Veigar is one of my favorite champions in League of Legends and I play him non-stop in both mid lane and bot lane.

I’ve reached Masters a couple of times by only playing Veigar bot, so I know the struggle of having random supports. And trust me, there are many of those.

Veigar needs a support that can keep him safe during the laning phase because he needs to farm and stack bonus AP.

On the other hand, he benefits a lot from support picks that can provide him crowd control and allow him to lend his full combo.

So, whenever you’re looking to pair Veigar with a support, look out for these two characteristics. Veigar can become a 1v9 champion in the late game, so you want to enable him to carry as much as possible.

Here in this post, I’ll go over the 5 champions which I think are the best ones for supporting Veigar in the bot lane regardless of the meta, patch, or elo. 

So, here we go!

The 5 Best Support Champions for Veigar in LoL

5. Soraka


The first on the list is Soraka. She’s a support in the true sense of the word and can make Veigar’s job a piece of cake.

When Veigar is paired with Soraka, the laning phase is pretty easy. Since Soraka has unlimited healing in lane, Veigar can stay safe regardless of the matchup.

This way he can even play aggressively and stack as much ability power as possible simply because Soraka can always heal him up.

Key Synergies:

  • A very safe and passive laning phase
  • Reliable healing throughout the game
  • Great defensive scaling for late game

On the other hand, Soraka’s E – Equinox can be used to set up amazing opportunities for Veigar. For example, Soraka can silence the opposing laners so they can’t escape Veigar’s E – Event Horizon.

Additionally, Soraka can always silence the enemy jungler and prevent an attack on Veigar. Not to mention that her E can even root a target down, making it easy for Veigar to dump all of his damage onto that target.

And lastly, Soraka usually goes for items Staff of the Flowing Waters and Zeke’s Convergence, all of which improve Veigar in one way or another.

So, she’s one of the best supports for Veigar ADC in LoL!

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4. Nami


The second support champion that I want to recommend here is Nami. She’s perfect when it comes to helping out AP champions in the bot lane and this includes Veigar too.

The first tool that makes Nami a go-to partner for Veigar is her E – Tidecaller’s Blessing. This is a point-click stun that she can put on Veigar and grant bonus magic damage on his next 3 abilities or auto-attacks.

The damage of Nami’s E actually scales with her AP and can be greatly improved with her itemization.

But even if she doesn’t have too many AP items, the raw power of Tidecaller’s Blessing allows Veigar to one-shot their enemies.

Additionally, if Nami picks up the Electrocute keystone, this is possible even from level 3.

Key Synergies:

  • High burst damage even from early game
  • Safe laning phase and lots of healing
  • AoE crowd control

Aside from the damage, Nami provides healing too. This can be of huge help to Veigar because he struggles to trade with most ADCs early on. So, keeping his health up is a priority for many supports.

Finally, Nami’s Q and R are knock-up effects that greatly influence Veigar’s success. This is simply because he can easily damage the immobilized enemies or at least set up his cage for more damage later on.

One thing I like about Nami is that she usually goes for Imperial Mandate which allows Veigar to also deal more damage to the enemies she knocks up.

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3. Morgana


Morgana doesn’t bring healing to the table and she may not seem like the go-to support for Veigar in the bot lane. However, she’s simply amazing at setting up Veigar for success! 

And here’s why.

Morgana’s biggest strength is her crowd control. This champion can keep a target immobilized for over 5 seconds which is honestly unfair for the enemy team.

If Morgana and Veigar pair up their abilities, it’s easy for them to dominate their lane opponents.

For example, if Morgana hits her Q, Veigar can immediately dump his W and Q. The snare also gives him the chance to set up his Event Horizon and trap the enemy with no way out.

Moreover, Morgana and Veigar can sync up their crowd control to escape all ganks by the enemy jungler. Veigar can place his wall behind them while Morgana can aim her Q at the enemies that try to circle around it.

Key Synergies:

  • Amazing crowd control throughout the game
  • Great damage output
  • Safety when playing aggressively or defensively through Black Shield

On the other hand, Morgana has more damage than both Nami and Soraka. And depending on her build, she can do as much damage as Veigar throughout the course of the game.

But the best tool that Morgana has is her E – Black Shield. This makes every ADC an effective and safe pick, including Veigar.

Black Shield blocks magic effects and damage, so it’s a great way to keep Veigar out of crowd control and out of trouble.

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2. Pyke

The Best ADCs for Pyke in LoL

If you’re looking for an aggressive laning phase with Veigar there, Pyke is the support champion to go for. He’s amazing at dominating the bot lane early on and he has great synergies for Veigar.

First of all, Pyke can hook a champion into Veigar’s wall for the stun. This alone is a powerful mechanic that increases the value of Veigar’s E – Event Horizon.

But Pyke can also hook an enemy champion closer to Veigar so he can place his cage right on top of them.

Obviously, this strategy works right from level 2. Of course, Veigar doesn’t have too much damage early on. But against squishy ADCs, it can give Veigar and Pyke a lot of easy kills.

Key synergies:

  • Aggressive playstyle
  • Easy setup for Veigar’s cage (and two stuns)
  • One-shot potential through Veigar’s burst damage and Pyke’s executes

Pyke is also an assassin and he’s all about eliminating one enemy champion from the team fight. And thanks to Veigar’s one-shot potential, Pyke can quickly use his Death From Below on one target and reset it for the next.

Additionally, Veigar doesn’t have to do all the work during a team fight. It’s enough for Veigar to damage a few of the opponents just so Pyke can finish them off with his ulti.

This is why Veigar is one of the best lane partners for Pyke in League of Legends!

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1. Yuumi


And the best support for Veigar bot lane in LoL is Yuumi. I have an entire in-depth guide on how to play Veigar and Yuumi in the bot lane, but let me quickly explain the whole synergy here too.

First, Yuumi is an improvement for Veigar in all possible aspects. Healing, damage and crowd control – Yuumi can do it all!

When she’s attached to Veigar, Yuumi can top his health with one or two Es. The heal aspects of this spell is very high and it even scales with Yuumi’s AP.

Moreover, Zoomies is such a powerful abilities that it also provides bonus movement speed to Veigar. It can be instrumental for dodging attacks, especially on an immobile champion such as Veigar.

Yuumi’s E also grants attack speed, but Veigar doesn’t benefit from that too much.

Many players forget, but Yuumi actually gives more AP to Veigar when she attaches to him with her W.

The amount of bonus AP that Veigar gets actually scales with his own AP which is already high. And in the late game, Veigar can easily get to 1000+ AP with Yuumi.

Key Synergies:

  • Huge bonus of AP for Veigar when Yuumi is attached
  • Great safety throughout the game
  • Reliable crowd control

In the end, Yuumi’s ultimate ability – Final Chapter is a very helpful tool for Veigar in many different situations.

They can use it upon engaging to secure a root and enable Veigar to place his cage. Or, they can use it as they’re fleeing to stop the enemies that are chasing them!

All in all, Yuumi is the best support for Veigar bot lane in League of Legends!


Each support champion in LoL can benefit Veigar in one way or another. And even if you didn’t see your favorite champion on this list, it doesn’t mean that you can’t pair it with Veigar.

For example, Thresh can help out Veigar a lot, both through crowd control and additional mobility through his lantern. So, don’t be afraid to experiment and test things for yourself.

Good luck and have fun!

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