As one of the most iconic supports, Thresh’s influence on the bot lane cannot be overstated.

His ability to control the lane, create opportunities for kills, and save allies from sticky situations makes him one of the most interesting champions to play but also one of the most desired ones for ADCs.

But even Thresh needs an ADC with good synergy to unlock his true potential. Having a good bot lane partner almost always means a better performance which also leads to more wins.

For instance, A good ADC should be able to follow up on Thresh’s engages and take advantage of his peeling in teamfights. Thresh offers pressure in lane, a lantern for safety, and lots of crowd control for setting up kills. So his ADC must be able to use these things whenever they occur.

This article will dive deep into 6 ADC champions who synergize particularly well with Thresh so you can be sure that your combo will give you victories in solo queue. So whether you’re an ADC player looking for tips or a Thresh main seeking knowledge, this information will benefit you.

1. Caitlyn

Caitlyn in League of Legends

Caitlyn is known for her exceptional range and ability to control the bot lane from level 1. Her Q and long-range auto-attack range allow her to poke and harass the enemy duo, especially with her passive headshots. Taking advantage of Cait’s headshot mechanic with her W and E is what guarantees domination in the bot lane.

Luckily, Thresh can boost all of Caitlyn’s strengths in lane. The synergy between these two champions is largely down to their ability to control space in the bot lane and force enemies into uncomfortable situations.

Thresh’s hook can be the perfect engage for the duo because it allows Caitlyn to place her traps underneath the hooked target. And even if she misplaces a trap, Thresh can Flay the target into one of Cait’s traps which is huge. Once a target is locked, Cait can unleash heavy damage from afar and secure a quick kill.

One of the keys to consistently win bot lane with Caitlyn and Thresh is coordinating their CC well. Needless to say, Thresh has to be accurate with his Q as well as Cait with her Ws. This synergy must not be underestimated. And since both champs have decent range, you don’t have to fight if you miss one of these abilities.

Recommended Items for Caitlyn

An Infinity Edge is great for boosting Cait’s damage and Rapid Firecannon improves her range and synergizes with her Headshot passive. Also consider a Stormrazor for its slowing effect which can help Thresh land his Qs better.

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2. Jinx

Jinx in League of Legends

Jinx is an explosive ADC with not-so-great early game but immensely powerful late-game potential. Her poke in lane is decent and she can synergize her abilities well with Thresh. But she really starts to shine once teamfights start to break out around crucial objectives such as Baron Nashor.

The first benefit Jinx gets from Thresh is his lantern. Jinx doesn’t have any defensive abilities nor a dash to escape sticky situations. And since Thresh’s lantern provides both, it is of huge help to Jinx throughout the game. It helps her escape dangerous situations and survive assassins such as Zed.

Next, Jinx can place her E underneath the target when Thresh lands his Q. As with Caitlyn, Thresh can even Flay the target into Jinx’s E to extend the CC duration and allow her to cast W and weave auto-attacks for a few seconds.

One of the most important things for this duo is for Jinx to follow up on Thresh engage almost instantly. Her W has a short animation and Jinx can miss the target if she doesn’t press the button immediately when Thresh hooks the enemy. The same goes for her E.

Recommended Items for Jinx

Runaan’s Hurricane is just a fantastic item for Jinx because it amplifies her AoE damage, especially when combined with her rocket launcher. An Infinity Edge can be your mythic item and Guardian Angel provides a safety net which is vital for a champion that lacks escape abilities.

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3. Vayne

Vayne in League of Legends

Vayne is probably the best late-game hyper carry you can play as an ADC main. Her mobility and high single-target damage make her extremely useful when it comes to taking down enemies one by one. Her Silver Bolts allow her to shred even the tankiest of tanks in League of Legends, so she’s always a great choice.

Thresh and Vayne make a powerful duo in theory and in practice. Thresh’s crowd control and utility can help Vayne farm safely during the early game and scale but also set up kills for her throughout the game.

For instance, each time Thresh lands his Q on a target, Vayne can quickly weave 3 auto-attacks and take advantage of the damage bonuses from her W and Q. A single trade like this is likely to take more than 50% HP from the enemy ADC or support.

On the other hand, Thresh can keep enemy champions from hitting Vayne with Q, W, and R. This is an excellent toolkit for peeling and Vayne can freely tumble around the teamfight and pick up kills one by one.

When playing Vayne with Thresh make sure to take advantage of Thresh’s lantern for repositioning and escaping. This could be crucial when facing assassins like Rengar or Fizz.

Recommended Items for Vayne

Kraken Slayer synergizes excellently with Vayne’s Silver Bolts and helps her melt down tanks. Phantom Dancer offers attack speed and the Ghosting, so it’s great for kiting. And lastly, Guardian Angel is always a useful item, especially in the late game.

4. Lucian

Lucian in League of Legends

Lucian is more mobile than most ADCs in LoL. But his biggest advantage in the bot lane is his burst damage which is available from level 2. He can weave auto-attacks and spells to essentially double his damage output while also having a reliable escape on his E.

Lucian’s R is probably one of the hardest abilities to take advantage of in League of Legends one of the most rewarding one too. It does a ridiculous amount of damage and if you manage to combine it with Thresh’s Q and R, you’re going to get a lot of kills!

So Lucian’s mobility and burst damage pair well with Thresh’s CC. Thresh can lock down enemies long enough for Lucian to unleash his combo, and his lantern can assist in Lucian’s aggressive in-and-out playstyle, even in teamfights.

With Thresh and Lucian, it’s essential to play aggressively from the very start. Thresh should always look for hooks while Lucian should trade with his quick E+Q+W combo. And the Thresh player should always be in a good position to throw the lantern so Lucian can get to a safe spot quickly.

Recommended Items for Lucian

Essence Reaver and Infinity Edge is a great combo for Lucian, providing CDR, Crit and lots of damage. Galeforce can also be your mythic of choice, depending on your personal playstyle. The item is great for securing kills although its active has a long cooldown.

5. Ashe

Ashe in League of Legends

For me personally, Ashe is the safest ADC pick for Thresh support. She provides constant slows with her auto-attacks and W which helps Thresh a lot with landing his skillshots. Her E, Hawkshot, grants vision and allows the duo to play aggressively.

And Ashe’s R, Enchanted Crystal Arrow is the perfect tool for engage. Once it lands on an enemy, the stun lasts long enough so that Thresh can hit his Q, E, and R abilities.

Since Ashe and Thresh can control a large portion of the bot side of Summoner’s Rift, it’s easy for them to dictate the pace of the laning phase. A single W from Ashe can allow Thresh to hook the enemy ADC and create a kill opportunity, especially if their jungle is nearby.

So with Ashe and Thresh, the key thing is to coordinate their crowd control abilities. Always start with Enchanted Crystal Arrow if it’s available and lock one target down with Thresh’s CC, even in teamfights. Not too many champions in League of Legends can survive this combo.

Recommended Items for Ashe

Kraken Slayer enhances Ashe’s damage output greatly and it works well against tanks. Runaan’s Hurricane can spread her slows to multiple enemies, and Guinsoo’s Rageblade is just the perfect mythic for her right now.

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6. Draven

Draven in League of Legends

Draven is another aggressive ADC known for his high early game damage. His Spinning Axes provide bonus damage on basic attacks which basically means enemies can’t dodge it.

Draven’s aggression should be fueled and backed up by Thresh as much as possible. Thresh should always be positioned forward and scare the enemy duo. And if he lands a hook on a target, Draven can probably take them down in a couple of auto attacks.

Remember, after level 6 Draven also gets access to his Whirling Death so he can execute enemies even if they Flash away from his basic attacks.

Draven’s high damage and Thresh’s crowd control form a recipe for smurfing in the bot lane. Thresh can set up kills for Draven and enable him to cash in on his Adoration stacks so he can carry the game easily.

Another tip here is for Thresh to watch out his positioning for his W. Remember, Draven doesn’t have any dashes and is susceptible to ganks and all-ins. So have Thresh stay away from time to time so that Draven can get to safety with the lantern.

Recommended Items for Draven

Immortal Shieldbow improves survivability and grants lifesteal, so it’s great for Draven. The Collector is also good for executing targets. And Infinity Edge is a good damage booster overall that rewards aggressive playstyles.


Learning to play Thresh with any of these ADCs can drastically increase your lane dominance and impact the game’s outcome. They all offer powerful combo that you can carry with, so I’d say experiment for yourself and find what works best.

For me, Ashe is my favorite ADC to play with Thresh simply because the kill setup is super easy. And I recommend you give her a shot first.

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