Seraphine has been a very influential pick in the bot lane meta for several seasons now. In League of Legends, a champion is usually excellent in only one role. But Seraphine can either be an effective support or an AP carry.

However, the recommended partners for Seraphine support are usually marksmen that aren’t good at supporting others. 

So when Seraphine is an APC, the best synergy supports for her are usually mages or enchanters that have lots of shields and heals. Additionally, Seraphine goes well with champions that can apply slows and roots or have burst damage for when she crowd controls multiple enemies.

That said, here I have a list of the top 5 best-performing supports for Seraphine in League of Legends. They all have different playstyles and offer Sera unique advantages in the lane.

Check them out!

Pair Seraphine with These Supports in LoL:

5. Zyra


Zyra is an amazing mage support that lives for poking the enemy duo in the bot lane. She’s super powerful early on and her damage scales incredibly well in the late game.

Together, Seraphine and Zyra have lots of strengths, including crowd control, damage, and defensiveness. You can synchronize their abilities to either lock down a target for several seconds (even before level 6) or quickly burst them down.

Additionally, Seraphine’s W can play a huge role in keeping Zyra safe. Although Zyra is super effective at dominating the laning phase through poke damage, she’s pretty squishy and immobile. 

However, she and Seraphine can stay safe by constantly applying CC effects from range. Their E abilities can slow, root, and stun targets, so they can effectively stop all the ganks from the enemy jungler if used correctly.

Once Sera and Zyra unlock their ultimates, getting kills in the bot lane becomes a piece of cake. The charm from Seraphine’s Encore and the knock-up from Zyra’s Stranglethorns can one-shot multiple enemies or at least keep them immobilized for several seconds.

This synergy can also be used elsewhere on the map. For example, Seraphine and Zyra can always accompany their jungler and secure objectives such as the Dragon. Their team fighting power is amazing and their abilities are simply excellent at setting up fights.

So, definitely try these two champions together!

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4. Karma


For Seraphine players, it’s always a delight playing with Karma in the bot lane. She’s a fantastic enchanter support that provides nearly everything that Seraphine needs. 

In the early game, Karma’s damage is almost unmatched. Since she can empower her Q with her R from level 1, she can apply a lot of poke damage during the laning phase. This establishes control on the bot side and allows Seraphine to be in the driver’s seat.

Additionally, Karma’s shield has a pretty short cooldown and synergizes very well with Seraphine’s W. If you didn’t know, Sera’s W heals if the target has a shield already. And with Karma’s shield, Seraphine can heal both of them with each cast of her W.

On top of this, Karma’s E also grants bonus movement speed and can be of vital help when the enemy jungler comes to gank. Seraphine is also an immobile champion and struggles to get away from enemies. So, Karma is there to help her out.

In the late game, Karma and Seraphine are usually a utility duo that plays around their team. They love to team fight and protect their allies by casting shields, heals, and lots of crowd control.

Of course, both Karma and Seraphine can opt for offensive AP items and scale well. But their kit is powerful enough and they don’t always rely on bonus damage in order to carry games in League of Legends.

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3. Senna


Just like Seraphine, Senna is another champion that fits well in both ADC and support roles in LoL. She’s a very useful champion to have on your team, with unique strengths and synergies with many champions, including Seraphine.

Even as a support, Senna’s playstyle is the same as that of a marksman. During the laning phase, she works on getting as many passive stacks as possible and scale her damage up. She buys AD items and most of her damage comes from auto-attacking.

As such, Senna is often the ideal partner for Seraphine. Senna offers constant damage that doesn’t depend on ability cooldown. And when Seraphine throws her CC forward, Senna is always ready to start attacking.

On the other hand, Senna can practically spam her Q to heal Seraphine and keep her safe. Piercing Darkness doesn’t require too much mana and it’s very effective in the bot lane.

Once Seraphine and Senna have a couple of items, their playstyles are as though Seraphine was a support and Senna was the AD carry. 

This is because Seraphine’s main strengths are crowd control and AoE magic damage and Senna’s exceptional at providing constant physical damage throughout the fight.

In any case, both champions are great at survivability and can carry team fights on their own!

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2. Ashe


No matter whether Seraphine is a support or an AP carry, Ashe is always one of the best champions you can play with her. They synergize insanely well together and can dominate most matchups in the bot lane.

The biggest synergy between Ashe and Seraphine comes from Ashe’s constant slow. Since her auto-attacks, W, and R can all apply slow effects, Seraphine can almost always stun the target with her E ability and not only root them.

On top of this, Ashe’s slow allows Seraphine to easily aim her E and not miss it. It’s easier to hit skill shots in LoL when your targets are slowed, especially Sera’s E which often travels very slowly.

Because Seraphine’s CC gets amplified by Ashe’s abilities, these two champions are one of the best ones for setting up team fights. 

For example, Ashe can use her R – Enchanted Crystal Arrow to catch one enemy off guard. And immediately after Seraphine can cast her own R – Encore to charm multiple targets at once. Combined, the two abilities can keep the enemy team immobilized for 3 or 4 seconds.

With Ashe and Seraphine, you also get a nice mix of AP and AD damage. As a support, Ahe can go full lethality and focus on poke damage. This will lower the cooldown of her W significantly and allow her to spam it which helps Seraphine a lot.

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1. Sona


And finally, we have Sona. This is the best support champion you can ever play for Seraphine in the bot lane regardless of the matchup at hand.

Sona and Seraphine have a very similar ability kit and lots of synergy between each spell.

For example, when Sona casts Q, she also empowers Seraphine’s auto-attack to deal extra magic damage. Seraphine’s basic attacks also get empowered when she uses her ability, so this way you get even more bonus damage.

Additionally, Sona’s W is both a heal and a shield that perfectly synergizes with Seraphine’s W and doubles its effect. Together, the two spells can keep both Sona and Seraphine healthy throughout the game.

Next, Sona’s E grants bonus movement speed to Seraphine and can help her dodge skill shots from the enemy team. But Sona can also use it to slow down an enemy through an auto-attack and let Seraphine stun the target with her E.

Finally, the biggest synergy between these two champions comes from their ultimate abilities. No matter whether Seraphine uses her Encore or Sona her Crescendo first, both abilities go well one after the other.

In the 2v2 bot lane skirmishes, Sera’s and Sona’s ultimates can outplay almost any duo. And in late game team fights, these two abilities can create the perfect setups for their entire team.

So, make sure to give Seraphine and Sona a try in the bot lane. They’re incredibly fun together!

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There are tons of off-meta supports that go very well together with Seraphine too. Even picks like Anivia and Heimerdinger can prove excellent partners for Serraphine in the bot lane if you know how to take advantage of them.

However, I dedicated this post to the overall best supports for Seraphine based on synergy as well as performance and win rates in solo queue. And I hope I helped you figure out what to play with a Seraphine APC!

Good luck!

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