Clash provides a team-oriented environment in League of Legends that differs greatly from average solo queue games.

And having a good team composition actually matters because most matches are won by performing well in teamfights.

Even though your support pick always depends on the ADC pick, in Clash, you want to play a support champion that can either engage with AoE crowd control or have lots of tools for disengaging and protection.

Of course, you can always pick a support for lane dominance so you and your ADC partner can carry all game long. But if you want to be useful to your entire team, go for one of the 7 champions below.

Play These 7 Supports in Clash Tournaments:

7. Seraphine


If it’s a last-minute call and you have no idea what to play as a support in Clash, go for Seraphine. She’s a super-useful champion in all regards and she fits well into team composition.

The first thing that makes Seraphine an exceptional support is her potent AoE healing and shielding.

Her W is a powerful cooldown that can keep everyone alive in teamfights, especially with items like Moonstone Renewer.

On top of this, Seraphine is notorious for her crowd control. Her E is a long-range spell that slows and snares all enemies it passes through. And it’s a pretty dominant CC during the laning phase.

From level 6 onward, the ultimate is what really makes this champion really valuable. It’s an AoE charm that can catch the entire enemy team off-guard and create the perfect engage for Seraphine’s allies.

This ability extends when it passes through champions (allies or enemies), so it’s easy to spread it at the start of a fight.

Besides this, Seraphine’s damage output is also decent. You can always opt for the Liandry’s Anguish build path and stack AP. It makes a big difference, especially in the late game.

Here are the best ADCs to pair with Seraphine in Clash.

6. Taric


Taric is often an underutilized support pick in solo queue. But his kit has an enormous value in team-oriented scenarios such as Clash, so I can’t help but recommend him.

Taric has everything a support champion needs to have.

His passive grants him bonus damage, his Q healing, the W is used as a shield and to increase the ally’s armor and magic resist, his E is a stun, and the ultimate turns Taric and his teammates invulnerable. 

With a skillset such as this, it’s quite easy for Taric to keep his friends alive. He can literally spam W and Q during a teamfight on the most vulnerable ally and apply CC to help them kite.

During the laning phase, Taric can even set up easy kills with his stun. The great thing here is that his E can also be cast from the position of his ADC.

And when he’s with someone like Nilah or Tristana, this increases the success of their engage tenfold.

Taric’s ultimate, Cosmic Radiance, is one of the best protection spells in League of Legends. It’s not the easiest ability to time right but if you do, you’re going to win the teamfight.

If you’re interested, here are the best ADCs you should pair with Taric.

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5. Lulu


Lulu is arguably the best enchanter support in the entire League of Legends. Her ability set is simply perfect when it comes to buffing up others, protecting them, and allowing them to carry games.

The cool thing about Lulu is that her W and E can either be used on her allies or her enemies.

And depending on the situation, Lulu can either boost the movement speed of her teammate and grant them a shield or she can deal extra damage to an enemy and polymorph them.

Learning whether you should cast Lulu’s abilities offensive or defensively takes practice but it has a huge impact on how your allies perform in every fight.

When it comes to teamfights, Lulu’s primary job is to keep the carry alive. Her ultimate is very helpful for that because it grants bonus health to an ally while also knocking back all enemies that are attacking them.

Lulu’s damage shouldn’t be underestimated either, especially during the laning phase. She can be pretty obnoxious if the opponents let her harass them with E and Q.

There are tons of good ADCs you can play with Lulu, so she’s always a good pick.

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4. Renata Glasc

Renata Glasc

Renata Glasc is really a scary support pick. In the right hands, he’s able to outplay entire teams in a number of different ways.

And no matter whether you use her kit offensive or defensively, it is one of the most broken ability kits in League.

First of all, one of Renata’s big strengths is her W, Bailout. It can be cast on an ally (or self) to grant them bonus movement and attack speed.

However, it also prevents the ally from dying by giving them a full bar of decaying “grey health”. But if the ally scores a kill or an assist during this time, they’re healed instead.

This reverse-death mechanic is what Renata is most known for. It is really a powerful mechanic because it counters heavy engage team comps. 

For example, if the enemy Tristana jumps in and looks to all-in Renata’s partner, she can simply answer it with Bailout. And even if the ADC’s HP drops down, they have enough time to slay Tristana and get healed instead.

The next thing that makes Renata one of the best supports for Clash is her ultimate, Hostile Takeover. It’s a large smoke that taunts all enemies it passes through, forcing them to auto-attack themselves.

But experienced Renata players know how to hide the animation and surprise the enemy team. You can do this by sending the ultimate from out of vision or behind fat walls on Summoner’s Rift.

And if you’re wondering, here are the best ADC partners for Renata Glasc in LoL.

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3. Leona


If you’re constructing a wombo-combo team for Clash, Leona is one of the best supports to go for. Her AoE stun is perfect for lining up other crowd control effects as well as the rest of the team’s damage.

Leona is an aggressive support that dominates the laning phase. You want to pair her up with an early game ADC that can follow up on her engage so that they can crush the 2v2 skirmishes.

This is how Leona builds up advantages early on and transfers them onto the other lanes.

Speaking of which, Leona is a roaming support. Even in Clash, you’ll constantly need to pay attention to your jungler’s pathing and accompany him in the river, the mid lane, or the enemy jungler.

Leona can always lock down a target with her CC, so she creates kill opportunities for her allies wherever she goes.

In the late game, Leona is usually the main initiator of fights. Her R, Solar Flare, has a decent range and it often catches enemies surprised.

And if you land it on more than one enemy champion, your team can collapse on them and instantly win the teamfight.

Leona’s also works well when it comes to peeling for the ADC. And with items like Locket of the Iron Solari, she can also shield allies to absorb damage.

So she’s a great support overall!

2. Tahm Kench

Tahm Kench

Tahm Kench is the safest support champion for Clash. He’s really incredible at protecting hyper-carries, especially in team compositions where there’s only one carry.

Tahm’s ability kit is useful for all kinds of scenarios. He has a bit of poke damage thanks to his Q, his W allows him to knock up enemies from great range, and the E allows him to convert grey health into shields. 

And even though Tahm’s fantastic at being the big engage support tank, his true value lies in his disengage potential. 

With his R, Devour, Tahm Kench can swallow one of his teammates and keep them inside himself to save them from all kinds of scenarios.

After a few seconds, he can spit them back out while also giving them a shield for a few seconds.

Tahm’s ultimate is an upgraded Zhonya’s effect with even more benefits. First of all, Tahm Kench can reposition with his W while his ally is inside his belly.

And the shield that he grants them afterward is large enough to counter any assassin in the game.

All in all, Tahm Kench is the perfect support if you’re constructing your Clash team around your ADC because he can protect them like no one else.

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1. Yuumi


If Yuumi isn’t banned and you can get a hold of her, believe me, you don’t need another support for Clash. She’s the most unbalanced support pick in the game with lots of strengths that you can and should abuse.

First of all, Yuumi’s potential to keep her ADC alive through heals and shields is insane. It’s super easy to do so because you only need to spam W when you’re attached to them.

And not to mention that her healing scales extremely well in the mid and late game.

On the other hand, Yuumi’s ultimate is a great form of crowd control to have in a teamfight. It can be cast while attached to AoE snare all enemies it touches.

But the most unfair thing about this champion is that she can’t be hit while attached. Good Yuumi players know how and when to jump to other allies so that they’re never vulnerable.

The clear strategy with Yuumi is to go for one hyper-carry champion in your team and have her protect them all game long.

She works well with both AP and AD champions, so there’s really no bad partner for her.

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As I already mentioned above, you should definitely pick your support champion based on the goal of your team. 

For example, if you’re going for a heavy poke team comp with champions like Jayce, Zoe, and Caitlyn, you definitely don’t want Leona as a support. Instead, something like Seraphine will work much better.

So the 7 supports I recommended above are all powerful but make sure to put them in the right team compositions if you want to unlock their full potential.

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