Swain is undoubtedly one of the best AP carries in League of Legends. He dominates the bot lane with his immense power during the early game and always carries team fights later on. But if you’re a Swain bot enthusiast, you need the right support champions from your team.

Simply put, Swain goes exceptionally well with aggressive AP supports that can deal huge amounts of damage and also provide crowd control. This doubles Swain’s threat and kill potential, so his job becomes a lot easier when he’s paired with supports such as Brand or Zyra.

However, those two champions aren’t the only ones. And in this post, I’ll explain the 5 best supports for Swain in LoL according to synergy, playstyle, and overall success across all servers and elos.

So, if want to see which support champions go the best with Swain, just scroll down!

Pair Swain with These Supports in the Bot Lane:

5. Pyke


Pyke is well-known as one of the most aggressive supports in the bot lane. He’s an extremely efficient champion when it comes to setting up kills as well as securing them, so he’s a naturally good fit for Swain too.

With Pyke and Swain, you actually get a really good mix of AP and AD damage. And if you’re team is primarily magic damage, Pyke should be one of your first choices.

What Pyke offers is a constant threat due to his ability to hook an enemy champion and stun them as early as level 2. This combo can be really broken because it guarantees that Swain will hit his root as well as the rest of his damage.

So, when you play Swain and Pyke together, you want to look for fights almost all the time. The great thing is that you can always be the initiators and never the ones who fire second. And they have the right tools to start and finish the team fight successfully.

For example, Pyke can enter his invisibility and look for a hook on the enemy ADC. Swain can follow it immediately and fight endlessly with his R activated. This frees Pyke to position himself perfectly and execute all enemies when their HP bars get drained by Swain.

Pyke’s R – Death From Below is one of the most useful abilities in League of Legends. Not only does it make sure that Swain’s enemies don’t run away (it happens often because Swain doesn’t have the mobility to chase them), but it also grants him bonus gold from all kills.

All in all, Pyke is a fantastic support and he really fits well into Swain’s playstyle in the bot lane. So don’t hesitate to try them out!

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4. Senna


Another AD support you can play with Swain is Senna and there are multiple benefits from putting these two champions together in lane.

First of all, Senna’s playstyle is similar to that of a marksman. She usually plays aggressively, auto-attacks a lot, and pressures the enemy duo into playing defensively. This frees Swain to farm without being bothered or to engage and secure a kill when there’s an opportunity for it.

On the other hand, Senna is also effective at keeping Swain healthy thanks to her Q – Piercing Darkness. This ability has a ridiculously low mana cost during the laning phase and Senna can practically spam it to either deal damage or heal herself and Swain.

Before level 6, Swain and Senna are actually powerful enough to win 2v2 skirmishes against most bot lane duos. They have a nice combination of crowd control, damage, and survivability which also helps them turn around fights when the enemy jungler comes to gank.

That said, Senna and Swain are exceptional at controlling the bot side and taking over objectives such as the Dragon. This is really a big point of playing these two champions together and you should definitely abuse their power early on.

Once they both unlock their ultimate abilities, Swain and Senna can start influencing the whole map. Roaming with their jungler to secure the Rift Herald or ganking the mid lane is what these champions excel at, so don’t forget to abuse them in that way.

In the late game, Swain is comfortable being the big carry on their team. And Senna scales so well that their team won’t need an ADC for constant physical damage.

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3. Brand


When it comes to the AP supports in LoL, Brand is one of the best ones to play together with Swain, regardless of the matchup you’re facing.

Brand’s biggest strength is AoE magic damage and he has more than enough of it. He can single-handedly win a team fight simply by pressing R or assassinating a squishy enemy with his burst combo.

You generally want to be very aggressive with this champion and constantly look for poke with your W – Pillar of Flame. From level 3 onward, you can combine your abilities to stun your target and deal extra damage with Brand’s passive.

What this does is that it allows Swain to freely aim his E – Nevermove, pull the target closer, and unleash all of his damage. As you can imagine, the combined magic damage from Brand and Swain on level 3 is insanely high, so these two champions almost never lose lane together!

But Brand’s and Swain’s power is really at its peak during the late game team fights. This is where Swain can activate his ultimate and drain multiple enemies at once. And assisted by the damage from Brand’s ultimate, he can easily overpower all 5 opponents.

Since both of these champions have huge amounts of AoE magic damage, it’s always a good decision to help your jungler in the skirmishes on the bottom side of the map. You’re likely to get a lot of kills from them and spike up way earlier.

Swain and Brand might not be the best champions for taking down turrets, but they can dominate the bot side of Summoner’s Rift so much that their enemies don’t even get the chance to do anything!

2. Zyra


Facing a good Zyra player in the bot lane is one of the most annoying things in League of Legends. This champion is obnoxious when it comes to controlling the laning phase and poking the enemy, so Swain benefits a lot from being with her.

Zyra and Swain have one of the best ability synergies in the whole game. And it can be easily seen and tested during the laning phase.

For example, Zyra can always root one of the opponents because her E – Grasping Roots travel through minions. Once she does this, Swain can use his own E – Nevermove to further lock the target down. This combo almost always nets a kill or a Summoner’s Spell from the enemy.

But that’s not nearly all. Both Swain and Zyra have amazing damage potential since the early game and scale extremely well in the late game too. The two champions go for similar scaling items such as Liandry’s Anguish and Demonic Embrace, so they’re super effective at carrying.

Once the mid game kicks in and both champions have their ultimates ready, they can win almost any team fight together. With Zyra’s CC and AoE magic damage, Swain is able to dominate a 5v5 fight and outlive anyone on the enemy team.

If it just so happens that Zyra and Swain lose the early game, they’re actually pretty good at playing defensively. Zyra’s plants can block skill shots and help Swain by poking the enemies away from him. And Swain always remains strong thanks to his ultimate – Demonflare.

As a plus, Zyra and Swain have matching Crystal Rose skins which is a unique benefit for this duo!

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1. Morgana


And Morgana is easily the single-best support for Swain APC in LoL. She’s simply fantastic at allowing Swain to scale and dominate the Rift, so you should definitely try them out.

Firstly, Morgana is amazing at providing crowd control. Her Q – Dark Binding puts an enemy into a root for 3 seconds, allowing Swain to damage them for the duration. But Swain can also extend the root with his E, so the synergy in crowd control here is great.

After level 6, Morgana and Swain become team fighting beasts. Both champions can activate their ultimates to deal huge amounts of AoE magic damage. On top of that, Morgana can stun multiple enemies at once so Swain gets even more value from his activated R.

This team fighting power should be used and abused in each game to secure objectives around the map. Don’t hesitate to roam from the bot lane if the enemy duo is playing too defensively. Call your jungler and take Scuttle Crabs, Dragons, and even Heralds on your own terms.

To make sure Swain is successful in doing this, Morgana has her E – Black Shield. Black Shield is one of the most useful abilities in League of Legends and allows Swain to not be stopped while fighting with his ultimate.

Obviously, Morgana’s E can save Swain in a number of different situations. For example, it can block an important CC spell (such as Elise’s Cocoon) when the enemy jungler comes to gank.

All in all, Morgana and Swain are a dominant couple in the bot lane and they win most matchups in solo queue.

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The 5 champions that I showcased here all brilliantly fit Swain’s playstyle as an AP carry in the bot lane. They buff his strengths and allow him to carry games with ease even in higher elos such as Diamond and Master.

However, there are more than 5 good supports for Swain in LoL. For example, even Lux and Seraphine can be great picks. And if play them better, they can be exceptional.

That said, good luck to you, and have fun supporting Swain in solo queue!

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