Once upon a time, Quinn was a marksman that thrived in the bot lane. And even though she’s a top laner nowadays, you can definitely still play her as an off-meta ADC in League of Legends

Quinn is a very effective champion and works as a counter to many marksmen in the bot lane.

As an ADC, she has tools for dealing huge bursts of damage as well as denying incoming damage from her opponents (Q).

And the best supports for Quinn are usually enchanters and tanks that can keep her safe.

All of this makes Quinn not only a good champion for carrying games in solo queue, but also a fun one. And if you’re having trouble finding the right support champion for her, I’ll help you out.

Here, I’ll go over the 5 best champions that match Quinn’s playstyle and allow her to carry games in LoL.

They’re good for setting up kills for her and keeping her alive even in the most hectic of situations.

So, let’s check them out!

The 5 Best Partners for Quinn Bot Lane in LoL

5. Janna


One of the safest picks you can go for supporting Quinn in the bot lane is Janna. She’s a fantastic enchanter with lots of useful tools and can synergize very well with Quinn.

First of all, Janna’s E – Eye of the Storm is one of the best shields in League of Legends. It actually absorbs an insane amount of damage early on and has a relatively low cooldown.

So with Janna’s shield, Quinn can trade fantastically with any ADC in the bot lane. She can be as aggressive as she wants and look for fights all the time.

Not too many duos can match Quinn’s playstyle, so it’s good to abuse her kit early on.

Besides this, Janna’s W and Q are also fantastic forms of crowd control.

Both the knock-up from her tornado and the slow from her Zephyr can keep targets in range of Quinn’s auto-attacks as well as keep all enemies away from Quinn when she’s trying to escape.

Once Janna unlocks her ultimate ability, the job of keeping Quinn safe becomes a lot easier. Monsoon allows her to push all enemy champions away from Quinn and heal her HP in a few short seconds.

The whole playstyle of Janna and Quinn revolves around Quinn being the main initiator of every fight and Janna the support that keeps her health up no matter what. 

Of course, Janna can also set up kill opportunities with her tornados and Quinn can capitalize on them.

However, since Quinn can move quickly around the map and engage first, Janna’s responsibilities here usually are to spam shields on Quinn and use her ulti at the right time.

4. Braum


Braum is one of the tank supports that really match Quinn’s playstyle. He can follow her in any engage and even set up fights perfectly for her.

One of the best things that Braum has to offer is his passive – Concussive Blows.

It’s an effect that lets him and his allies apply stacks on the enemy target through auto-attacks. And once there are 4 stacks, the target is effectively stunned.

Braum’s passive plays a huge role in the success of this duo because each stun allows Quinn to obliterate the target.

What Braum needs to do is apply the first stack with either a basic attack or Q, and then Quinn can fly in and finish the job for him.

Moreover, Braum’s ultimate – Glacial Fissure is a giant AoE effect that also applies one stack of Braum’s passive.

It’s perfect for initiating a team fight or a 2v2 skirmish in the bot lane so Quinn can deal insane amounts of damage while the enemies are immobilized.

On top of this crowd control, Braum can also protect Quinn when she goes forward with his W and E.

The W grants bonus armor and magic resist to his ally and the E can block the most critical spells and attacks from the enemy team.

That said, Braum and Quinn have both amazing engage and disengage. They can play the laning phase and the rest of the game up to their tempo. 

For items, I can recommend Zeke’s Convergence and maybe even Evenshroud. 

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3. Amumu


Amumu was once just an off-meta support for ADCs like Miss Fortune or Samira. But he’s also one of the best partners for Quinn in the bot lane.

Amumu’s biggest strength is crowd control and applying it is his main job whenever he’s paired up with Quinn.

Quinn is a champion that has more than enough damage herself, so she only needs a partner that can immobilize her opponents and she’s ready to kill.

During the laning phase, Amumu can threaten the enemy duo at all times with his Q – Bandage Toss. This ability can sun the target and has two charges.

And whenever Amumu catches an enemy champion with his Q, it’s “GO” time for Quinn.

Needless to say, Quinn and Amumu have a ridiculously high kill potential early on. They should always play aggressively and try to punish the positioning of their opponents throughout the laning phase.

Once Amumu unlocks level 6, his ultimate allows him to stun all enemies around him.

In other words, he can effectively keep a target in one place for over 3 seconds which is more than enough time for Quinn to dump all of her damage on them.

In my personal experience, I’ve found that Evenshroud gives a huge benefit whenever the item is on Amumu. So you’ll definitely get value out of it when supporting Quinn.

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2. Blitzcrank


Back when Quinn was ADC and not a top laner, she and Blitzcrank were one of the most feared duos in the bot lane. Their synergy is well-known to any player that has seen them together, so let’s go over it.

First of all, Blitzcrank’s Q + E combo is the ideal setup for Quinn’s damage.

Since Quinn has a relatively short range as a marksman, when Blitzcrank pulls an enemy with his Rocket Grab, Quinn is instantly ready to start auto-attacking.

Additionally, Blitzcrank’s crowd control makes it impossible for the enemy to damage Quinn back.

And once it ends, Quinn can use her blind effect to negate even more damage, win the trade, or even score a kill.

When Blitzcrank gets to level 6 and unlocks his AoE silence, this job becomes a lot easier. He and Quinn can literally engage on any enemy and win most fights just the two of them.

The amount of crowd control and burst damage they have together is unbelievable, so make sure to give them a try.

Another great advantage you get from playing Quinn with Blitz is the huge roaming potential. 

Since both champions are good at ganking, they can accompany their jungler and invade the whole jungle. Or they can team up with the mid laner and gank that lane too. Anything works!

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1. Yuumi


And lastly, we have Yuumi – the best support champion for Quinn in League of Legends, regardless of the matchup at hand!

The reason why Yuumi and Quinn work so well together is that Quinn’s playstyle doesn’t change at all and she’s free to do everything just like she would as a top laner.

Only here she’s buffed up by Yuumi and even stronger than normal.

When Yuumi attaches to Quinn, she grants her move movement speed, can heal her, and even give bonus attack damage.

This is all super valuable for Quinn because she’s all about going in, assassinating one target, and getting out.

In other words, Yuumi provides a great layer of protection for Quinn to execute all of her damage and carry the game.

Yuumi is insurance that Quinn has whenever she’s diving the enemy backline, guaranteeing that she’ll survive.

Although the laning phase of Yuumi and Quinn isn’t that impressive and usually goes a bit slow, they can be a real menace if they decide to roam other lanes instead.

With Quinn’s movement speed and Yuumi’s constant buffs, this duo can slay any target in any role in League of Legends.

Of course, the items that can help you a lot here are Moonstone Renewer, Chemtech Putrifier, and Mikael’s Blessing.

They’ll buff Yuumi’s healing, help you combat the healing from your enemy, and get you out of sticky situations.


Nowadays you don’t see Quinn ADC too often in the bot lane. However, she’s a fantastic pick that can surprise your enemies and counter a lot of different champions in the role.

So, don’t be afraid to try her out.

And if you do, these 5 supports are the ones you should look out for as well. They’re very useful champions overall and they synergize very well with Quinn’s ability kit.

Good luck and have fun!

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