There are many classes in World of Warcraft that offer a supportive playstyle.

And while a “true support” class doesn’t really exist in WoW, there are specializations and builds that capture the true essence of the support role in video games.

Being a support in WoW is most commonly associated with healing your teammates.

But buffing up your party and applying crowd control to enemies are two additional things a support should also do in WoW.

If you’re the type of person that always plays support in all video games, you’re in luck because World of Warcraft offers many different styles of supporting your friends. 

But if you don’t want to spend your time trying all classes in the game, these are my personal recommendations.

These Are the Top 3 Best Support Classes in World of Warcraft:

3. Restoration Shaman

Restoration Shaman

Restoration Shaman is a versatile enough class with lots of unique cooldowns.

As a shaman, you can do lots of different things such as assisting your allies with totems, reducing the damage they take from enemies, and even stopping those enemies from attacking.

Resto Shamans are masters of AoE healing. Spells like Chain Heal and Healing Tide Totem make it easy for them to keep the healthbars of all party members up.

And when things go south, it’s usually the shamans that keep everybody in the raid group alive through cooldowns such as Spirit Link Totem.

On top of this, Shamans can also replenish the mana of the entire party. They’re one of the most efficient healers mana-wise since they have lots of fantastic tools for managing their own mana such as Water Shields and totems.

And finally, Restoration Shamans are also notorious when it comes to crowd control. The two key spells here are Hex, a single-target transformation effect, and Earthgrab Totem, an AoE root. 

Besides this, Shamans can also stun enemies and keep them slowed forever.

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2. Restoration Druid

Restoration Druid

Druid has been my favorite class since the early days of World of Warcraft. And a large reason for it is because of how supportive of a class they are.

Restoration Druids, in particular, are very flexible and generally good in most situations. They specialize in applying healing-over-time effects, or HoTs. There are many HoT spells in their kits and they can be spread across the entire party group.

Druids actually have a lot of control over the battlefield.

First of all, most of their healing and crowd control is instant so they don’t need to stand in place and cast spells. This alone makes the class ideal for supporting allies in PvP.

But second, Druid can shapeshift into multiple forms and adapt to the situation at hand.

For example, if the Druid is in danger, he can shift to Bear Form and tank all incoming damage. Similarly, the Druid can shift into Travel Form and jump away to safety.

The Druid’s theme is also very beautiful since all the spell animations are with nature, leaves, and roots. The playstyle is dynamic, fun, and unbelievably fun!

1. Holy & Discipline Priest


Even though all healers in WoW can go for different builds that essentially change their playstyle, only the Priest class has 2 different healer specializations.

First of all, you can choose between Holy Priest and Discipline Priest and even switch between those depending on which type of content you primarily do in the game.

Holy Priest is arguably the best PvE healer in World of Warcraft. It has single-target and AoE cooldowns that protect the Priest’s allies in all kinds of situations.

On the other hand, Discipline Priest is especially good in PvP. This spec is more about casting huge shields on your allies to prevent them from taking damage. Most of the casts are instant and you can use them on the go.

Both Discipline and Holy Priests have unique strengths but they also share many cooldowns. 

So it’s up to you to try both of these specs and decide which one you like more. But they’re both fantastic at supporting!

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I would recommend you to play around with different talents and experiment with things for yourself.

There’s always a way to combine the talents from the class tree and the specialization tree to create the best support playstyle for yourself.

But I hope my guide here helped you get informed about which classes and specs perform well as supports in the majority of scenarios in World of Warcraft. 

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