Draven is one of those ADCs you should always play aggressively. He’s probably the most powerful marksman in the early game and should be treated as such.

But for Draven to dominate the bot lane early and eventually carry the game, he needs a support that’ll magnify his strengths and mitigate his weaknesses. 

Oftentimes, the best supports for Draven are also very aggressive champions that can either do a lot of damage themselves or have plenty of shields and CC that Draven can use to score kills.

Here I’ve compiled a list of the 7 best supports in terms of synergy and win rate for Draven in League of Legends. If you’re in doubt, pick one of these champions and you’ll immediately see the mutual benefits.

Taric – Defense, Stuns, Sustain

Taric in League of Legends

Taric and Draven are a great combo to play regardless of the matchup ahead. Taric brings lots of protective abilities to the table while Draven’s damage output is insane even on level 1. 

Taric’s W helps Draven a lot, giving him bonus armor in every skirmish. But the ability is also good because it allows Taric to cast his E from Draven’s position and stun the enemy he’s fighting. This allows the duo to stun both bot laners instead of just one.

Because of Draven’s aggressive playstyle in lane, he also benefits a lot from Taric’s Q, Starlight’s Touch. This is a very reliable heal for Draven which can keep him way longer in lane and allow him to outplay the enemy duo, sometimes even their jungler too. 

Their ultimates don’t have the best synergy but can be used separately to achieve two great effects.

First, Draven can cast his Whirling Death to execute an enemy across the map. And second, Taric can use his Cosmic Radiance to protect Draven during a fight and absorb so mich damage. During Taric’s R, Draven can fight without the fear of being taken down by assassins.

Key synergy points:

  • Armor boost and shared stun from Taric’s W and E
  • Sustain from Taric’s Q
  • Shared invulnerability from Taric’s R, allowing aggressive plays from Draven
  • Excellent peel and protection for Draven

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Karma – Poke, Shields, Speed

Karma in League of Legends

Karma is another aggressive, early game support that you should consider in combination with Draven ADC. She’s one of the best champions when it comes to poking, shielding, and granting bonus movement speed. 

All of Karma’s strengths pair very well with Draven’s playstyle. For instance, Karma’s E not only shields Draven and keeps his HP up, but it also speeds him up which enables him to run to the enemy ADC and unleash a few auto-attacks.

Besides aggressively, Karma’s shielding is also great for running away or surviving clutch fights. She can even empower it with her R to double the strengths of her E shield.

Karma’s W, if timed right after Draven’s E, can root the enemy ADC and set them up for Draven’s damage. This is a good combo to keep in mind since it’s easy to and can give you lots of kills even before level 6.

And after level 6, Karma becomes even better at poking and dealing damage, so this duo is really a powerhouse that can carry games from the bot lane with ease.

Key synergy points:

  • Poke and zone control from Karma’s Q
  • Speed boost and shielding from Karma’s E
  • Crowd control from Karma’s W and Draven’s E
  • Additional survivability and mobility during team fights from Karma’s R+E combo

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Nautilus – Crowd Control, Tankiness

Nautilus in League of Legends

Nautilus is a crowd control machine that perfectly aligns with Draven’s lack of CC but high damage output. His Q, Dredge Line, is a powerful hook that pulls enemies into Draven’s killing zone. 

But Nautilus can keep them there with his passive auto-attack that also snares the enemy for an additional second. A single Q+passive combo from Nautilus can set up an easy kill for Draven even on level 1.

Nautilus can also help with damage, mainly through his E and Ignite. However, he’s much better at blocking and absorbing damage for Draven with his W, allowing him to deal damage freely.

Once Nautilus unlocks his R, it’s pretty much game over for the enemy duo. If he manages to land his knock-up on the enemy ADC, cast his hook afterward, and root them in the end, the enemy is bound to die because the combined CC duration is almost 5 seconds, plenty of time for Draven to execute them.

Key synergy points:

  • CC from Nautilus’s Q, E, and R
  • Durability and body-blocking from Nautilus
  • Ability to lock down enemies for Draven’s ultimate

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Zilean – Speed, Revives, AoE Stun

Zilean in League of Legends

Zilean’s simple kit makes him an excellent support for Draven. His E provides a speed boost or slow, which is invaluable for Draven who relies on movement speed for pretty much everything, from trading in lane to dodging skillshots in teamfights.

But Zilean’s main weapon is Q. This is an easy-to-and bomb that actually does a lot of damage throughout the game and serves as the main poke tool for the duo. Since the bombs do AoE damage and stick to the ground if missed, they also allow the duo to control large portions of the bot lane.

If Zilean manages to place a double bomb on the enemy duo, Draven can use this to throw a couple of auto attacks and score an easy kill. The combined damage is huge here.

But the main reason why Zilean works very well with Draven is his R, Chronoshift. The most significant synergy, however, comes from Zilean’s Chronoshift (R). This ultimate ability can revive Draven if he gets targeted by the enemy team. 

Knowing that he can be revived can encourage Draven to make riskier plays, going all-in to secure even more kills. That’s why Zilean is one of the best supports for Draven in LoL.

Key synergy points:

  • Speed boost and slow from Zilean’s E
  • Poke, zone control, and stun from Zilean’s Q
  • Revival from Zilean’s R, enabling aggressive plays

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Rell – CC, Armor Reduction, Kill Setup

Rell in League of Legends

Rell brings to the table what Draven needs most: crowd control and armor reduction. But she’s also someone that can keep his enemies away from him during fights.

Rell offers a reliable stun that can give Draven a chance to get in, burst down enemies, and get out safely. Even on level 2, Rell’s CC is powerful enough to set up an easy double kill for Draven, especially in lower elos.

And this extends to the late game. The real synergy between these two champions lies in Rell’s power to control the battlefield and keep enemies in one place while Draven runs around and executes targets left and right.

Rell’s R, Magnet Storm, can pull in and disrupt multiple enemies. This gives Draven a golden opportunity to cast his own R and cleave through the enemy team.

Key synergy points:

  • Stun from Rell’s Q
  • Knock-up and tankiness
  • Armor reduction from Rell attacks
  • Crowd control from Rell’s R, providing setup for Draven’s ultimate

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Leona – Crowd Control, Kiting

Leona in League of Legends

Leona’s CC is enough for any ADC to carry games in League of Legends. But what makes her one of the best supports for Draven is that she can control the entire teamfight and allow Draven to deal damage freely.

Leona is probably one of the best tanks supports in the game. Her W, Eclipse, increases her armor and magic resist, making it very difficult for the enemy team to take even 10% of her HP. And because of this, she can always be a reliable frontline and engage for Draven.

Speaking of an engage, Leona’s E is the perfect tool for it. If she lands it, the ability allows her to dash to her target while also keeping them rooted. This opens up for Leona’s stun (Q) and and easy kill setup for Draven. Combined, both abilities can keep an enemy immobilized for several seconds.

Leona’s crowd control becomes even scarier on level 6. Her ultimate, Solar Flare, can stun and slow multiple enemies at once which makes it one of the best abilities in the game when it comes to teamfights.

And if you’re asking how Draven benefits from that, he’s simply allowed to hit stationary target without the fear of them hitting him back.

Key synergy points:

  • Engage and stun from Leona’s E and Q
  • Tankiness from Leona’s W
  • Additional crowd control from Leona’s R, setting up for Draven’s ultimate

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Thresh – Hook, Lantern Save, and CC

Thresh in League of Legends

Last but certainly not least, Thresh’s vast utility and crowd control abilities work wonders with Draven. For example, Thresh’s Q provides an effective engage tool because it hooks enemies closer to Draven and enables him to Q them to death.

This is even better when you consider Thresh’s Flay which can disrupt enemy dashes and keep them in range for Draven. And Thresh’s ultimate, The Box, is another AoE crowd control effect that traps opponents inside and allows Draven to unleash his full damage potential.

But most importantly here, Thresh has his lantern. This is an invaluable ability for Draven because he has no dashes or jumps. And so, whenever he messes up and find himself in a sticky situation, Thresh can throw him a lantern and get him to safety.

In other words, Thresh turns Draven from an immobile ADC into a mobile one. That’s why Thresh is one of the best synergy supports for Draven in League of Legends.

Key synergy points:

  • Engage tool from Thresh’s Q
  • Disruption and repositioning from Thresh’s E
  • Zone control from Thresh’s R
  • Lifesaver from Thresh’s W, allowing Draven to play more aggressively

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Draven’s primary strength is his early game damage which he must use to the best of his abilities to snowball the game. And any support that can help him do that is essentially a good support for him.

The 7 champions I recommended here are all excellent synergy picks for Draven and boost his strengths in one way or another. I advise you to give them a try whenever you have a Draven player in solo queue. You’ll see how powerful the synergy is first-hand.

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