Ezreal is arguably the most influential ADC pick in League of Legends. He usually sits on the “broken champ” pedestal, far above any other marksman in the game.

But even so, Ezreal is a high-skill champion whose performance and success often depend on the support pick, at least during the early stage of the game.

That’s why it’s really important to match Ezreal with supports that can provide a lot of CC (which helps him aim his skill shots) and have enough damage to help him take down any opponent on Summoner’s Rift.

There are more than a couple of such picks in the support role, so let’s go over the ones that have the most synergy with Ezreal and explain how they work.



As an off-meta support, Heiemerdinger may not seem like the most useful partner in LoL. But he does offer a few strengths that go very well together with Ezreal.

For instance, Heimerdinger’s E is a stun that can set up a quick trade for Ezreal. When it lands on an enemy champion, Ezreal can instantly do his W+E or W+Q combos and get an HP advantage over his opponent.

Moreover, Heimerdinger is a fantastic champion when it comes to controlling the bottom side of Summoner’s Rift. His turrets often prevent enemies from committing 100% to a gank. And not to mention that they can grant vision even in bushes and soak up enemy skill shots.

When Heimerdinger is supporting Ezreal, his job is to mostly poke during the laning phase and look for creating kill setups with his E. After level 6, his ultimate can help him do this job much better, especially with upgraded E that can bounce off to multiple targets.

Heimerdinger’s key strengths:

  • Controlling the bot side with turrets
  • AoE stun from level 1
  • A lot of poke damage

On other hand, since Heimerdinger can pump a lot of damage, he makes Ezreal’s job of securing kills a lot easier. Ezreal can focus on farming in the early game and play offensively whenever Heimer brings the enemy duo to 50% HP.

In terms of items, I’d recommend you build Rylai’s Crystal Scepter on Heimerdinger because the slow will help Ezreal land his skillshots more.

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Leona is a fantastic support champion in all aspects, from the fact that she can apply insane amounts of CC throughout the game to her ability to absorb damage and peel for Ezreal.

Leona’s E+Q combo is one of the strongest engages in League of Legends. On level 2, this champion is able to lock down a single target for over 2 seconds, allowing Ezreal free attacks against them.

And so, your game plan on Leona and Ezreal should always be to push first to level 2 and find an opportunity for a favorable trade or a kill. You’re likely to force a Flash out of your enemy, so the next time you engage they’ll give you a free kill.

On level 6, the duo gets another power spike which can heavily influence any fight from that point on. For example, if Leona lands her ultimate, Solar Flare, on multiple enemies, Ezreal can immediately follow it up with his own R, Trueshot Barrage.

Leona’s key strengths:

  • High level of crowd control throughout the game
  • Incredibly tanky
  • Can peel very well

In other words, Ezreal and Leoana are great for both 2v2 bot lane skirmishes as well as 5v5 teamfights. And the only condition to playing them successfully is landing their skill shots.

For items, I’d suggest you get Locket of the Iron Solari on Leona just so you can protect Ezreal a bit better. Remember, Ezreal is a vulnerable target once he burns his E, so you need to find ways to keep him alive.

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Nautilus is a champion with a similar playstyle and strengths to Leona. He’s the king of CC in the bot lane, so he’s always a reliable support when it comes to aiding Ezreal.

First of all, Nautilus’ Q+AA engage is one of the scariest things in League of Legends. On level 1, he can immobilize a target for over 3 seconds and give Ezreal enough time to fling two basic attacks as well as one Mystic Shot.

So, positioning yourself offensively and looking for hooks should be your number one priority on Nautilus. You can do this every time the ability is available. And with each level, Ezreal’s backup damage will be stronger to help you take down your opponents.

Nautilus’ key strengths:

  • Reliable crowd control from level 1
  • Incredible at kiting and peeling
  • Can absorb a lot of damage

Another synergy you can take advantage of is between Nautilus’ R and Ezreal’s R. Since Nautilus’ ultimate follows up a single target but knocks up everyone it passes through, it can line up multiple enemies for Ezreal’s Trueshot Barrage.

Understand that Nautilus and Ezreal are a power duo. Besides forcing 2v2 fights in the bot lane, you’ll want to roam to mid lane and gank the player there. You should also call your jungler to secure drakes or force fights early on.

The item that can help you dominate is Evenshroud on Nautilus. Each time he CCs a target, the item will increase the damage taken so that Ezreal can be an even more effective carry.

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Nami is the best partner when it comes supporting spellcasters. Her E, Tidecaller’s Blessing, can their auto-attacks as well as spells to deal even more damage, so she perfectly fits Ezreal too.

The way you can abuse Nami’s E in combination with Ezreal is to grant it to him as he’s about to do his W+E+AA or W+Q+EE combo. And since Tidecaller’s Blessing has 3 charges, you want to use them on Ezreal’s hardest-hitting abilities.

Besides this, Nami also offers healing through her W as well as crowd control thanks to her Q and R.

Nami’s key strengths:

  • Healing throughout the game
  • Two abilities that do AoE knock-ups
  • Ability empowerment thanks to her E

Nami’s heal helps Ezreal a lot, especially against aggressive bot lane duos that force fights from level 1. And her knock-ups play a huge role in Ezreal landing skill shots, especially in late game team fights. You can obviously cast Trueshot Barrage as enemies are getting knocked up by Nami’s ulti, so the synergy is there.

Because Nami is an enchanter support, she’ll often play behind Ezreal and wait on him to outplay his opponents. You need to be aware of this and be extra careful about getting caught since you won’t have a tank near you to kite and peel for you.

The item that I absolutely prioritize for this duo is Imperial Mandate. It will give Ezreal bonus damage each time Nami lands a bubble, so it’s simply a must.


Star Guardian Seraphine

Seraphine is an exceptional support champion by all metrics. I have no bad words about her simply because of how useful she is, regardless of your and the enemy team comp.

In combination with Ezreal, Seraphine can be especially helpful, giving him more damage, crowd control, as well as safety throughout the game.

Starting with Seraphine’s E, Beat Drop, Ezreal gets a reliable slow or snare, depending on whether the ability is double cast or not. In any case, it’s a long range spell that can also poke and bully the enemy duo, especially in combination with Q, High Note.

If Ezreal takes a bad trade, Seraphine’s W is there to correct that mistake. It’s an AoE ability that can shield as well as heal Ezreal and all allies around Sera, so it’s a good tool for teamfights too.

Seraphine’s key strengths:

  • Broken healing due to her W
  • Big shields that help to trade early on
  • Long range damage and crowd control

I particularly love the synergy between Seraphine’s and Ezreal’s ultimates. When Seraphine catches multiple enemy champions with her charm, Ezreal can hit all of them with a good cast of his Trueshot Barrage.

Since Seraphine doesn’t have any other protective spell other than her W, it’s always a good decision to go for Moonstone Renewer. It will help you heal Ezreal more and keep him alive throughout the match.

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Lux is among the best AP supports in League of Legends. She’s a carry-oriented pick that you lock in when you want to try hard. And her synergy with Ezreal is simply amazing.

First of all, each time Lux lands her Q, Binding Light, Ezreal has a free shot at the snared enemy with his Q. He can also throw his W because Lux’s snare lasts for entire 2 seconds, even on level 1.

Besides this, her E can apply enough slow for Ezreal to land his skill shots, not to mention that the spells can be used to continually poke the enemy team and force them out of lane.

Lux’s key strengths:

  • High burst damage and one-shot potential
  • Long range poke damage early on
  • Low cooldown on all abilities

Many players don’t utilize Lux’s W properly, but it’s a fantastic one-of-a-kind ability that can shield Ezreal twice. It’s a skill shot shield, but it has a huge range and you can cast on Ezreal even when he jumps forward to deal damage.

The biggest advantage that this duo has is the extremely high burst damage. If Lux catches one or two enemies with her Q, she and Ezreal can quickly throw all of their abilities to instantly delete those enemies from existence.

To make this even more likely, I’d strongly suggest you go full AP on Lux and build items like Luden’s Tempest and Horizon Focus. They will also increase your burst and guarantee you a one-shot.

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Finally, Morgana is the overall best-performing support partner for Ezreal in LoL. She’s super popular and has almost no weaknesses and can dominate each matchup in the bot lane which is exactly what Ezreal needs from his support.

For starters, Morana’s Q is the deadliest ability on level 1. It’s a long range snare that lasts for an eternity which also means that Ezreal can apply all of his damage on the targets that Morgana binds in place.

Morgana usually combines her Q with W, an AoE magic damage spell that helps her poke and trade early on. But if things go south, her Black Shield is there to counter nearly all champions in the game.

Seriously, Morgana’s E is such a useful ability that it completely destroys champions like Blitzcrank, Thresh, and even Lux. It blocks their crowd control abilities and allows herself or Ezreal to remain free.

Morgana’s key strengths:

  • Her Q can set up kills for Ezreal from level 1
  • Protection thanks to Black Shield
  • Enough CC for Ezreal to line up all of his abilities

I also love Morgana’s ultimate which can stun multiple champions after a short duration. And when she does this, Ezreal’s free to auto-attack and weave Qs on all of those targets.

There are two items that can be particularly helpful here. The first one is Everfrost which gives you another form of CC. And the second is Imperial Mandate which can help Ezreal deal more damage overall.

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My theory is that you can put Ezreal with any champion as a support in the bot lane and he’ll work just fine. He’s a self-sufficient pick that only requires a bit of CC from his teammates in order to unleash hell upon his enemies.

But if you want to have the best chances of winning your games as Ezreal ADC, the supports on this list are the ones you should prioritize!

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