camper emote, you know you have the winning combination to make your enemy int.

12. Clean

Clean Emote

What’s more satisfying than scoring a takedown in League of Legends? Well, scoring a takedown and surviving on low HP yourself, of course. This is also the best time to show off with the Clean emote.

It’s the best way to annoy your enemies by flashing them an emote that almost says “all calculated”.

13. RIP

RIP Emote

Spamming the RIP emote after an enemy dies is bound to make them mad. Do you know how irritating it is to see this emote with a gray screen? In addition, its tilting power grows if your enemy sees it each.time.they.die.

Let’s just say it’s going to cause quite the displeasure and might even make your enemy int in particular situations.

14. Get In

Get In Emote

Excuse me, is there a more offensive emote in the entirety of League of Legends other than Thresh’s Get In emote?

It’s one of those niche emotes that require a few things to unlock their full potential. Obviously, the Get In emote has the best effect when your enemy dies and you are also playing Thresh.

This emote says “It’s over. Just hand over your soul to the lantern.” and I love it.

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15. Scout Approved

Scout Approved Emote

If you combine the thumbs-up emote with one of the most “cancer” champions in LoL, you’ll get this nerve-racking torment as a result.

Teemo giving a thumbs up is one more of those emotes you use when you want to mock your enemy for their silly plays and mistakes.

16. According to Plan

According to Plan Emote

The According to Plan emote has a similar vibe as the dabbing penguin we saw above. Therefore, it’s best to use it when you outplay your enemy, but you can also use it when you manage to escape an impossible ganking situation.

Of course, emotes are also there to joke with players and not just purely annoy them. So, for example, you can also use this emote when the enemy kills you instead. Who knows, it might even make them wonder if dying was your plan all along.

17. Squee

Squee Emote

If you are familiar with the satisfied meme, then you know what emotion this emote is trying to portray. It’s one of the most toxic emotes Riot has ever released, although it definitely falls behind the Legends of Runeterra’s Akshan satisfied emote.

So, if you’re looking for an emote to rub your satisfaction in your enemy’s face, look no further! Zed’s Squee emote will give you the exact thing you’re looking for.

18. Oh!

Oh! Emote

This can either say “Oh! Look what a dumb thing you just did!” or “Oops! Did I just do that? I guess I did.”, depending on the situation.

On both occasions, the Oh! emote will make sure to mock your enemy until they give up and start inting. It’s particularly toxic if you flash it after an outplay.

19. Okay


Okay? Okay.

20. Outrageous

Outrageous Emote

It’s outrageous how glamorous this emote is, while it also makes sure to add salt to your enemies’ wounds (or in this case, their ego).

As a support, this is my favorite emote to use whenever I help the ADC get a takedown or score a kill myself. It’s the equivalent of the Squee emote with a dash of sprinkled crystals✨.

The Tilting Emotes Tier List

Apart from this 20 most tilting emotes list, I also decided to make a tier list for the most frequent emotes in League, based on how tilting they are. I was partially inspired by RossBoomsocks’ video, and I used a similar template from TierMaker.

TierMaker list made with the League of Legends emotes Tier List Maker template


League of Legends can be very toxic at times, so it’s no wonder that there are so many tilting emotes in the game.

Choosing a couple of the twenty emotes on this list for your emote wheel is bound to make your games more fun. And, 9 out of 10 times, these emotes will tilt your enemy, too.

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