Sivir was one of the first champions to grace the Summoner’s Rift. And as a marksman, she’s been one of the most outstanding carries League of Legends has ever produced. 

But the problem with Sivir is that her ability kit has remained largely unchanged since those early seasons. And nowadays, most of the LoL player base knows how to play against Sivir and does not give her any advantages whatsoever, even in low elos.

Because of this, now it’s more important than ever to pair Sivir with support champions that actually synergize with her and boost her strengths as an ADC.

So in this post, I’ll delve deep and explain everything you need to know about supporting Sivir in League of Legends. I’ll give you 10 support picks that go extremely well together with Sivir in the bot lane and tell you how each of them should be played.

Let’s begin.

Here’s What You Should Know About Supporting Sivir in LoL:

Sivir requires supports that can keep her safe during the laning phase and allow her to scale.

But she also synergizes with tank supports that have some sort of engage because her ultimate, On The Hunt, gives them bonus movement speed and allows them to set up team fights.

So if you’re unsure of what you should be playing with Sivir, I’d first recommend playing an enchanter. Enchanters are generally safe picks and your main job in the bot lane will be to spam shields and heals on Sivir so that she can carry the game.

On the other hand, if you’re playing champions like Blitzcrank and Braum, it’s important to communicate with Sivir about when and where you want to engage. 

For example, you don’t want to hook the enemy Alistar when Sivir doesn’t have her Spell Shield up because you’ll put her in danger.

So even though Sivir has a defensive ability on her E, she’s really a squishy champion. Yes, she can avoid crowd control but she really struggles to keep assassins like Zed off of her.

And so, your job as a support is to keep enemies away from Sivir (peel for her) or heal/shield her so that the enemies can’t one-shot her. Any champion that can do this would be a good partner for Sivir but know that there are high-priority picks too.

Speaking of, these are the top 3 best supports for Sivir in League of Legends for all matchups and elos.

Top 3 Best Synergy Supports for Sivir in LoL



Janna is generally a safe pick, an enchanter that can keep Sivir alive in most situations. She offers a lot of shielding and healing, as well as enough crowd control to keep enemies away from her ADC.

Janna’s E is a low-cooldown shield, an ability that she can basically spam throughout the laning phase. It can severely impact the early game and allow Sivir to farm or trade with the enemy laners safely. 

Thanks to this, Sivir is able to get through the laning phase without giving too many (or any) advantages to the enemy team which lets her scale faster and unleash chaos in late game teamfights.

Speaking of teamfights, Janna’s primary job is to stay around Sivir and protect her as much as possible. Her Q, W, and R abilities can help her do this by constantly knocking enemies up, slowing them, and pushing them away from Sivir.

There are items that can also improve your performance. 

For instance, Moonstone Renewer should be the primary mythic for Janna. On one hand, Janna doesn’t have to build Shurelya’s Battlesong because of Sivir’s R. And on the other, Moonstone grants decent healing during combat, so make sure to pick up that one.

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Maokai is one of the few tanks you absolutely want to pair with Sivir. He brings so much utility to the table that you can use it to constantly set up kills for Sivir, even before level 6.

Level 2 is actually when Maokai can set up his first trade. He unlocks W, Twisted Advance, which allows him to point-click the enemy ADC or support and root them for a second.

When he does this, Sivir is free to cast her Q and start auto-attacking the primary target. This way she can trade favorably and create an HP advantage that will set the duo up for success the next time they try the same combo.

On level 6, the kill potential of this duo doubles because Sivir can speed up Maokai with her ultimate so that he can catch a target with his W even if they Flash away. Not to mention that his ultimate can catch all targets around an objective and let Sivir spread her W through them.

Depending on your playstyle, there are different items to utilize on Maokai when you’re supporting Sivir.

But overall, Imperial Mandate is an item you can always rely on because it increases Sivir’s damage to the target after Maokai immobilizes them. It gives you another form of synergy that helps you dominate opponents and close games faster.

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And if you want the best chances of Sivir carrying in your solo queue games, Yuumi is the support champion for her. She has everything that Sivir needs, including defensiveness, crowd control, and even mobility.

First of all, Sivir doesn’t need to worry whether her support is since Yuumi will be attached to her most of the laning phase. This doesn’t sound like much, but on a scaling, short-ranged ADC such as Sivir, it really matters.

Second, Yuumi is one of the most powerful healers in League of Legends. Her E heals Sivir when she’s attached to her for a great amount each time she presses the button. And it’s a way for Yuumi to keep Sivir alive even in late game teamfights.

And third, Yuumi’s Q slows the enemy hit and her R can root many of them too. These two CC effects are often enough for Sivir to stay in range and keep auto-attacking, even when her R is expired.

With Yuumi, Sivir has a much faster playstyle, one that requires you to always keep moving and chase enemies as they’re running away. Yuumi’s healing is enough for you to not worry about dying, so that also helps you perform better.

In terms of items, I’d suggest Moonstone Renewer here as well, just to be on the safe side. If Yuumi’s attached to Sivir in a teamfight, the healing from Moonstone can be really great, so it’s another way to assure your victory.


Remember, the key thing when searching for a support to play with Sivir is to look for defensive abilities as well as crowd control. Sivir lacks both, so if you want to complete her as a marksman, go for a champion that offers those things.

The 3 supports you see on this list are the overall best choices based on years and years of win ratio and performance stats. So, always consider them when you have Sivir ADC in your team in solo queue.

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