Jinx is a high-risk, high-reward ADC pick that goes in and out of the meta frequently. Even though she’s immobile and pretty squishy, she packs insane amounts of damage in her kit which really starts to shine in the late game.

And to fully leverage Jinx as a carry champion in League of Legends, you need to pair her up with a support that enhances her strengths and offers solutions for her weaknesses.

Jinx needs protection, CC, and mobility. And if you can find a support pick that can help Jinx with those three things, she’ll have no problems carrying the game.

In this article, I’ve compiled my 6 best and most successful supports for Jinx in LoL based on synergy and overall win ratio. I’ve hit Master tier with a Jinx duo a couple of seasons back, so I know what I’m talking about.

And here’s what you should know.

Leona – Stuns, Engage, Tankiness

Leona in League of Legends

Leona and Jinx are probably one of the most explosive bot lane combos in League of Legends. True, their damage may not be extremely high during the first few levels. But once Jinx unlocks her ultimate, she and Leona can absolutely dominate the bot lane as well as every teamfight that might occur.

Leona’s bread and butter combo is E+Q. It’s what allows her to dash to an enemy target, root them, and apply stun too. She essentially immobilizes the target for several seconds with this, allowing Jinx to apply W, auto-attacks, as well as E for even longer root.

Thanks to her W, Leona can tank pretty well and soak damage for Jinx. This is very important as the game goes on because most skillshots can actually hurt Jinx a lot.

There’s a great level of synergy between Leona’s R and Jinx’s R. If Leona manages to catch multiple enemies in her Solar Flar, the stun can last long enough for Jinx to cast her Super Mega Death Rocket and kill them all.

Key synergy points:

  • Easy kill setup with Leona’s E+Q combo
  • Protecting Jinx with Leona’s W
  • Lots of CC through E, Q, and R

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Blitzcrank – Hook, Knock-Up, Silence

Space Groove Blitz & Crank in League of Legends

The synergy between Blitzcrank and Jinx is hard to overlook.

Every Q that Blitzcrank connect is also a kill opportunity for Jinx, especially when he combines it with his E. Why?

Because while the target is in the air from Blitz’s abilities, Jinx has plenty of time to cast W, plant her Chompers underneath and keep on auto-attacking.

The great thing about Blitzcrank is that he can also silence multiple enemies with his R, further increasing the CC duration and preventing the opponents from Flashing away from Jinx.

If you’re going AP Blitzcrank, for example, you’ll have tons of damage to aid Jinx during the first part of the match. This can be a good strategy if you’re up against squishy enemies that don’t scale into tanks later on.

Key synergy points:

  • Hook and crowd control from Blitzcrank’s Q and E
  • Silence from Blitzcrank’s R, preventing enemy escape

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Janna – Shield, Disengage, AoE Heal

Janna in League of Legends

Janna is one of the simplest and safest support champions you can play in League of Legends. Her entire role can be summarized into being a pocket-heal for Jinx as she continues to deal damage throughout the match.

And Janna does a very good job of protecting her ADC. Her E is probably the best shield in the game since it absorbs so much damage and has such a short cooldown that you can actually spam it on Jinx.

On top of that, Janna can knock enemies away and slow them down with Q and W. These two abilities can either be used offensively to set up kills for Jinx or defensively to keep enemies away from Jinx when she’s running away.

Janna’s ultimate can also push away enemies and it’s a great counter to assassins like Zed who go for a quick Jinx kill. Not to mention that the ability can restore Jinx’s entire health bar in a few seconds.

The synergy you used always try to take advantage of lies in Janna’s Q and Jinx’s W. When an enemy is up in the air from the tornado, try to cast Jinx’s W for extra damage. The poke really adds up and can open up opportunities for kills later.

Key synergy points:

  • Shield and damage boost from Janna’s E
  • Disengage and heal from Janna’s Q and R
  • Reliable slow thanks to Janna’s E

Thresh – Hook, Lantern to Safety

Thresh in League of Legends

Thresh’s versatile toolkit can adapt to any ADC or APC in League of Legends but it’s really great when it comes to supporting Jinx.

With his Q, Death Sentence, Thresh can hook enemies towards Jinx and even Flay them (E) into her Chompers. If Thresh knows how to handle his abilities, he can actually provide a chain CC of over 3 seconds – plenty of time for Jinx to apply damage and score a kill.

What I personally love about Thresh is his lantern. This ability is so useful that it turns immobile ADCs like Jinx into mobile ones. Since the lantern is essentially an added dash for Jinx, she can play much more aggressively than usual knowing Thresh is behind her ready to pull her to safety.

There isn’t a great deal of synergy between Thresh’s R and Jinx’s R. However, the slow form The Box can be enough for Jinx to aim her Super Mega Death Rocket and collect an easy double kill.

Key synergy points:

  • Heavy CC from Thresh’s Q and E
  • Lantern from Thresh’s W for Jinx’s safety
  • Additional slow and zone control from Thresh’s R

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Soraka – Heals, Silence

Soraka in League of Legends

Soraka is the best healer in League of Legends, period. She’s the greatest support in an ADC-heavy meta where it’s all about keeping the ADC alive so they can keep pumping damage.

Soraka’s W, Astral Infusion, is a point-click heal that scales with AP but takes a bit of Soraka’s own HP. Practically speaking, Soraka can actually spam this ability without the fear of wasting her health as long as she aims her Q well.

Additionally, Soraka can heal all of her teammates on the map with her ultimate, even when she’s far away from Jinx. The ability even removes Grevious Wounds effect which basically means it counters anti-healing items that assassins and mages usually build.

Besides healing, Soraka also has some poke damage and silence/root. Her damage is pretty decent during the laning phase and her silence can absolutely outplay many engages from the enemy team, including ganks from the enemy jungler. Soraka just needs t time it right.

All in all, Soraka is one of the best supports for Jinx in LoL.

Key synergy points:

  • Heal from Soraka’s W and R
  • Silence and snare from Soraka’s E

Morgana – Root, Damage, Spell Immunity

Morgana in League of Legends

Morgana is best known for her crowd control, primarily her long-range snare (Q). This ability can root a target for up to 3 seconds on max rank and allow Jinx to line up all of her abilities during that window of time.

When Morgana roots a target, she usually places her W beneath them and continues with auto-attack. Her damage is actually pretty high considering the support standard, so she can carry Jinx during the early game without a problem.

Once Morgana is level 6, she also gets access to another AoE damage and CC ability. Her ultimate allows her to stun multiple enemies at once, chase them away, and set them up for Jinx’s R.

But the most important of all is Morgana’s E, Black Shield. It grants spell immunity to Jinx and allows her to play aggressively and not be locked down by stuns. This is another ability that is super valuable for immobile ADCs such as Jinx and makes Morgana my favorite support on this list.

Key synergy points:

  • Snare from Morgana’s Q
  • Spell immunity from Morgana’s E which counters crowd control
  • AoE stun from Morgana’s R

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Each support listed here – Leona, Blitzcrank, Janna, Thresh, Soraka, and Morgana – brings a unique benefit to Jinx. I can’t isolate one tell you to spam that champion to Masters because that’s not what I did.

I played all of these champions depending on the situation. Morgana and Leona have the best CC, Soraka and Janna are the most reliable for protecting Jinx, and Blitzcrank and Thresh are the most fun ones to play overall.

So, choose one based on what you personally prefer!

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