Regardless of the season, meta, or patch, Yasuo is one of the best off-meta ADCs in League of Legends. He’s excellent at carrying games alone from mid lane but when paired with the right support he can do the same from bot lane too. So, who are the best supports for Yasuo in LoL?

Yasuo needs a support partner that has a reliable knock-up effect for his ultimate – Last Breath. Additionally, if the support can protect Yasuo during the early game, then that’s a good partner too.

However, the reality is not that simple. There are tons of champions that can keep Yasuo safe early on and have knock-ups. Some of these are Thresh and Lulu, but they don’t have the perfect synergy with Yasuo.

And so, here I will give you the 5 best supports for Yasuo in the bot lane. Prioritize these picks over others simply because they give you the highest chances of winning team fights and games.

Here they are.

The 5 Best Support Picks for Yasuo ADC in League of Legends

5. Malphite


Malphite is an awesome off-meta support in LoL, especially when paired with Yasuo. His kit isn’t impressive during the laning phase, but he becomes a great pick once you unlock his game-changing ultimate.

Malphite’s R – Unstoppable Force lets him dash in a chosen direction and knock up/damage all enemies upon arrival. The AoE component of this ability is actually huge since the knock-up lasts for more than a second and the damage is honestly broken.

Obviously, Yasuo gets a massive advantage when he’s paired with Malphite. Each use of Unstoppable Force makes it easy for Yasuo to activate his Last Breath and decimate all 5 of the enemy players.

Besides the synergy in their ultimates, Malphite can help Yasuo with damage or with tankiness. Since Malphite can go for a full AP build or a tanky build, he can adapt to the matchups at hand.

Key Synergies:

  • Great combo for Yasuo’s ultimate
  • High burst damage
  • Reliable engage throughout the game

The laning phase of the Malphite + Yasuo combo is actually pretty weak, so you should play it very carefully. This is due to both champions being melee and weak early on, so prepare to lose some farm in order to stay alive.

However, once level 6 kicks in, you can always try to win the 2v2 fights in the bot lane, regardless of whether you’re behind or not. A good ultimate from Malphite opens up the way for a good ultimate for Yasuo, turning the fight heavily in their favor.

So if you like a great synergy for Yasuo’s ultimate and the possibility to pentakill the enemy team while they’re in the air, go for Malphite support!

4. Alistar


A champion that isn’t very commonly matched with Yasuo is Alistar. But this is only because Alistar isn’t a very popular champion in League and not that they aren’t a good combo. In fact, Yasuo and Alistar have amazing synergies!

Key Synergies:

  • Reliable knock-up from level 2
  • Good protection for Yasuo early on
  • Alistar builds helpful items for Yasuo

First of all, the reason why Alistar is even a better support for Yasuo is that he has Malphite’s ultimate ever since level 2. Alistar’s W + Q combo does the same job as Malphite’s R but it’s on a much shorter cooldown.

And so, Yasuo always has a way to activate his ulti when he’s partnered with Alistar. Both Headbutt and Pulverize are actually knock-up effects, so Alistar has no problem setting up kills for Yasuo.

On the other hand, since Alistar is a support and not a top lane tank, he’s better at helping out Yasuo farm and scale. For example, his passive allows him to heal Yasuo during the laning phase. However, he can also knock away the enemy jungler or stun approaching enemies so Yasuo can stay out of harm’s way.

Finally, Alistar has a couple of items that can help Yasuo as well. First, Knight’s Vow allows Alistar to redirect some of the damage to him, so Yasuo’s health would stay up. 

With Locket of the Iron Solari, Alistar can even grant a Shield to Yasuo, so he’s a great support to have on your team when you’re Yasuo.

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3. Janna


Speaking of shields, Janna is another amazing support for Yasuo in the bot lane. She’s a ranged enchanter that specializes in keeping Yasuo alive and assisting him with knock-ups.

The first reason why Janna makes such a good support for Yasuo is her Q – Howling Gale. This is her tornado ability that knocks up all enemies it passes through, making them airborne. Naturally, Yasuo can use this to activate his Last Breath during a fight.

Additionally, Janna has a point-click slow that makes engaging and disengaging really easy. For example, she can use it on a fleeing enemy before she knocks them up. But Janna can also do the same when she and Yasuo are running away in order to keep herself and Yasuo safe.

Yasuo’s safety is also guaranteed with Janna’s shield (E). This ability has a very short cooldown and it allows Yasuo to play aggressively early on by absorbing a lot of damage.

Once Janna unlocks her ultimate, Yasuo’s safety increases even more. Not only does Janna’s R heal her allies, but it also has a knock-up effect when she first activates it. This can sometimes help Yasuo activate his own ulti, but it can also save him by pushing all enemies away from him.

Key Synergies:

  • Long-ranged knock-up for Yasuo’s R
  • A lot of protection through shields and heal
  • Helpful items for scaling in the late game

And lastly, because Janna is a “supportive” support, all of her items synergize to give Yasuo the biggest chance for carrying the game.

For example, Moonstone Renewer increases Janna’s overall healing. Chemtech Putrifier allows Yasuo to have the Grevious Wounds effect even when he isn’t building it. And Ardent Censer lets Janna grant Yasuo more attack speed with each shield. 

All in all, Janna is one of the best supports for Yasuo ADC in League of Legends!

And if you’re interested, you can check my full AP Janna build guide here.

2. Nautilus


Next on the list is Nautilus. I always recommend playing Yasuo and Nautilus bot lane for every duo that wants to have some fun. And let me tell you from experience, playing Yasuo + Nautilus is broken and fun!

There are tons of things that make these champions a great combo, but I want to start with the crowd control.

Nautilus’ Q – Dredge Line is a long-ranged hook that grabs the enemy champion, providing a very short airborne effect. And if all other tools fail, Yasuo can always press his R during the animation of Nautilus’ Q for a good Last Breath cast on a single target.

However, once Nautilus gets to level 6 things become much easier. His ultimate is a point-click knock-up on a single enemy which sets up Yasuo perfect for assassinating that enemy. But if Nautilus’ R passes through the other champions, they’re also knock-up too!

Aside from that, Nautilus’ passive allows him to root the targets which he auto-attacks. Honestly, this is so broken when it comes to kiting since Nautilus can keep enemy champions away from Yasuo simply by right-clicking.

Key Synergies:

  • Amazing crowd control including knock-ups
  • Great at kiting enemies
  • Allows for a very fun and aggressively playstyle

Nautilus has a special presence in the bot lane. Since he’s equipped with so much crowd control, he and Yasuo can often play aggressively during the laning phase. They can score champion takedowns before level 6 simply because their synergy is very strong.

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1. Rakan


And finally, we have Rakan – the perfect support for Yasuo ADC in League of Legends!

If you’ve never played Yasuo + Rakan in the bot lane, just let me tell you that this combo has everything. Damage is never a problem, knock-ups are always available, their mobility is broken, and their survivability is honestly unfair to play against!

Starting with Rakan’s Q, this ability allows him to heal Yasuo after he hits an enemy champion with it. The heal isn’t too big but it scales with Rakan’s AP and it’s enough for getting Yasuo through the laning phase.

Rakan’s W, on the other hand, is the main ability to look out for. Grant Entrance lets him dash to a chosen spot, knocking up all enemies inside the range. This is essentially the same thing as Malphite’s R or Alistar’s W + Q combo but on a single short cooldown spell.

Rakan’s E is another dash but it’s accompanied with shields. Simply put, Rakan uses it to dash to Yasuo and cast a shield on him. This is perfect when Yasuo’s dashing forward and playing aggressively or combining it with W for extra range.

Rakan also has a charm on his ultimate which distracts the enemy champions and allows Yasuo to do his job freely.

Key Synergies:

  • A lot of crowd control including knock-ups
  • Great survivability thanks to heals and shields
  • Unmatched mobility which is great for outplaying opponents

The laning phase of Yasuo and Rakan is actually pretty good. Since Rakan has such good tools in his kit, he and Yasuo can play pretty aggressively early on if they want to. They can also wait for level 6 when their full power comes online.

But Yasuo and Rakan synergize perfectly when it comes to late game team fights. Rakan can keep all enemies crowd controlled while Yasuo’s damage becomes unmatched. They can easily reposition thanks to their dashes and have tons of shields for each other. Rakan can even heal Yasuo while Yasuo can block attacks with his Wind Wall for Rakan.

In other words, Rakan is the best support for Yasuo in the bot lane!


Even though there are many great supports for Yasuo ADC in LoL, I wanted to focus on the 5 best ones in this post. For example, Pyke and Yasuo ADC work great, but I’ll leave it to you to experiment and find good synergies.

If you’re interested, you can search Runetarium for more similar bot synergy posts on other champions. I have tons of them!

Good luck and have fun, my friend!

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