Long gone are the glory days when Heimerdinger used to terrorize the bot lane as a full AP carry. 

And even though he’s mostly been played as a support in combination with these ADCs, he’s still a fantastic AP pocket pick every bot laner should have.

In my opinion, Heimerdinger’s damage is decent, he brings a lot of control to the bot lane, and can dominate the lane with his turrets at level 1.

The supports that make Heimer’s job easier are usually AP champions that offer crowd control or some kind of protection for him.

On the other hand, you can also pair Heimerdinger with fully aggressive support that doesn’t have defensive spells (Pantheon, Blitzcrank) and constantly threaten the enemy duo. This strategy has gotten me plenty of wins as well.

However, if you want a safe and reliable partner for Heimerdinger APC, here are my best recommendations.

These Are the Best Bot Partners for Annie Support:

5. Shaco


The first form of synergy Shaco and Heimerdinger have is their boxes and turrets. It may not sound like much, but anyone who’s played against a decent Shaco and Heimer duo knows how painful it is to actually do anything against them.

For instance, while Heimerdinger’s turrets are strategically placed for wave-pushing and pressuring the enemy duo, Shaco’s boxes can be placed around the bot lane to serve as wards when the enemy jungler comes near.

What this does is that it puts the enemy bot lane players on the back foot, forcing them to play defensively, and preventing them from getting any help from their team. So, Heimerdinger and Shaco can scale faster and be more useful later on.

In the 2v2 dynamic, Shaco can poke and lure enemies toward his boxes. When the enemies take the bait and get feared, Heimerdinger can instantly cast his E and Q for CC and damage. This is likely to get him a kill in most games.

After level 6, Shaco is also great at diving the enemy team. He can send out his clone to tank the turret shots and fear the enemy duo while Heimerdinger places down a turret and fires his rockets.

Another advantage that you have here is that Shaco and Heimerdinger aren’t a common bot lane duo. This means that your opponents are likely to make many mistakes, simply because they won’t know what to do against you.

Since you’ll be the aggressor most of the time (at least in lane), Arcane Comet is a recommended keystone for both Heimerdinger and Shaco. It will give you a great boost in an early game poke, definitely take it.

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4. Senna


I always recommend Senna in combination with bot lane APCs simply because of the fact that she complements them. She’s the opposite of these champions but functions fantastically well with them.

Here’s why.

Unlike the rest of the supports in LoL, Senna is a marksman that builds like one. Her physical damage stays high throughout the game, especially when she gets ahead early on and is allowed to stack her passive.

So Heimerdinger and Senna are some of the highest damage partners in League of Legends. Their poke is decent and their teamfighting capabilities are excellent because of that.

In lane, Heimerdinger’s job is to farm, push, and pressure the enemy team while Senna pokes, heals, and keeps him out of harm’s way with her E, Curse of the Black Mist. 

Since both champions are immobile, it’s important for Senna to keep her E available for when the enemy jungler comes or to escape the enemy engage when they aren’t ready to fight back.

In terms of itemization and runes, there aren’t specific combinations that are must-haves. 

From my experience, this duo works well when Heimerdinge goes his ordinary route of Liandry’s Anguish, Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, and Morellonomicon.

And for Senna, as long as she goes for a high-damage build such as Umbral Glaive, Eclipse, and Infinity Edge, the duo will be more than fine.

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3. Amumu


Amumu is another fantastic pick in combination with Heimerdinger, one you can play to dominate all stages of the game.

The obvious synergy here is Amumu’s CC in combination with Heimer’s crowd control and damage. Each time Amumu engages, Heimerdinger can follow it up with E and Q to lock down the enemy and take them out.

Another synergy that really excels this duo comes after level 6. When Heimerdinger spawns an upgraded turret with his ultimate, Amumu can keep the key target (the enemy ADC) in its range with his R and Q. 

This gives plenty of time for Heimerdinger to finish them off.

Because of this strategy, Heimerdinger and Amumu is an excellent duo for threatening objectives like turrets but also Dragons and the baron. They can place turrets and not let anyone leave the pit which is too much for too many enemies.

With Amumu, my recommended item route is Evenshorud into a full tank build. 

This is because with Evenshroud you’ll give more than enough support (the item allows Heimer to deal more damage after you CC someone) and you’ll need the extra HP, armor, and MR to keep tanking the enemies for your partner.

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2. Morgana


There’s no bad time to pick Morgana as a support to Heimeridnger, there really isn’t. She’s a brilliant pick that brings everything Heimer needs to carry the game.

Starting with her Q, Morgana’s Dark Binding is the ideal setup for Heimerdinger’s damage. Since the root can last up to 3 seconds, this gives Heimer plenty of time to set up turrets, launch rockets, and delete the caught enemy from Summoner’s Rift.

But that’s not all.

Morgana’s E, Black Shield, is an incredibly useful ability for keeping immobile champions like Heimerdinger out of harm’s way. Since the ability blocks CC effects, Heimer can run away from the enemy support as well as the enemy jungler.

In teamfights, Morgana’s ultimate can stun multiple enemy champions if used at the right time. 

When this happens, Heimerdinger has the opportunity to bombard one key target with his R-Q or spawn a mega turret to apply as much damage as possible.

The cool thing here is that both Morgana and Heimerdinger are heavy magic damage dealers. They can both go for a full AP build and let their mid laner, top laner, and jungler to all play AD champions.

For Morgana, I really recommend playing with Imperial Mandate simply because of how it synergizes with her Q. Each Dark Binding will become deadly, especially with Heimerdinger nearby.

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1. Nami


When it comes to supporting off-meta AP carries in League of Legends, there’s no better champion to play than Nami. She’s the perfect mix between an aggressive and defensive pick, and she’s quite adaptable.

The first thing that makes Nami the optimal pick here is her W, Ebb and Flow. This is such a dominating ability to have in the bot lane because with a single cast it can heal Heimerdinger and also poke the enemy ADC.

Next is Nami’s E, Tidecaller’s Blessing. This is an incredible spell because it gives Heimerdinger bonus ability power as well as more damage and a slow effect on his auto-attacks.

Nami can use her W and E repeatedly in a fight to keep Heimer alive and maximize his damage. 

But on top of this, Nami has two AoE knock-up effects as well – her Q and R. Depending on how well Nami casts her bubbles and ultimates, she can completely disrupt any attempt from the enemy team to take out Heimerdinger.

With Imperial Mandate, Nami is not just an enchanter that’s there to heal Heimerdinger. She’s actually a much-needed damage boost for Heimerdinger, especially in the mid game.

So, definitely try Nami and Heimerdinger together!


Remember, Heimerdinger is a really aggressive champion early on and you need to treat him as such. He can pressure the enemy duo like no one else and you have to find ways to keep him alive while pushing 24/7.

The 5 champions I gave you above are all great at doing that, either by providing more CC or packing useful heals.

So go for one of them if you want a reliable and already-tested pick!

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