When Samira was first added to LoL, she was the most broken champion we had ever seen. She had so many useful things that even newbies could carry games 1v9 with her. But since Samira has been nerfed many times now, her success also depends on the right support champion.

Because of her passive, the best supports for Samira are the ones that have lots of crowd control abilities.

Each stun, root, and knock-up effect lets Samira dash to the affected enemy champion and deal extra damage. Tanky supports synergize especially well with Samira because of their added protection.

Daredevil Impulse is the first thing you need to think about when you’re looking to pair up Samira with a support. And by simply playing Nautilus or Leona, you double Samira’s effectiveness in lane and in late game team fights.

Of course, Samira can sometimes work with an enchanter or a mage as a support. The most notable examples here are Yuumi and Lux, so you can go for them as well.

But here are my top 8 support recommendations for Samira bot lane in League of Legends!

The 8 Best Duo Supports for Samira in LoL

8. Alistar


There aren’t too many ADCs that have amazing synergy with Alistar but Samira is one of them. And if you’re good at Alistar, you’re always going to be a great support to a Samira player.

The biggest synergy between Samira and Alistar is the multiple knock-up effects. Both Alistar’s Q and W can make a target airborne, giving Samira an opportunity to use her passive. Alistar can also use these spells in combination and set up a fight perfectly for Samira.

Besides the Headbutt + Pulverize engage, Alistar also brings a stun. His E slowly charges up but once the stacks are up, he can auto-attack the enemy ADC and let Samira do damage to them. And combined with his Q and W, Alistar can essentially lock up a target for multiple seconds.

Alistar also brings extra safety to the bot lane thanks to his passive healing. True, the amount of healing isn’t anything extraordinary but is enough to keep Samira healthy most of the time.

On the other hand, Alistar is a tank and builds like one. His ultimate is a damage reduction effect that lets him stay alive for a long time in a team fight. All of this is helpful for Samira as well because Alistar can absorb damage and kite for her.

There are a few items that synergize Alistar and Samira even more. For example, Knight’s Vow is great because you can redirect some of the damage done to Samira back to Alistar. And Locket of the Iron Solari is a good mythic item in nearly all matchups.

And if you do need extra protection for Samira, the keystone Guardian may work well for you.

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7. Janna


Janna is one of the few enchanters I can recommend here. She’s a relatively safe pick that works well in many different matchups. And if you aren’t good at the melee supports in League, Janna is the best choice you have when it comes to supporting Samira.

First of all, Janna has a reliable knock-up effect for Samira. By right-clicking the targets swept up by Janna’s tornado, Samira can extend the airborne duration and deal bonus damage. And since Janna can spam her Q during the laning phase, the synergy is powerful early on.

If the Samira player is decent, they can also right-click the enemy champions that are pushed back by Janna’s ultimate. For less than a second, all enemies around Janna become airborne when she casts her R, so that’s another way of giving Samira’s passive use.

On the other hand, Janna is simply amazing at keeping Samira alive throughout the game. The knock-up from her tornado and the pushback from her ultimate isn’t only good for engaging. They’re ideal for keeping enemies away from Samira and helping her kite.

Additionally, Janna’s shield absorbs a lot of damage and has a very short cooldown. It’s a great tool for keeping Samira’s HP bar up, especially during the early game.

That said, Janna is better suited when you want to be defensive and play for the late game. She and Samira can definitely win their lane but they’re much better once the laning phase ends.

In terms of items, I’d recommend Moonstone Renewer and Redemption. Both of them will give you bonus healing that’ll be useful for Samira during a team fight.

6. Rell


Rell isn’t the most popular support in LoL but she’s a great one to pair up with Samira. And if you really know how take advantage of this champion, you’re always going to be of a huge help to a Samira player.

Rell has a couple of strengths that benefit Samira. First of all, Rell can stun multiple enemy champions and open up a way for Samira to enter the fight.

Even in the late game team fights, Rell’s engage is super effective when it comes to setting up Samira. The champion can even lower the target’s armor and magic resist, making it easy for Samira to slay them quickly.

Another thing I really love about Rell is that she can also knock up an enemy with her Ferromancy. Obviously, this is very useful for Samira because she can extend the airborne duration and deal extra damage simply by right-clicking the knocked-up targets.

During the laning phase as well as the rest of the game, Rell is a good overall protector for Samira. She can block a lot of spells and absorb enough damage to keep Samira safe.

On that note, items like Knight’s Vow and Locket of the Iron Solari can help. But if you want to be more aggressive, Evenshroud is a good choice too.

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5. Morgana


Morgana is the only mage I love playing together with Samira. She’s a powerful pick that usually controls the laning phase and often gives her ADCs free kills.

There are two things in particular that make Morgana one of the best supports in League of Legends – crowd control and anti-magic shield.

Starting with her Q – Dark Binding, Morgana can keep a target snared for up to 3 seconds. That’s more than enough time for Samira to use her passive and even get all stacks for her ultimate.

Once Morgana gets to level 6, she can even extend this duration thanks to her ultimate. Her Soul Shacks stun the target when they explode, so they can either be used before or after her Q.

Needless to say, Morgana provides a lot of useful crowd control for Samira. This is an important point because the duo’s success depends on this CC. And if Morgana can’t immobilize their opponents, Samira’s effectiveness drops significantly.

One thing that always works in Morgana’s and Samira’s favor is defensiveness. Both of these champions can block harmful spells for themselves and each other, making them exceedingly great at surviving ganks.

Samira’s Wind Wall is an AoE effect and can be used when Morgana’s Black Shield is on cooldown. In return, Morgana can use her Black Shield on Samira to protect her when she’s dealing AoE damage in between the enemy team.

Since Morgana has a lot of damage, the duo often dominates games in the low elo. But as you go higher up the ladder, items like Imperial Mandate and Redemption become more important.

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4. Amumu


Amumu isn’t an off-meta support in LoL anymore. He’s a proper pick that works well with many ADCs in the bot lane, including Samira. And one look at Amumu’s kit makes it obvious to anyone why he and Samira have such a good synergy.

Amumu offers engage, tons of crowd control, and all-in potential. This perfectly lines up with Samira’s playstyle because she needs someone to set up the team fight for her.

Amumu’s Q is a stun with two charges which helps Samira activate her passive. And his ultimate is an AoE stun that creates an opportunity for Samira to stack up her ultimate and unleash a lot of damage.

That said, Amumu’s and Samira’s laning phase is a bit weak compared to their late game power. Early on, you’re mostly looking to farm minions and scale. However, if your jungler comes for a gank, Amumu and Samira can instantly follow it up with their mobility.

There’s one keystone I want to recommend taking on Amumu, though. Glacial Augment is a fantastic tool to keep enemies slowed even after the stun is over. This can help Samira keep attacking since she’s a short-range ADC.

In terms of items, I’d also recommend Evenshroud. It has good synergy with Amumu’s kit and allows Samira to deal bonus damage whenever he stuns a target.

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3. Leona


Leona is one of my favorite supports in combination with Samira. And whenever I play Samira and have a Leona support, the games are always easy to win.

First of all, Leona has a dominating presence in the bot lane. The champion has a notorious engage and can set up a kill opportunity as early as level 2. 

The way Leona sets up the ground for Samira is through her E (root) and Q (stun) abilities. Combined, both spells keep the target in place for more than 2 seconds which is more than enough time for Samira to start dealing damage.

Once Leona gets to level 6, she also unlocks her ultimate ability – Solar Flare. This is her huge AoE stun that works extremely well for setting up team fights in the late game. However, it can also be used in the bot lane for immobilizing a single target for over 3 or 4 seconds.

On the other hand, Leona is simply amazing at kiting. Her abilities have overall short cooldowns so she can keep enemies immobilized for long periods of time. Leona can continuously interrupt opponents as they’re trying to reach Samira which leaves her free to deal damage.

One thing that can set Leona back is her melee range and if you miss all of her E, you’re going to lose the laning phase to the poking duo. Morgana and her Black Shield can also be a problem for Leona’s engage, so I recommend banning her.

There aren’t too many unique runes and items you should consider on Leona because the recommended items in the shop are the best ones overall. I’d only say that you should always have Zeke’s Convergence because it will help Samira deal even more damage.

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2. Nautilus


For a long time, Nautilus and Samira were the duo of all bot lane smurfs and boosters in League of Legends. The aggressive playstyle allowed them to get a lot of early game kills and scale off of that.

Nowadays Samira and Nautilus have similar power in solo queue, but the success depends more on the players’ skills and execution.

Samira and Nautilus have an insane amount of synergy. First, Nautilus’ passive allows him to root targets through auto-attacking which also lets Samira use her passive. Second, Nautilus’ Q is also an airborne effect and Samira can right-click the target to extend the duration.

And third, Nautilus’ R – Depth Charge can knock up all 5 champions of the enemy team if they’re lined up. But if Nautilus combines all of these crowd control effects on one target, that enemy will be immobilized for nearly 5 seconds.

Since Nautilus is a strong champion early on, you should play the laning phase pretty aggressively. Even a trade at level 1 with Nautilus’ hook can give you a huge health advantage and open up an opportunity for an all-in at level 2.

But besides CC, Nautilus is also great at peeling for Samira. Because he can keep targets in place, he frees up Samira to reposition wherever she wants and continue to deal damage.

Here, the best keystone would also be Glacial Augment for Nautilus. And the best mythic item Locket of the Iron Solari.

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1. Taric


Picking Taric doesn’t work brilliantly with all marksmen in LoL. However, Taric is the single-best support that Samira can have in the bot lane. Here’s why.

Taric brings everything to the table – crowd control, engage, healing, shielding, and even an invulnerable effect for Samira. And when played correctly, Taric and Samira win games in a very easy manner.

Early on, Taric can protect Samira with his Q and W. Thanks to the bonus healing as well as the shield and armor, Samira can get through any laning phase. And focusing on getting level 6 is what’s important here.

Once Taric has his Cosmic Radiance, he and Samira can look for fights anywhere on the map. If Taric makes it impossible for the enemy team to slay Samira while she’s dealing damage, the odds of winning the fight are always huge.

On the other hand, Taric can also stun multiple enemies with his E. The best part about this spell is that he can cast it through Samira. And by doing this, he can make sure that Samira has a stunned target for her passive in her own range.

In a way, Taric and Samira complement each other. Taric gives Samira defensiveness and Samira offers him a lot of damage. Both champions can protect each other from harmful attacks, so there’s a reason why their win rate in solo queue is so high.

Lastly, I’d advise you to build Taric with these items: Locket of the Iron Solari and Knight’s Vow. They will boost Samira’s survivability even more and make it very difficult for the enemy team to stop her.

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The 8 supports on this list are those with the highest level of synergy with Samira in LoL as well as the highest win rates in solo queue across all servers and elos. All of these supports can help Samira carry a game alone, but it’s important to understand how their synergy works.

I hope my post helped you understand more about Samira’s strengths and how each support can benefit her. And if you’re a support main, make sure to practice at least one of these champions for supporting your duo Samira.

Good luck and have fun!

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