Even though Corki hasn’t been a meta pick in the bot lane for a long time, he’s quite a good pocket pick to have as an ADC main. Corki offers a lot of hybrid AoE damage, he’s excellent at poking and a very safe champion overall.

But since Corki’s damage is mostly skill shots, you want to pair him up with supports that have a lot of crowd control. In most cases, you want allies that can catch multiple targets in stuns or roots which will allow you to throw your Q, R, and E on all of them.

To make things clear, here I’ll suggest you a few support champions that worked very well with Corki ADC in the past and who also work super strongly nowadays. They offer lots of synergy and are always reliable, no matter the matchup.

Let’s check them out.



Leona is never short of CC and she’s the type of champion that can control the battlefield regardless of how much behind her team is. Her crowd control helps Corki land his skill shots from level 1, making them a great combo early on.

For instance, the root from Leona’s E is long enough for Corki to cast his Q and create an HP advantage even at the start of the match. The duo can always go for a kill on level 2 with Leona’s E+Q combo as well as Corki’s W+Q attack.

In other words, this lane has to be played offensively. Leona’s job is to look for kills and set up the enemy team in stuns so that Corki can freely deal damage. You can also call your jungler and get lots of free kills in the bot lane.

On level 6, Leona’s ability to set up a kill doubles thanks to her R, Solar Flare. It’s around the time Corki can pick up his first package and overpower the enemy bot laners in a 2v2 fight.

But each time Corki’s passive is up, you can force fights elsewhere too. Make sure to ping your jungler to come around drake or simply call Leona and both of you can gank the enemy mid laner. You have plenty of CC and damage for him too.

Recommended item:

  • Locket of the Iron Solari – grants a bonus shield so you can protect Corki better.

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Vel’Koz may not be the ideal support champion in LoL but his win rate with Corki has always been extraordinarily high. And the simple reason for that lies in the amount of poke damage these two champions can do throughout the match.

For starters, both Vel’Koz and Corki have a decent range on their attacks and abilities. They can throw their skill shots in lane to harass and pressure the enemy team. And if they’re good at aiming, they’ll be able to force the opponents out of lane.

This is how the duo can create advantages early on and then snowball from them.

When Corki gets to level 6, he and Vel’Koz can absolutely destroy anyone who dares take any objective on the map. With all the rockets and bolts flying around, it’s difficult for any team comp to challenge them and fight them in a prolonged manner.

The cool thing is that Corki’s W gives him a lot of safety and even if Vel’Koz makes the mistake of dying, he can continue dealing damage without him. Of course, together they can take down even the tankiest of tanks, especially when Vel’Koz activates his ultimate.

Recommended item:

  • Luden’s Tempest – works on both Corki and Vel’Koz and increases their poke damage significantly.



Taric is a really safe pick for Corki because of his utility and tankiness. You don’t have to be an expert in playing Taric to win a game on this champion, so always have him in mind.

The first thing I love about Taric is his Q, which is a reliable heal for Corki throughout the game. It’s a really useful spell for the laning phase and grows stronger the tankier Taric becomes. Besides that, Taric can also give Corki bonus armor with his W.

And what these two spells do is they give you so much trading power early on. Corki can literally dash into the enemy bot laners with his W and have Taric backing him up with heals and shields. Not to mention that Taric can also let Corki stun his targets with his E, Dazzle.

After level 6, Taric gets access to his Celestial Guidance, an AoE invulnerability effect that blocks all damage from his teammates. This is one of the best abilities for the late game and Corki benefits from that a lot.

With Taric, you must play closely to Corki in the mid and late game. This is because he’ll need protection and you lack the damage to go solo like you would on Vel’Koz or Morgana.

Recommended item:

  • Knight’s Vow – redirects some of the damage Corki receives from his attackers to Taric, so it’s another layer of protection.

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As a Morgana main of many years, I can tell you honestly that I’m extremely happy whenever someone locks in Corki as an off-meta ADC pick in my games. This is because I know how well Morgana can set up kills for him and get him fed early on.

For example, Morgana’s Q lasts 2 whole seconds on level 1. And if you hit it, you allow Corki to auto-attack and cast his own Q, effectively taking 40% of the enemy’s HP. On level 2, you’re likely to score a kill because Corki can chase them with W and Flash.

Level 6 is a big power spike because on top of the root, you can also stun your primary target. You can actually bind both the enemy ADC and support to control them while leaving Corki free to deal damage to them.

Another reason why Morgana works well here is her E, Black Shield. When cast, it blocks all CC effects in LoL and it also absorbs a bit of magic damage. So even if Corki makes a mistake and wastes his W, you can allow him to run away to safety with your E.

In the mid and late game, this duo is all about catching one enemy champion with Morgana’s Q and bursting them down before they can get out of it. Corki can cast 3 or 4 rockets while Morgana holds the target immobilized, so it’s a win-win situation for him.

Recommended item:

  • Imperial Mandate – increases the damage Corki will do after Morgana stuns or snares a target.

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If you’re a LoL veteran like myself, you probably remember playing against Corki and Blitzcrank in the bot lane. Back in the day, this was a very popular duo to run for many different reasons.

For starters, Blitzcrank’s hook brings the enemy champion next to him which automatically sets them up for Corki’s Q and auto-attacks. So it’s just an easy way to trade and deal damage early on.

On level 3, Blitz and Corki can always score a kill because on top of the hook, Blitz can also knock up the target. This gives Corki plenty of time to cast his Q, E, and drop enough auto-attacks to take the target down.

Now add the AoE silence that Blitz gets on level 6 and the fact that enemies can’t even Flash away when silence. What you get is essentially a kill delivery for Corki each time Blitz lands his Q.

When the laning phase ends, the same thing can be repeated again and again. Blitzcrank’s job is to look for hooks so that his team can eliminate targets and make the fights 5v4. And Corki has plenty of damage for that.

Recommended item:

  • Everfrost – allows you to root targets in place or slow them down which helps Corki land even more skill shots.

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Corki isn’t a difficult marksman to find a good support for. Remember, you need to look for synergy between his abilities and your own so that you can help him deal as much damage as possible. 

The champions I mentioned above can always boost Corki’s strengths so they should be your primary choices for solo queue.

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