As an artillery bot lane carry, Ziggs is all about poking the enemy team and demolishing their base. Unlike many ADCs, Ziggs can’t kite very well, he’s immobile and doesn’t have self-healing. Yes, his damage is fantastic but he needs the right supports in order to carry games in League of Legends.

Typically, the best way to support Ziggs is with mages or support champions with lots of crowd control. Ziggs can dominate the laning phase if he has a partner that also deals damage or keeps the enemies in place so he can hit his skillshots. And that’s how he wins.

Truth be told, there are tons of mages and supports with CC in LoL. And finding the best ones for Ziggs is not always easy.

That’s why in this post I’ll focus on the 5 support champions with the most synergy with Ziggs. These 5 champions can enable Ziggs to 1v5 the enemy team and carry even the hardest of games. So, let’s talk about them!

These Are the 5 Best Duo Partners for Ziggs in the Bot Lane

5. Pyke


As assassin support, Pyke offers Ziggs two things – burst damage and kill setup.

First of all, Pyke has two crowd control abilities in his kit. The Q is a hook that pulls enemies back while his E is a dash that stuns them. You can use both spells in a combo to immobilize a target for several seconds.

This works very well for Ziggs because when Pyke stuns an enemy champion, he can immediately throw all of his bombs on them. The combined damage of Ziggs’ E, Q, and W is really high even in those early game skirmishes.

On top of this, Pyke is an AD assassin that usually builds full lethality. Besides his abilities, his auto-attacks can deal huge damage too. And that’s why it’s always recommended for him to play with the Hail of Blades keystone.

Ziggs isn’t a great engager. Yes, he can endlessly poke the laning opponents but he relies on Pyke to actually start the fights. Luckily, Pyke’s W and Q + E combo is often the perfect setup for Ziggs. So Pyke needs to always go in first.

But the biggest synergy here is that when Pyke immobilizes a target and Ziggs dumps all of his damage onto them, the target is usually ready for Pyke’s R (if not dead already). His ultimate executes low-HP enemies, so it’s a great follow-up for Ziggs.

During the late game team fights, Ziggs’ poke damage gets really insane. Sometimes Pyke won’t even need to set up fights. Instead, he can run ahead and simply spam his R button while Ziggs does all the damage.

And that’s why this combo works so well together!

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4. Swain


Swain is one of the mages that enables Ziggs to take over the whole game. And if you’re looking for an aggressive playstyle in the bot lane, Ziggs and Swain are the combo to go for!

Swain is a champion that has it all – damage, tankiness, and crowd control. He’s pretty good at controlling a fight because he can stay on the frontline without getting one-shotted. 

And so, when Swain fights multiple champions in the front, Ziggs can freely drop bombs from the back line and deal insane amounts of damage

Both of these champions can go for the Liandry’s Anguis, Rylais’s Crystal Scepter and Morellonomicon build. These 3 items are vital for taking down even the tankiest champions in League, so Swain and Ziggs can usually 2v8 a game if they play well enough.

One thing Swain and Ziggs are famous for is dominating the laning phase. With Swain’s constant threat of root + pull mechanic and Ziggs’ unlimited poke damage, not too many champions can stand against them.

Another advantage they have is being good at disengaging, especially Ziggs. Ziggs’ E and W can slow down the enemy jungler and even push multiple enemies away so he and Swain can run away. In turn, Swain’s ultimate ability allows him to absorb a lot of damage and diver the enemy’s attention away from Ziggs.

So, anytime you have Ziggs and your team lacks AP, make sure to go for Swain support!

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3. Nautilus

When Riot Games were designing Nautilus, they had one goal in mind – crowd control. In fact, Nautilus is an epitome of a CC tank in League of Legends and all Ziggs players love him!

First off, Nautilus has a dominating presence in the bot lane. While he’s easy to play, his ability kit is a threat to all ADCs in the game. One hook from Nautilus is usually enough to bring an ADC to 50% HP. And with Ziggs by his side, the ADC often drops dead right there.

And this leads me to my next point – Nautilus can freeze a target for several seconds in one spot so Ziggs can drop all of his abilities. This usually happens by Nautilus engaging with his Q first, followed by an auto-attack for an additional root, and finally a knock-up from his ultimate.

As a champion, Nautilus puts all of his strength into tanking and crowd-controlling enemies. He depends on champions such as Ziggs to do all the damage for him while he’s protecting them.

One thing I really like about playing Ziggs and Nautilus in the bot lane is that Nautilus can often leave Ziggs to farm alone and gank elsewhere. Ziggs is a relatively safe laner and by having such a great range of his abilities he can farm safely from a distance. This opens up opportunities for Nautilus to team up with his jungler and roam around Summoner’s Rift.

There’s also an item that improves the synergy between these champions – Zeke’s Convergence. 

Nautilus should always buy this item because, after applying a crowd control effect, Zeke’s Convergence gives Ziggs (the partner) bonus on-hit magic damage. 

This synergizes with Ziggs’ passive and even Lich Bane, so it’s perfect for bursting enemies as an ADC Ziggs tearing down turrets.

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2. Lux


When thinking of mage supports in League of Legends, Lux is one of the first champions that come to mind. She has everything that Ziggs needs from a support and she’s a good pick for most matchups.

Lux can be played in two different ways – as an AP burst mage (recommended) or as enchanter support (only in certain situations).

The first playstyle gives more advantages overall and synergizes better with Ziggs’ whole philosophy. With AP items, both Ziggs and Lux can poke their lane opponents and drive them out of the lane. And each time Lux snares an enemy, she and Ziggs can one-shot that target.

However, if you decide to play Lux as a support and build items that increase your shielding power, you’re going to have more safety. This can work against other aggressive comps such as Caitlyn and Morgana, for example. But keep in mind that if you don’t build offensive AP items on Lux, you leave Ziggs as the only damage dealer in the bot lane.

Lux can make Ziggs’ laning phase really easy just by being with him. Her long-ranged abilities can keep enemies away from Ziggs (they snare and slow targets) so he can focus on farming and take things slowly.

In terms of runes and items, the two champions should go pretty offensively. Keystones like Arcane Comet, First Strike, and Electrocute are super effective, with items such as Luden’s Tempest and Horizon Focus being core for both Lux and Ziggs.

All in all, Ziggs and Lux is a fantastic duo in LoL and I really recommend you try it!

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1. Morgana

In my extensive personal experience when it comes to bot lane (and as a Ziggs main for several seasons), I’ve found that Morgana is the best support in all regards.

The first reason why Morgana wins the contest is her crowd control. She’s notorious for making the life of League players living hell because she can keep them snared and stunned for over 5 seconds. And here’s how she does that.

At max rank, Morgana’s Q – Dark Binding roots a target for 3 seconds. She can follow it up with Everfrost, which also roots all targets in the middle for another second or so. And lastly, Morgana’s R – Soul Shackles is a stun that lasts for 1.5 seconds too.

No matter how much tenacity the enemy has, Morgana can keep them immobilized enough so Ziggs can cast all of his abilities on them. This is very important for Ziggs whose skillshots aren’t easy to hit and his ultimate needs to be centered in order to deal a lot of damage.

Simply put – Morgana can unlock Ziggs’ full potential!

But besides CC, Morgana’s damage isn’t bad at all. Depending on her build, she can either be more supportive with items like Imperial Mandate (which allows Ziggs to do more damage to enemies that Morgana snares/stuns). Or with items like Liandry’s Anguish she can do more damage herself.

Lastly, Morgana offers Ziggs her Black Shield which is a huge reason why this combo wins so much. Black Shield can block crowd control effects as well as magic damage, so Ziggs often stays safe against AP bot lane picks.

So, definitely go for Morgana!

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Ziggs shifts from a meta to an off-meta ADC in League of Legends. And just like Veigar, he’s one of the few AP carries in the bot lane. His strengths and weaknesses aren’t the easiest to identify since he isn’t a very popular pick. However, the 5 champions I mentioned above should give you a clear idea of what he needs.

That said, I hope you’ll try my recommendations! I wish you double your LP and rank with it!

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