Zilean’s basic appearance has never been too impressive. In fact, Zilean’s basic skin is one of the least used skins in the entire League of Legends, not because it’s “ugly” but because it’s not “special” enough.

Luckily for us, Riot Games have given Zilean plenty of unique skins, some of which completely change his appearance, spell animations, and even sound effects.

In today’s post, I’ll rank the 5 absolute best skins you should use for Zilean according to their design, features, player experience, as well as value for money.

Let’s begin

1. Winterblessed Zilean

Winterblessed Zilean in League of Legends
  • Release Date: December 7, 2022
  • RP Price: 1350 RP

Winterblessed Zilean is one of the most impressive skins Riot Games have ever done. It transforms Zilean into a royal wintry mage that simply rules Summoner’s Rift.

The golden-purple color scheme goes perfectly with the winter theme here. Zilean is dressed in a purple robe and the clock he’s wearing on the back is golden and intricately designed.

Winterblessed Zilean’s auto-attack animation is a huge upgrade from the basic skin. The bombs appear as huge purple-blue orbs with golden rings and significantly help you land them. The ultimate animation is also cool because three hourglasses appear around the target while his screen glows blue.

I doubt that anyone has a bad thing to say about this skin, especially when you see all the beautiful chromas it comes with.

A magical wintery vibeThe recall animation could’ve been more impressive
A new and upgraded set of spell animation
Super satisfying sound effects

2. Sugar Rush Zilean

Sugar Rush Zilean in League of Legends
  • Release Date: December 17, 2019
  • RP Price: 1350 RP

Sugar Rush Zilean is one of the tastiest skins in League of Legends. I can proudly say that I bought this skin immediately on release after first testing it on the PBE.

Sugar Rush Zilean is a vibrant skin and turns this champion into an eccentric candy-maker. This version of Zilean is even sillier, goofier, and absolutely whimsy.

The skin gives Zilean an outfit full of candy details, lollipops for time bombs, and an hourglass filled with sprinkles instead of sand. All the colors here are amazing and the aesthetics are extremely satisfying while playing.

The great thing is that Sugar Rush Zilean also comes with a bunch of chromas, each representing a different fruit-based sugar craze. So you can choose between chocolate Zilean, strawberry Zilean, kiwi Zilean, and so on.

My favorite part of this skin is definitely Zilean’s head, which is actually a twirled ice cream. But the recall animation where Zilean bakes cookies in the oven is also amazing.

Vibrant and fun aestheticMay be too whimsical for some players
Unique lollipop time bombs and sprinkled hourglassCan be visually distracting during gameplay
Memorable recall animationHigher RP cost compared to some other skins

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3. Blood Moon Zilean

Blood Moon Zilean in League of Legends
  • Release Date: February 25, 2016
  • RP Price: 975 RP

Blood Moon is perhaps the only “serious” skin for Zilean in League of Legends. And like all Blood Moon skins in the game, this one has an ominous aesthetic theme with crimson color palette.

This skin depicts Zilean as a sinister shaman wearing a demon mask. He’s actually carrying a blood moon on his back even though it’s not as visible as it should be, perhaps because the skin was added to the game back in 2016.

The recall animation, where Zilean hits the clock is actually pretty cool too. I like it because it changes this champion from a goofy old man to a tactical time mage that helps me get in the mood for carrying games.

Dark, ominous aesthetic that stands outNot suitable for players who prefer lighter themes
Unique crimson color paletteLack of festive or humorous elements
Eerie blood moon recall animationMay not align with Zilean’s whimsical personality

4. Time Machine Zilean

Time Machine Zilean in League of Legends
  • Release Date: June 24, 2011
  • RP Price: 520 RP

A throwback to Zilean’s lore and theme, the Time Machine skin shows off his identity as the Chronokeeper.

Here Zilean is dressed in a retro-futuristic outfit that reminds me of so many different classic sci-fi novels and movies. He’s got a ridiculously big clock on his back and his hair is all a mess.

The skin definitely tries to turn Zilean into a mad scientist from a classic time mage which he is in the lore. His recall isn’t special at all but the skin does look very nice in-game and it helps me play a bit better with the champion.

So if you want to embrace Zilean’s time-traveling persona, this is the skin to get.

Nostalgic, classic sci-fi aestheticVisuals may appear dated compared to newer skins
Affordable RP costLack of special visual effects or animations
DeLorean-like recall, a nod to iconic time travelCan be less impactful on the battlefield

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5. Old Saint Zilean

Old Saint Zilean in League of Legends
  • Release Date: December 17, 2010
  • RP Price: 520 RP

Old Saint Zilean is the perfect skin for those who love to spread joy and good vibes on Summoner’s Rift.

This is a Christmas skin that transforms Zilean into Santa Claus and dresses him in the traditional red. As Santa Claus, Zilean here carries a bag of gifts which are really his time bombs for his enemies. And it’s funny to see your opponents running away from wrapped boxes.

Of course, Old Saint Zilean is a fun choice whenever we’re in the festive months. I might not enjoy it as much during the summer, but I do use this skin regularly.

Festive and fun aestheticLimited to the holiday season in thematic terms
Bombs replaced with wrapped giftsVisuals may appear outdated compared to newer skins
Cozy fireplace recall animationLower-quality special effects compared to newer skins

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In conclusion, Winterblessed Zilean skin is the best in terms of price, spell animations, and overall helpfulness when it comes to playing the game. Sugar Rush Zilean is definitely the funniest while Old Saint Zilean is my go-to whenever the holidays arrive.

That said, I’d like to know which of these skins is your favorite for Zilean. Hit me up on social media and let me know!

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