Zeri is one of the strongest ADC champions that Riot Games have ever added to League of Legends. She’s been through countless nerfs, both on her regular ad build and her AP playstyle.

And so, finding the ideal supports is crucial for Zeri’s success in LoL.

Zeri synergizes the most with support champions that have lots of shields for her. This is because Zeri’s passive grants her bonus movement speed each time she’s shielded.

So, a shielding support can keep Zeri alive for longer and boost her movement speed.

Simply put, enchanters are the best type of supports for Zeri. However, champions with healing instead of shielding can also work well with her because they can always pick up Summon Aery.

This keystone grants a shield when you heal someone, so it’s a good form of synergy too.

Down below, I’ve analyzed the 5 best support champions for Zeri in LoL and explained why they work so well with her. Take a look to see some of the practical synergies between Zeri and them.

The 5 Best Duo Partners for Zeri in LoL

5. Seraphine


First on the list is Seraphine. She’s one of the safest support picks in League of Legends and one of the easiest champions to play.

Seraphine’s biggest strength is safety during the laning phase. Her W is a large-area shield that triggers Zeri’s passive. However, this ability can also heal Zeri and keep her health up while she’s farming and scaling.

Besides that, Seraphine offers a lot of crowd control too. Her E can either slow, snare, or stun a target, giving Zeri some free time to attack them.

Seraphine’s ultimate can charm all 5 of the enemy players, allowing Zeri and the rest of her team to decimate them during that time.

And that’s also what makes Seraphine such a great champion for controlling the team fight.

Her entire kit is designed to give her an edge in large fights where she can stop enemies from dealing damage and can also heal all of her allies at once.

Whenever she’s with Zeri, Seraphine plays for extended fights instead of quick and bursty skirmishes.

Normally, many players pair Seraphine with bursty ADCs who benefit from her crowd control. However, Zeri benefits from Sera’s entire kit!

When it comes to peeling and kiting, Seraphine can easily boost Zeri’s power. Besides the shields, heals, and bonus movement speed, Seraphine can stop all enemies from reaching Zeri.

Her CC also works well against enemy junglers early on, so it’s smart for Zeri to always play behind Seraphine.

All in all, Seraphine and Zeri is a strong bot lane combo with not too many bad matchups. So, definitely give them a run!

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4. Lulu


Next, we have Lulu. She’s one of the best enchanters in the entire game, known for being the ideal partner of all 1v9 carries in the game. And that also includes Zeri!

What Lulu offers is a high level of protection throughout the game.

First of all, Lulu has a spammable shield on her E button. It’s a short cooldown spell that blocks a lot of damage, especially when it’s combined with Summon Aery.

And each time she casts it on Zeri, Zeri can quickly move in and out and win any trade against any bot lane combo.

Moreover, Lulu’s W is a simple movement speed buff that additionally helps Zeri during a fight. Thanks to it, she can dodge more of the enemy’s damage and kite much better.

Once Lulu unlocks her ultimate ability Wild Growth, Zeri’s safety doubles. This includes both the laning phase and the late game team fights because not only does Wild Growth grants more size and health, but it also pushes away all enemies.

In other words, it’s the perfect spell for protecting your AD carry.

But that’s far from everything Lulu has.

Since Lulu’s E and W can also be cast on enemies, Lulu is good at dealing damage and applying crowd control to key targets. For example, Lulu can press W on Zed to polymorph him right when he’s about to assassinate Zeri.

That way she’ll stop all of his damage.

The great thing about Lulu is that she also builds items that help out Zeri in one way or another. Shurelya’s Battlesong, Ardent Censer, and Staff of Flowing Water are just to name a few, but know that there are more.

3. Renata Glasc

Renata Glasc

Renata Galsc’s playstyle is very different than all other supports on this list. Yes, she’s technically an enchanter and her synergy with Zeri is fantastic. But she can be a difficult champion to master too.

What I really like about playing Renata with Zeri is that you can go up against all possible matchups in the bot lane and still come out on top. And here’s why.

One of the most broken abilities in the whole League of Legends is Renata’s W – Bailout. This is her “grey health” mechanic that can stop an ally from dying if they take an enemy down first.

Additionally, the spell grants a lot of bonus movement speed and attack speed.

In other words, each cast of Renata’s W turns Zeri into an insanely fast monster that deals huge amount of damage and can’t be killed.

It’s difficult enough for the enemy team to catch up to Zeri normally, but with Renata by her side, their job becomes much harder.

Renata also has a shield for Zeri. This comes from her E ability which is a skill shot and you need to aim it similarly to Lux’s W. However, this one has a double effect because it also damages and slows down enemies if it hits them.

As for late game synergies, the biggest one happens when Renata catches multiple enemies with her ultimate. This is the time when Zeri can jump in and activate her own ulti to start blasting even harder.

All in all, this Zaun combo is very annoying to play against because they always seem to have another trick up their sleeves. They can run fast, deal AoE damage, provide AoE crowd control, and even deny death. 

And if you decide to play them, you can get a lot of free wins just by tilting the enemy players.

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2. Janna


If you want a support for Zeri that can always help out regardless of the meta, patch, or matchup, Janna is that champion.

She’s equipped with the right tools for supporting Zeri, from shields to bonus movement speed buffs and even multiple crowd control effects.

First of all, Janna’s E is the lowest cooldown shield in LoL. She can practically spam it all day long and protect Zeri from all kinds of harm during the laning phase. And if maxed out first, Janna’s shield can get ridiculously big very fast.

On top of this, Janna has her ultimate to heal Zeri whenever necessary. This isn’t the most useful spell because it has a limited range, but it can be used to save Zeri in many situations.

Not to mention that Janna’s R is an effective tool for disengaging and pushing enemies away from Zeri.

The two abilities that make Janna even a better support when it comes to countering aggressive enemies are W and Q.

Her W is a point-click spell and applies a slow effect on one target while her Q can knock up enemies from a great distance. Both abilities can give Zeri enough space to either run away or retaliate.

One thing that Janna lacks is damage. Don’t get me wrong, Janna can be a hard-poking support if she maxes out W first and spams it during the laning phase.

However, her damage drops off drastically in the mid game unless she builds AP

However, that’s not my recommendation when you play Janna support for Zeri. This is because Zeri has enough damage and it’s better for Janna to simply keep her alive.

And because of this, I will advise you to go for items like Moonstone Renewer, Staff of Flowing Water, Ardent Censer, and maybe even Redemption.

1. Yuumi

If you follow the professional League of Legends scenes like LCS, LEC, or LCK, chances are that you’ve spotted the Yuumi + Zeri combo in the bot lane more than once.

It’s a carry-focused duo that often takes most of the advantages and ends up winning the games. Here’s why.

Yuumi completes Zeri in every possible way. Her healing is unmatched and she also shields Zeri with Summon Aery whenever she uses W.

Yuumi can provide crowd control and bonus damage while staying out of harm herself, so her playstyle perfectly matches Zeri.

Zeri and Yuumi have a relatively safe laning phase thanks to the fact that Yuumi can dodge damage and she can also heal Zeri. However, this is their weakest point in the game.

Once the mid game kicks in, Zeri and Yuumi become really unstoppable. Depending on their team comp, they can play pretty aggressively while kiting and peeling with their awesome movement speed.

They can always rely on Yuumi’s R for engaging or disengaging, so they’re pretty good at carrying team fights alone.

A thing I really like is the fact that Yuumi grants more AD to Zeri when she attaches herself to her. This can be incredibly useful for Zeri because with the bonus damage she can carry even against fed opponents.

Besides this, Yuumi usually goes for helpful items such as Moonstone Renewer, Chemtech Putrifier, and even Mikael’s Blessing.

Additionally, she brings two combative Summoner’s Spells such as Ignite and Exhaust further increasing the duo’s chances of winning against any enemy.

That said, Yuumi is the ideal support for Zeri in LoL!


In this guide, I focused to give you the 5 support champions that work the best with Zeri. I based the post on my own personal experience (Master elo player) and the overall win rates across all servers in the world.

And these 5 picks are the ones you should consider whenever you see Zeri on your team in solo queue!

That said, I hope you enjoyed the guide and found it helpful. Good luck!

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