Graves has long been gone from his old role as a bot lane AD carry in League of Legends.

His kit no longer allows for such a playstyle but more than enough players across the world still enjoy playing Graves as an ADC.

But in order for Graves to be an effective carry from the bot lane nowadays, he definitely needs the right support partner. So, who are the best supports for Graves ADC?

In general, Graves synergizes the most with aggressive supports that can provide crowd control in the bot lane.

Graves doesn’t lack damage but he definitely needs a partner that can either stun or snare the enemy players.

So he goes well with tanks, mages, and enchanter supports.

Based on this, I’ve compiled here a list of 5 incredibly effective supports for Graves in the bot lane.

They all synergize well with him in more than one way, so you have more than enough chances of carrying each game with them.

Check them out!

Pair Graves with These Supports in the Bot Lane:

5. Swain


Swain is one of the most aggressive supports in League of Legends. He’s dominant in the bot lane regardless of whether he’s an APC or a support, but he’s also great in combination with Graves.

Swain can pull enemies with his E and allow Graves to freely damage them. His crowd control is great for starting and finishing the 2v2 skirmishes in the bot lane.

And if used the right way, it can completely ruin the laning phase for the enemy duo.

But this champion is also great at dealing magic. All of Swain’s abilities do AoE magic damage and can help Graves obliterate his opponents.

Of course, Swain always goes for a scaling AP build which also guarantees that he remains strong until the end of the game.

Swain’s constant threat is too overwhelming for most matchups.

For example, champions without mobility such as Janna and Jinx always struggle to win against Swain and Graves. They’re simply too squishy and can’t escape this duo’s damage.

After level 6, Swain only becomes more powerful.

When he activates his ultimate – Demonflare, he draws all the attention to him, leaving Graves free to deal damage on his own. And this is of huge help to Graves in team fights!

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4. Lulu


If you’re more into enchanters, Lulu is one of the best supports you can play to give Graves all the advantages he needs. She’s easy to play and can help Graves carry matches against anyone.

First of all, Lulu has two of the most beneficial tools for staying alive – E and R. Her E is a large shield with a very short cooldown and can be practically spammed since level 1.

On the other hand, her R grants bonus health to her ally and knocks all enemies away from them.

These two abilities are simply amazing when it comes to keeping Graves healthy, even in 5v5 team fights.

They’re super effective at absorbing damage, so Graves doesn’t need to worry about getting a one-shot from any enemy.

With Lulu, it’s all about trading efficiently in lane. Thanks to her shield, Graves can simply walk forward and pick a fight with the enemy bot lane. 

If the enemies decide to collapse on Graves, Lulu can either speed him up to allow him to escape. Or, she can polymorph one enemy so Graves can outplay them.

Her W is a very useful ability and can often turn around fights in Lulu’s favor.

A fed Graves with Lulu by his side is a nightmare to face on Summoner’s Rift, so don’t hesitate to try these two champions together.

3. Morgana


In the third place, we have Morgana. It’s true that she’s a great support champion for most ADCs in League, but she’s also fantastic in combination with Graves.

Morgana’s biggest strength is obviously crowd control. Her Q – Dark Binding is an infamous snare ability that lasts for 3 seconds.

And 3 seconds are more than enough for Graves to obliterate any ADC or support champion in the bot lane.

But that’s not all.

Morgana’s ultimate can also stun multiple enemies at once. Her chains can be charged while the target is rooted so that the stun comes immediately after the root effect.

Combined, both of these abilities can keep a target in for nearly 5 seconds in place which is honestly broken.

To make this synergy even more OP, Graves can use his W while the target is rooted by Morgana. This will make them completely useless for the whole duration and guarantee a free kill for Graves and Morgana.

On top of this, Morgana is a champion that actually does a lot of damage. She has super high AP ratios and she can choose to build heavy AP items too.

This will give the duo even more advantages in the mid and late game!

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2. Yuumi


Yuumi is often regarded as the ultimate support for all the hyper-carry champions in League of Legends, including Graves. They’re a good combo even when Graves is a jungler, so they’re a good fit in the bot lane too.

Yuumi offers reliable healing for Graves throughout the game.

When attached, she can keep Graves alive even in the most chaotic of team fights as long as she manages her mana well. Yuumi’s heal costs a lot of mana, but it’s the best heal in the game.

On top of this, Yuumi can also grant bonus damage to Graves when she attaches to him. This can help the duo trade effectively in the bot lane and establish control early on.

Finally, Yuumi’s ultimate can play a huge role in the outcome of the fight if it’s used at the right time and at the right angle.

Her AoE snare can help Graves land all of his abilities as well as use his two basic attacks very quickly.

Playing Yuumi with Graves is actually not that difficult since Graves is a tougher champion than most marksmen in League of Legends. These two champions can also roam together and help their entire team if needed.

1. Pantheon


If you’re looking for a super aggressive and powerful duo that allows you to dominate the bot lane each game, look no further than Graves and Pantheon.

These two picks are insanely powerful on their own and synergize very well together too.

Pantheon has a point-click stun on his W that offers kill potential from level 1. It’s a powerful cooldown that should always be used aggressively to pressure the enemy duo and allow Graves to deal damage freely.

Even before level 6, Pantheon’s all-in can be really scary for most ADCs and supports in League. His full combo does a lot of burst damage while also keeping him healthy (thanks to his E). 

On top of this, the spear from Pantheon’s Q does extra damage to targets on low HP.

So even if he and Graves don’t secure a kill immediately, Pantheon can execute them by aiming his Q afterward.

When dominance has been established in the bot lane, Graves and Pantheon can roam around the map and pressure all lanes.

With Pantheon’s R, Graves can engage any enemy on the Rift and rely on crowd control and bonus damage from his partner.

Most importantly, Pantheon can block a lot of harmful spells for Graves by activating his Shield Vault. And if used at the right time, it can soak up all the damage from the enemy team.

And that’s why Pantheon is the best support for Graves in the bot lane!

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Even though you don’t see too many players go for Graves ADC nowadays, it doesn’t mean that the pick is bad.

The champion has a few unique strengths that give him an edge, especially against squishy marksmen in the bot lane.

However, in order to take full advantage of Graves ADC, you must play a support that synergizes with him. And I hope my guide here helped you choose the right one!

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