Caitlyn is the queen of early game ADCs in League of Legends. She’s a champion that can poke better than any other marksman and control the bot lane right from level 1.

Even though Cait’s power falls off in the late game, she’s still a carry that’s strong enough during the early and mid game to snowball the match and end up winning.

But even Caitlyn needs a support that can play around her strengths and allow her to hit power spikes faster than her opponents. Both Morgana and Karma can do this well but they aren’t the only choices you should consider.

In this article, I’ll talk about the 7 supports that synergize best with Caitlyn and help her control the bot lane. I’ll be talking from both perspectives, ADC and support, although I’ve hit Master tier by playing primarily support.

Morgana – Snare, Black Shield, AoE Damage

The Best ADCs for Morgana in LoL

Morgana is usually the first choice most players go for when it comes to supporting Caitlyn. And they aren’t wrong – Morgana is an excellent supp for Cait because she brings a super long snare effect and black shield to the bot lane, coupled with good damage as well as range.

The first thing that makes Morgana a great pick is her Q, Dark Binding. This ability can root enemies for up to 3 seconds which is more than enough time for Caitlyn to place down trap and weave a couple of headshots. In other words, each of Morgana’s Q is a kill setup for the duo.

On the other hand, Morgana’s E, Black Shield, blocks magic damage and spell effects which protest Caitlyn from enemy ganks and also assassins. It’s a great fix for a (mostly) immobile ADC that needs help with kiting during fights.

Morgana’s and Caitlyn’s ultimate don’t synergize in any significant way but both abilities deal good amounts of damage. Morgana’s R draws attention to her and lets Caitlyn attack freely while Caitlyn’s R is good for finishing off targets that run away from Morgana’s ulti.

Key synergy points:

  • Root from Morgana’s Q allowing Caitlyn to place traps
  • Spell immunity from Morgana’s E, offering protection against CC
  • AoE stun and damage from Morgana’s R

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Karma – Poke, Movement Speed, Shields

Karma in League of Legends

Just like Caitlyn, Karma is also an early game champion that can poke the enemy team endlessly in lane. Her ultimate-empowered Qs can take up to 30% HP from the opponents and provide slow so that Caitlyn can aim her own Q.

In pro play, Karma is a top priority support whenever Caitlyn enters the meta. Since they can push waves so quickly and harass enemies so well, there’s rarely a duo that can match them if they play well.

But besides their offensive power, Karma also provides Caitlyn with tons of shielding. Her E can protect Caitlyn in every fight and even multiple times during the same fight. The ability also grants movement speed allowing Cait to dodge attacks and keep chasing enemies.

I absolutely love Karma’s ultimate and how adaptable it makes the champion. She can either use it to empower her Q or E, depending on what Caitlyn needs. And of course, she can always provide root with her W which Cait can use to place traps.

Key synergy points:

  • Poke and zone control from Karma’s Q
  • Protection and speed boost from Karma’s E
  • Root from Karma’s W so that Caitlyn can place traps

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Leona – Engage, CC, Damage Absorption

AD Leona Build Guide

Leona does a couple of things right when it comes to supporting Caitlyn.

First of all, Leona’s E+Q combo is one of the best kill setups for Caitlyn. It’s available from level 2 which means this duo should always rush and get the level advantage if possible. And if Leona lands her E, she and Caitlyn can burn Flash from the enemy ADC or even score a first blood.

Besides this combo which can be repeated multiple times during a fight, Leona is also great at peeling and kiting for Caitlyn. Her CC abilities have fairly short cooldowns so they’re available all the time. In other words, Leona can keep stunning and rooting the enemies who’re trying to stop Caitlyn from dealing damage.

Leona can tank very well thanks to her W and absorb damage for Caitlyn. She can even build items like Knight’s Vow and sacrifice her health even more for Caitlyn to be able to keep on damaging the enemy team.

Leona’s best asset by far is her R, Solar Flare. This is an incredibly powerful cooldown that can stun the entire enemy team if used correctly. It’s a great way to allow Caitlyn to deal damage, place traps, and perform very well in teamfight.

Key synergy points:

  • Kill setup thanks to Leona’s E and Q engage stun
  • Kiting and peeling during teamfights
  • AoE stun from Leona’s R

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Lux – Poke, Root, One-Shot

Lux in League of Legends

Lux’s poke, snare, and shield abilities synergize super well with Caitlyn’s poke-heavy playstyle. Lux’s Q can root both bot laners in place and allow Caitlyn to place traps beneath them so that she can follow up with headshots later.

On top of that, Lux has her E which offers zone control and soooo much damage throughout the game. This ability alone makes it hard for the enemies to approach the minion wave without getting harassed.

Lux’s W is a skillshot that shields all allies it passes through and can help Caitlyn survive in difficult situations. I’ll admit, this isn’t the best shield in the game but it definitely increases Caitlyn’s defensiveness by far.

Last thought, Lux’s R is what makes her the best carry support in League of Legends. Not only does Final Spark has a similar range to Caitlyn’s R, but it’s also what allows Lux to one-shot her targets. And if someone survives Lux’s combo, all Cait needs to do really is press R and collect a free kill.

Key synergy points:

  • Snare from Lux’s Q which is good for Caitlyn’s traps
  • Zone control and poke from Lux’s E
  • Extra survivability thanks to Lux’s W
  • Burst damage with Lux’s R

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Seraphine – CC, Heal, Shield

Seraphine in League of Legends

Seraphine is a very safe support that you can always pick into Caitlyn ADC. She’s easy to play and has a simple ability kit that’s very powerful at the same time.

Seraphine offers tons of AoE CC, including a snare, stun, and even charm. Her AoE damage is also fantastic against low HP targets. And the best of all – she has an AoE shield and a heal built within the same ability.

In terms of synergy, both of these champions have long range on both their basic attacks and abilities. Seraphine’s Q provides decent poke in lane while her E travels through minions and can root enemies. Each root from Seraphine’s E is an opportunity for Caitlyn to place down her Yordle Snap Traps and headshot the enemy.

In teamfights, Seraphine can always start with her R and charm multiple enemy champions. Since they walk toward Sera while charmed, they can line up very well for Caitlyn’s Q.

But the best of all is Seraphine’s W, Surround Sound. This ability is worth enough to justify you playing Seraphine. The shielding and healing it provides are so strong that can save Caitlyn from most situations, even when the enemy jungler comes to gank.

This makes Seraphine one of the best supports for Caitlyn in League of Legends!

Key synergy points:

  • Poke and CC in lane Seraphine’s Q and E
  • Sustain from Seraphine’s W
  • AoE charm from Seraphine’s R

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Zyra – Zone Control, Harass, CC

Zyra in League of Legends

Zyra is one of those supports that not too many people play but is truly broken when an expert does it. She’s probably one of the best champions when it comes to early game poke which lines up perfectly with Caitlyn’s playstyle.

Zyra has can massively impact the landing phase in the bot lane since she can zone control so well. Her plants have huge range and force enemies to either take damage while killing them or move back and lose gold and XP.

With her Q, Zyra can harass the enemy ADC endlessly. And when it’s time to score a kill, she can E through minions, root the target, and allow Caitlyn to place traps and secure the kill.

This champion is so useful when the enemy jungler comes for a gank. Instead of shielding Caitlyn like other supports, she can spawn plants and empower them with R which also knocks up the enemies in the area.

All this makes it incredibly difficult for the enemy team to actually reach Caitlyn and do anything to her. And it makes it very easy for Caitlyn to keep on damaging her targets while they’re focused with Zyra and her plants.

Key synergy points:

  • Zone control, poke, and crowd control from Zyra’s Q, E, and R
  • Additional zone control and harass from Zyra’s plants
  • Knock up and damage from Zyra’s R

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Xerath – Poke, Stun, Burst Damage

Xerath in League of Legends

Xerath offers a unique synergy with Caitlyn that’s largely based on poke damage. He lacks the traditional support tools such as healing and shielding but he makes up for it with tons of magic damage as well as CC.

Xerath’s Q, Arcanopulse, is a spammable ability that does lots of damage in a straight line. It’s usually used in combination with his W, which deals damage in an area and slows the affected enemies so it’s easier for you to aim the Q. And Xerath’s E helps him combo both of these spells because it stuns the first enemy hit.

So both champions can reliably play the laning phase from range, cast abilities without getting hit, and overwhelm the opposing duo with damage. If both Xerath and Caitlyn are really good at hitting their skillshots, there’s really nothing the enemy team can do survive their poke.

The last synergy you should be aware of is with Xerath’s and Cait’s ultimates. The two abilities have extremely long ranges and allow the duo to finish off low-health enemies even when they run away and try to recall.

Additonally, Xerath’s R can reveal enemies from the fog of war so that Caitlyn can activate her R.

Key synergy points:

  • Long-range poke with Xerath’s Q and W
  • Stun from Xerath’s E which Caitlyn can use for traps
  • Long-range execute from Xerath’s R

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Picking the right support for Caitlyn can optimize her strengths, including her long-range poke, trap setup, and high single-target damage. Each support on this list – Morgana, Karma, Leona, Lux, Seraphine, Zyra, and Xerath – enhances Caitlyn’s laning and team-fight capabilities in their unique way.

I can’t recommend one single support on this list since all of them work if you play around their strengths. So try them all and see what works best for you.

Good luck!

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