Even though Ashe hasn’t been in the best of spots in recent years, she still manages to keep a positive win ratio across all servers and elos in League of Legends.

Part of the reason why is that Ashe is a reliable pick with tons of utility, easy to pilot, and powerful enough to carry the mid and late game. But the other part is that some support champions boost her strengths and give her many advantages in lane.

Generally speaking, the support champions that synergize the most with Ashe are either enchanters or mages. They offer her protection as well as enough crowd control to allow Ashe to outplay her opponents.

That said, I’d like to show you a few such picks and explain to you why they work so well in partnership with Ashe.

If you’re in, let’s begin.



Soraka is the best healer champion in LoL. She’s equipped with many useful tools but her win potential is directly correlated with her ability to heal Ashe as well as the rest of her teammates.

During the laning phase, Soraka’s heal offers a lot of safety to Ashe. Ashe is usually prone to poke damage and doesn’t have the best mobility to run away from damage. So, Soraka can keep her alive and healthy and allow her to farm and scale for the mid game.

If the enemy team commits to a fight, Ashe and Soraka can answer it and even outplay them with the right usage of their abilities. For instance, if Soraka manages to silence or root the enemy ADC while fighting, that can give the duo a kill opportunity. 

But overall, Soraka and Ashe are all about sustaining and outlasting the opposing them. They usually like to play more defensively, keep enemies away with Ashe’s slows and E, and focus on farming instead of fighting.

From level 6 onward, Ashe can engage in a 2v2 fight with her R. And thanks to Soraka’s ultimate, they can fight comfortably against any matchup in the bot lane.

Additionally, the duo can influence the entire map since their ultimates are both global abilities. They can apply CC and bonus healing on the opposite side of Summoner’s Rift, so they’re a powerful combo all around.

Recommended Items for Soraka

Warmog's Armor

There are two core items Soraka needs to get for supporting Ashe successfully.

The first is Moonstone Renewer, her mythic item, which increases her overall healing, especially later on. And the second is Warmog’s Armor which gives Soraka bonus health as well as HP regeneration and makes her incredibly tanky.



I always describe Zilean’s playstyle as a mix of a mage and an enchanter. This is because his kit can be used both offensively and defensively. And he’s quite adaptable to nearly all situations that might befall Ashe.

For starters, Zilean’s E, Time Warp, plays a huge role in why this duo is good at carrying games. It’s a point-click ability that grants Ashe bonus movement speed so she can kite effectively through the enemy team’s attacks.

Remember, Ashe doesn’t have any mobility spells and she depends on her slows as well as her movement speed to outplay her opponents. And Zilean’s E helps a lot, especially later on in 5v5 teamfights when multiple enemies try to get to Ashe.

On top of this, Zilean’s double-bomb stun is another peel tool he can do for her. The stun lasts long enough for Ashe to reposition. And if things go south, Zilean can always cast his R, Chronoshift, on Ashe to allow her to respawn.

In other words, the whole point of playing Ashe and Zilean is to farm during the early game, then to try to outkite everyone in the late game. Ashe’s damage output with 3 or 4 items is actually insane, especially if she picks up Kraken Slayer, so you need to focus only on sustain at that stage.

There are other synergies between the two champs as well. For instance, each slow that Ashe casts allows Zilean to land his bombs and effectively poke the enemy team.

Recommended Items for Zilean

Shurelya's Battlesong

Because movement speed is such a big deal for Ashe, Shurelya’s Battlesong is an item I can always recommend you get on Zilean. 

Its active grants a burst of MS to all allies around Zilean and allows them to catch up to enemies when they need to. It’s also useful when Ashe stuns an enemy champion with her R and she needs to quickly get in range for auto-attacks.

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If playing around farming and scaling doesn’t sound like an ideal strategy to you, Zyra is right there. She’s one of the best mage supports in League of Legends, a heavy magic damage dealer with tons of utility too.

First of all, Zyra can poke enemies during the laning phase better than most supports. Both of her Q and E abilities travel through minions and affect all targets. And the damage she can deal early on is honestly broken.

Additionally, Zyra’s plants play huge role in the pace of the laning phase. They help the duo control the bot side by absorbing enemy skill shots and forcing the opponents to not take extended trades and fights. The plants can help with vision too.

On level 6, Ashe can always engage with her R and stun the enemy ADC or support. Zyra can immediately follow up on this with her combo, including her own ultimate, Stranglethorns. The combined damage is enough to get you a kill, so repeat this every time these abilities are available. 

I’d definitely agree that Ashe and Zyra should make roaming with their jungler and ganking mid lane a priority. This is because their crowd control can easily be applied and their damage is decent throughout the match.

So, they can torment all enemies on Summoner’s Rift.

Recommended Items for Zyra


As a mage, Zyra usually goes for a full AP build. Her core items consist of Liandry’s Anguish and Demonic Embrace which give her a lot of burn damage.

Additionally, Zyra should always go for Morellonomicon just to make Ashe’s damage even more relevant. The item lowers the healing on the enemy team, so it’s a really useful one.

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In theory, Vel’Koz’s playstyle as a support is similar to that of Zyra, but he does offer a few unique strengths. And if you ask me, he’s slightly better than her because of his additional range which also impacts the safety and overall performance.

Early on, Vel’Koz’s job is to poke the opposing bot lane players with his W and Q. The Q ability requires a bit of practice as well as quick fingers. However, if you perfect it, you’ll be able to force so many enemy players into a defensive mode of playing.

So if Vel’Koz is really good at poking, he’ll effectively win the lane by himself. Since the enemies will always be on lower HP than Ashe, they’ll be reluctant to attack her and mess up her farming.

If Ashe’s ready to collect a kill, Vel’Koz’s engage with E can be enough CC for her to take the enemy down. The additional slows can help her catch up to them even if they burn Flash.

The level 6 power spike is what I especially love about Ashe and Vel’Koz. While the enemy ADC or support is stunned by Enchanted Crystal Arrow, Vel’Koz can activate his own ultimate to completely decimate the target.

This synergy can be repeated throughout the game, even in late game teamfights. It will give you a great opening and allow you to turn a fight into a 5v4 right from the start.

Recommended Items for Vel’Koz

Luden's Tempest

There aren’t too many specific items Vel’Koz needs to prioritize when he’s together with Ashe. His preferred mythic item is Luden’s Tempest and should aim to get it as soon as possible. It gives him everything he needs, including AP, cooldown reduction, and mana.



Out of all mages you can play in the support role, Morgana is the best one for Ashe. She fixes so many problems that Ashe has as an ADC that you must give her a try.

For example, Morgana’s E, Black Shield, is one of the most broken abilities in League of Legends. When activated, it blocks both magic damage as well as spell effects, effectively denying the enemy the chance to ever stun or root Ashe.

It may not sound like much, but Ashe is an immobile champion and she depends on supports like Morgana to guard her and keep her out of harm’s way.

Moreover, Morgana’s CC is infuriating to play against. It’s a huge reason why opponents can’t simply reach Ashe and eliminate her from the fight. Morgan can always root them and let Ashe weave her auto-attacks until they die.

On the other hand, Morgana’s Q can always be a good opening for fights. But it’s much better when it’s used after Ashe’s R, to extend that target’s CC and keep them immobilized for over 5 seconds.

Because of their scary crowd control, Ashe and Morgana should always try to gank mid or team up with their jungler and secure all neutral objectives. Most players won’t dare get near Morgana and Ashe after level 6, so most Dragons and Rift Heralds will be essentially free.

Recommended Items for Morgana

Imperial Mandate

Even though there are a couple of different mythics you can build on Morgana, the best one for this duo is Imperial Mandate. I simply love this item and it helps Ashe deal more damage overall, besides being really cheap and offering amazing stats to Morgana.

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Star Guardian Seraphine

Ever since Seraphine was added to the game, she’s been the best partner for Ashe based on all metrics and conditions. These two champions are simply meant for each other and their synergy level is through the roof.

For starters, Seraphine’s E benefits a lot from Ashe’s slow. Each time it touches an enemy champion already slowed by one of Ashe’s attacks, the ability roots them insead. And if it’s a double cast, Seraphine can stun her targets with E.

This is a very powerful synergy because it’s essentially available from level 1 and you can abuse it throughout the game. It also leaves Seraphine free to build whatever she wants, not forcing her to pick up Rylai’s Crystal Scepter.

Seraphine’s long range is also decent for poking, and she matches Ashe’s playstyle. Her W is one of the best defensive abilities in the game, effectively healing and shielding all allies around her. So it can keep Ashe safe all game long.

On level 6, Ashe and Seraphine can combine their ultimates to guarantee at least one kill. While the enemies are stunned by Ashe’s R, Seraphine can cast her Encore and charm them. This gives you a few seconds of complete CC which you can use to overpower your opponents.

The cool thing about these two champions is that they can also function the other way around. For instance, you can play Ashe support and Seraphine APC. And the effects will be pretty much the same.

Recommended Items for Seraphine

Chemtech Putrifier

In terms of items, there’s only one you need to worry about here. Chemtech Putrifier is a must-have item for Seraphine, no matter whether she’s going full AP or the supportive route with Moonstone Renewer.

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As one of the oldest marksmen in the game, Ashe is a champion with many problems. However, these supports are able to fix them to a degree and turn Ashe into a successful ADC pick in all ranks of solo queue.

I hope my guide here helped you understand more about how Ashe functions and how you can best exploit here to win more games. 

Good luck and have fun!

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