Along with Syndra’s mini rework, Riot also blessed us with a visual update for our favorite dark mage. Naturally, this also affected the skins in her collection, as they all received some improvements in-game.

This decade-old champion has dominated the mid-lane and our hearts with her powerful appearance. Syndra has especially gotten a lot of love from Riot in the last couple of years. In just two years she got four new skins, with one of them being a Prestige Edition skin.

Although each Syndra skin has its own fan base, it’s time we decided which is the best one. So, let’s start, shall we?

The Best Syndra Skins Ranked in League of Legends

11. Queen of Diamonds Syndra

Queen of Diamonds Syndra Splash Art
  • Release Date: 20.05.2015
  • Price: 750 RP
  • Loot: 450 Orange Essence

Queen of Diamonds isn’t the worst skin I’ve ever seen, but it sure is one of the least exciting Syndra skins out there.

The skin only brings us an outfit change for our mid-lane champion, while the ability animations all remain the same as the original. With the mini rework, the base skin got a lot of love and now those animations actually look pretty good.

But, the purple animations don’t really go with Syndra’s red outfit at all. Although the orbs do look much clearer after the rework, I prefer seeing them on the base Syndra skin.

However, Queen of Diamonds Syndra is the cheapest skin in her collection. So, if you’re looking for a cheap skin to change things up a bit, this might be it.

Cheapest Syndra skinNo new ability animations or particles
Outfit doesn’t match the abilities

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10. SKT T1 Syndra

SKT T1 Syndra Splash Art
  • Release Date: 27.06.2017
  • Price: 1350 RP
  • Loot: 1050 Orange Essence

Although I have absolutely nothing against SKT, I’m not the biggest fan of SKT T1 Syndra. I just feel like this skin’s potential was limitless, but they didn’t get the best out of it.

While SKT T1 Syndra’s abilities are smooth with the blue and golden shades, they aren’t that flashy. Which is fine, actually, cause smoothness is probably more important while trying to hit those skill shots, anyway.

It’s still Syndra we’re talking about here, so I don’t think it’s possible to say that any skin of hers is bad. And, she does look like an absolute dark goddess, which matches the theme of the skin perfectly. 

The ascended God theme is meant to honor SKT winning the third in a row World’s Championship, something no other team has done yet.

Also, you get to feel at least a bit like Faker when playing with this skin, and you get his autograph on each recall!

Smooth ability animationsNot too flashy
Recall with Faker’s signature

9. Atlantean Syndra

Atlantean Syndra Splash Art
  • Release Date: 29.04.2014
  • Price: 975 RP
  • Loot: 675 Orange Essence

Atlantean is another very smooth and flowy skin for Syndra. The water theme is visualized perfectly with her ability combos being both streamlined and clear.

The sound effects of this skin are also very pleasant, especially on her Q ability. Furthermore, the water orbs were updated to be more visible after Syndra’s visual update, especially the ones orbiting around her. 

Some may argue that Atlantean Syndra doesn’t have flashy ability animations, which is true. But, isn’t it better that your orbs remain inconspicuous for your enemies? It’s much easier to surprise players while having less noticeable abilities, which is why invisibility is so op.

I believe this skin looks much better after the rework, although some professional players might find it to their disadvantage. You see, this skin was often chosen in pro play because of the discreet look of its ability animations. 

So, why is this skin way down on this list? Well, although there’s really nothing bad to say about Atlantean Syndra, there are much better skins in her collection. 

Smooth ability animationsNot very flashy animations (which can also be an advantage)
Pleasing underwater sounds and aesthetics

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8. Prestige Star Guardian Syndra

Prestige Star Guardian Syndra Splash Art
  • Release Date: 28.07.2022
  • Price: Special Pricing
  • Loot: 125 Mythic Essence

Syndra has always had some of the most powerful-looking splash arts that hint at the dominant presence she has on the Rift. Well, the Prestige Star Guardian Syndra splash art really takes the cake in that department!

Syndra’s outfit and hairstyle are really pretty, too. The short dark blue/purple dress is matched with high over-the-knee white stockings, and her hair is long and dark.

This prestige skin is also unique cause it differs from the white/gold theme that’s usually included. Prestige Star Guardian Syndra’s color scheme mostly consists of bright colors, such as blue and turquoise. 

However, the abilities here are overly detailed. Syndra’s spheres are replaced with crystal demon heads that have heart-shaped eyes and little golden crowns. They also turn their heads in the Q ability animation. Let me tell you, there’s just too much going on here. 

This prestige skin is a true masterpiece, nonetheless. I would enjoy playing with this skin just for its cute factor. Also, it’s an obvious must-have for Syndra mains. But, if you’re looking to climb and not just look cute on the Rift, then you should look elsewhere on this list.

If this was a list of the best Syndra splash arts, then the Prestige Star Guardian Syndra would be at the top, along with Withered Rose Syndra.

A beautiful blend of bright colorsToo much going on with the demon-headed abilities

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7. Spirit Blossom Syndra

Spirit Blossom Syndra Splash Art
  • Release Date: 06.10.2022
  • Price: 1350 RP
  • Loot: 1050 Orange Essence

Syndra mains: we want a legendary Coven Syndra skin! 

Riot: So here’s a cute Syndra skin with butterflies.

All jokes aside, Spirit Blossom Syndra is yet another lovely skin for this mage. I’m certain that there’s a huge portion of the player base that fell in love with it at first sight.

Spirit Blossom Syndra is a magical treat for the eye, with a gorgeous color scheme. It’s obvious that the cute factor for this skin is over the charts. Syndra has lovely bright hair with bangs and she looks happier than ever!

This light-themed skin for this usually dark champion is a gorgeous addition to her collection. Its entire design is breathtakingly beautiful. I also love the fact that there are nine different Spirit Blossom Syndra chromas!

The only thing that doesn’t really match the skin’s theme is her scary, almost evil-sounding voice. Therefore, perhaps this skin should’ve been released as a legendary, instead of an epic skin.

Furthermore, the abilities share the same problem as multiple skins on this list. The animated butterflies, however cute and sparkly, can really take away your focus in-game. 

I guess I like my orbs the way I like my coffee – dark and with no butterflies inside.


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6. Justicar Syndra

Justicar Syndra Splash Art
  • Release Date: 12.09.2012
  • Price: 975 RP
  • Loot: 675 Orange Essence

Out of all skins on this list, Justicar Syndra might be the most worthy, price-wise. Of course, this is after the visual update. Before that, Justicar Syndra was a real mess, so kudos to Riot for fixing all that.

This is the very first Syndra skin and now has one of the clearest-looking animations ever. For only 975 RP, Justicar gives Syndra a complete makeover and awesome bright ability animations.

Apart from the recall animation being the same as the base one, this skin could even pass as a 1350 RP skin nowadays. It really is that good!

The gorgeous golden orbs are much clearer and brighter than before, including the three orbs surrounding Syndra. The visual update really upgraded this skin and almost gave it a Prestige vibe.

I’m not the biggest fan of Justicar Syndra’s outfit, though. It’s the only thing on this skin that makes it look like a 2012 skin. The red tones are too dark, while the gold in her armor isn’t shiny enough to correspond to her abilities.

Anyway, overall, this skin is definitely worth buying! Justicar Syndra’s smooth and clear abilities and the low price sure are reasons enough to purchase it.

Bright, clear ability animations
Cheapest and worthiest Syndra skin

5. Withered Rose Syndra

Withered Rose Syndra Splash Art
  • Release Date: 11.02.2021
  • Price: 1350 RP
  • Loot: 1050 Orange Essence

The entire Crystal and Withered Rose skin lines are gorgeous, don’t get me wrong. But, although Withered Rose Syndra is a stunning skin and matches Syndra’s theme very well, it may also be very distracting to play with.

In the splash art already we can see Syndra dressed in one of her darkest, most elegant outfits so far. Well, her in-game model is just as good! Her long flowing purple hair complements the dark outfit flawlessly. 

And that’s only the color scheme for the original Withered Rose Syndra. There are eight more chromas with eight different color schemes, each changing the color of her hair, outfit, and abilities!

I also love the flowery details and animations of her abilities, but they might just make it harder for you, gameplay-wise. When a skin has too much going on, such as Withered Rose Syndra, it is bound to make you less focused in the long run.

And, we all know how important focus is, especially in ranked games. Moreover, the sound of Syndra’s Q, which is her most used ability, doesn’t sound as powerful as it does in other skins. 

Last but not least, the Withered Rose Syndra’s recall animation gives us a brand new ship – Syndra and Zed! However, we are yet to see a Withered Rose skin for the shadow assassin, and hope that their story doesn’t stop here.

Stunning rose animations and detailsThe over-detailed abilities may be distracting
Eight beautiful chromas

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4. Star Guardian Syndra

Star Guardian Syndra Splash Art
  • Release Date: 06.09.2017
  • Price: 1350 RP
  • Loot: 1050 Orange Essence

Star Guardian Syndra set the stage for all her future skins by introducing the little demon heads replacing her previous mostly monochromatic orbs. Nothing’s been the same since.

You might either love or hate Star Guardian Syndra. However, it’s a fact that back when it was released it was a very think-outside-of-the-box kind of skin. I mean, having little demon heads smiling or frowning when you hit your skill shots sure was fun to see.

But, all the moving and twirling of those little demon-shaped ‘orbs’ on the ground almost make the abilities feel unreliable. Moreover, before the demon head disappears when using the Q ability – Dark Sphere, it becomes brighter and brighter and starts twitching, and then it bursts. 

All of this seems like a good visual indicator of when your sphere is about to vanish so that you can plan your next move accordingly. At the same time, though, it might take up too much of your focus, since there’s just so much going on.

But, let’s talk about Star Guardian Syndra’s model a bit. Her outfit matches the Star Guardian theme very well here, although she’s been dressed way better (have you seen Withered Rose Syndra in-game yet?). Still, I love how both her hair and outfit are purple and actually go well together.

Star Guardian Syndra also got nine new chromas in 2022, five years after the initial release of the skin. Each of these chromas changes the color scheme of her model and her abilities.

Fun demon-shaped animationsThe changing brightness of the ‘spheres’ may be distracting
Nine beautiful chromas to choose from

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3. Pool Party Syndra

Pool Party Syndra Splash Art
  • Release Date: 02.07.2020
  • Price: 1350 RP
  • Loot: 1050 Orange Essence

Feel like going to the beach and playing beach volleyball? Well, Pool Party Syndra can make that happen for you, at least on the Rift. 

In this skin, Syndra’s orbs are replaced with volleyballs that somehow look even bigger than in the base skin. Pool Party has a very playful and fun look and her abilities are very clear gameplay-wise. 

Her recall animation is hilarious too and is bound to bring a smile to your face. The way Syndra gets mad and creates one giant, fuzed ball to hit the crab after it hits her in the face gets me every time.

Furthermore, the sound and visual effects in this skin are very on point. Some of the ability VFXs do remind me a bit of Atlantean Syndra, to be honest. Also, the visuals for Pool Party Syndra’s E ability, with the sand and shells being blown away are truly amazing.

The Pool Party ultimate’s animation is probably one of the most satisfying of all Syndra skins. The way those volleyballs hit the enemy with splashy and bubbly particles is nothing short of hypnotizing.

And, if you ever get tired of the color scheme of the skin, you can always go for any of the eight additional chromas. The Pearl and Rainbow chromas in particular are certainly going to make hitting those volleyballs much more pleasurable. 

Fun, splashy volleyball abilities
Satisfying VFX and SFX

2. Bewitching Syndra

Bewitching Syndra Splash Art
  • Release Date: 07.10.2021
  • Price: 1350 RP
  • Loot: 1050 Orange Essence

If you love Halloween and think jack-o’-lanterns are fun, then Bewitching Syndra is going to capture your heart (like she did mine).

There’s nothing not to love on this skin. I mean, Bewitching Syndra’s outfit is definitely one of the best ones yet. The details in this skin are exquisite, e.g. the wizard hat even has a little jack-o’-lantern in the front.

Also, Bewitching Syndra’s colors blend perfectly with each other – just look at that hair! The jack-o’-lanterns are bright and orange, while her outfit is a combination of purple and pink. 

This skin delivers the Halloween vibe exactly like it’s supposed to. The abilities are very distinguishable and stand out on the Rift, immersing you in its theme. 

The volley of jack-o’-lanterns in Bewitching Syndra’s ultimate sure looks satisfying, but painful if you’re on the receiving end.

But, just like other good things in life, Bewitching Syndra isn’t easy to get. This limited edition skin is locked up in the Legacy Vault, so it’s only available for a limited time only in the year. It’s also loot-eligible, so you still may have the luck to get it from a chest!

Enchanting Syndra model and outfit
Clear, bright ability animations

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1. Snow Day Syndra

Snow Day Syndra Splash Art
  • Release Date: 10.12.2015
  • Price: 1350 RP
  • Loot: 1050 Orange Essence

Snow Day Syndra is undoubtedly the greatest skin for this champion up to this day. Although released back in 2015, it stands the test of time and outmatches every other skin in her collection.

The snowy orbs surrounding Syndra are so bright and pleasant to watch. At the same time, this skin’s animations are very clear and visible. It’s the perfect skin to play with during the winter days, but its lovely aesthetics are enough to make you want to play it all year round.

Details such as the giant snowflake appearing for a split-second on the ground where the Q lands just show how incredibly well thought-out this skin is. The rest of the abilities, such as the ice lances launching in Syndra’s ultimate are astonishing, too.

Not just the VFX, but also the icy, frosty SFXs are on point for each ability in this skin. I really enjoy how satisfying the hitting of the auto attacks sounds, as well.

Syndra’s snuggly outfit is nothing short of stunning here. She looks so warm and comfy in the white coat which flows as if being blown by the wind while she moves. 

Her winter accessories such as her winter cap and gloves complete her cozy look. Syndra’s style here is as gorgeous as it can get, and the mix of bright and dark colors complement each other perfectly.

This skin truly feels like a warm embrace on a cold winter night. 

Snow Day Syndra? More like Snow Bae Syndra.

Gorgeous, well-thought-out skin
Perfect snuggly winter outfit
Bright and snowy ability animations


It’s safe to say that each Syndra skin has its own beauty and charm. It’s impossible to draw an absolute line between each skin, since some have better ability animations, while others have better in-game models for Syndra.

Fun fact: I had to change the order of this list multiple times, as I myself wasn’t too certain how to rank all these amazing skins. This is one more proof that out of all 11 skins in this list, at least six of them should be in the top three.

Nonetheless, I’m quite certain about one thing: Snow Day Syndra definitely deserves its number-one spot. She totally gives me the vibe that she’s on the way to Starbucks for her Pumpkin Spice Latte, and I’m here for it!

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