Skin borders are special, time-limited additions that players can obtain by purchasing the skin bundle during the event it’s released in.

So far there have been hundreds of borders released for many different skin collections. Although not every skin has its own border, most of the popular newer ones do, such as Project, Star Guardian, True Damage, etc.

Out of all the skin borders in the game, I made a list ranking the top 15 borders ever made in League of Legends. Read on to find out whether you own some of them!

15. Bewitching

Bewitching Borders

Although for many, Halloween is just another day in the year, the Bewitching skin line with its borders has made sure it’s here to stay much, much longer.

These awesome borders go perfectly with all the Bewitching skins and are a treat for the eye on the loading screen.

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year and purple is my favorite color. So, you might guess correctly that these borders are also some of my favorite ones in the game.

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14. Battle Queens

Battle Queen Borders

The Battle Queens not only have some beautiful in-game outfits and visuals but they also got some of the most stunning borders in the game, too.

The color blend of each border complements each skin and makes them stand out on the loading screen.

My absolute favorite from this skin line would have to be Battle Queen Janna’s border. The combination of colors is nothing short of perfect here.

13. Empyrean

Empyrean Borders

The Empyrean skins are some of the coolest skins ever released in League of Legends. Their high-contrast color scheme is so fun and welcome to see on the Rift.

The splash arts make you feel like there is too much going on and the border makes sure there’s even more going on. The size of the borders might be a bit excessive and thinner, more sublime borders would probably look better.

Of course, I still think these skins and their borders are some of the best ones in the game, that’s why they are on this list.

12. Space Groove

Space Groove

The Space Groove borders combine the aesthetic of the 60s groovy style with a cute rendition of the futuristic space visuals.

Although these borders are the same for each champion, they have an undeniable charisma to them and match each skin very well.

Apart from Teemo, the 2022 Space Groove edition did not feature any borders for the new releases. This was a complete miss in my opinion since Teemo’s border was actually pretty amazing.

11. Dawnbringer

Dawnbringer Borders

Dawnbringer, the counterpart of Nightbringer, unquestionably has the most breathtaking color scheme for its borders. The golden details on the pink-blue borders are nothing short of flawless.

The Dawnbringer skins look just as good in-game. They’ll give you a sense of calmness and refreshing tranquility whenever you play with them.

I cannot be the only one that finds the combination of pink, lilac, and blue so harmoniously wonderful. It’s probably the best blend of colors as we will see down this list again.

10. Cafe Cuties

Cafe Cuties Borders

Would anybody care for some hot tea and delicious cake? Cafe Cuties will bring you that and much more with their sweet and cozy borders. Its borders look so very yummy, too!

This skin collection has some of the most delightful Disney-looking skins in the game. The golden borders feature different types of drinks and sweets such as tea, hot chocolate, cake, etc.

I obviously can’t complain about these borders as every detail is top-notch.

9. Project

Project Borders

PROJECT is obviously Riot’s favorite skin theme. There are around thirty champions that have gotten a PROJECT skin, and this number is only going to get bigger.

This skin line has been going strong since 2015 and each event features a completely different set of borders, with the exception of the 2015 and 2016 events.

The futuristic PROJECT theme is very well depicted in its borders. Furthermore, each skin has a distinct color for the border to match its visuals and its color scheme.

8. Star Guardian

Star Guardian Borders

Star Guardian has thankfully improved tremendously throughout the years in the border aesthetic department. While the first Star Guardian borders were all the same for each skin from the event, nowadays each skin has its own unique symbol and color scheme.

For instance, Star Guardian Taliyah has a pink crescent moon on her loading screen border, while Star Guardian Quinn’s border features an oval ruby stone.

The unique factor plays a big role with the newer Star Guardian borders, which is exactly what drives players to purchase them. Take notes, Riot.

7. K/DA All Out

K/DA All Out Borders

K/DA All Out is undoubtedly the most fabulous skin theme and border out there. These girls already had their very own K/DA skin line which was also pretty amazing, but K/DA All Out took it to the next level.

The border consists of purple sparkly crystals that truly bring out the best of the splash arts.

And, of course, a skin like this also needs a matching border that screams on the loading screen “I’m better than you”.

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6. Nightbringer

Nightbringer Borders

Both Nightbringer and Dawnbringer have found themselves on this list for having some of the best-looking borders in the game. However, Nightbringer takes it a step further and gives the skins an even more powerful look.

The deep red hues combined with the golden outlines are not to be ignored on the loading screen. They match the skins’ aesthetic in the most amazing way possible. I couldn’t imagine a better border look for these skins.

5. Ruined

Ruined Borders

The Ruined skin line is yet another skin line that didn’t give each champion a unique border. Still, these borders perfectly match the skins’ colors and they’re pretty badass.

This confirmed alternate universe in Runeterra gives us a glimpse of the reality where Viego’s Ruination has taken over some of our favorite champions.

The corruption of the ruination is depicted exquisitely in the skin’s borders. They really give an enhanced look to every Ruined splash art on the loading screen.

4. True Damage

True Damage Borders

True Damage was introduced to us back in 2019 with the five-member music band consisting of Qiyana, Ekko, Akali, Yasuo, and Senna.

Although the True Damage loading screen borders have a unique color scheme for each skin, this was not always the case. Riot first released these borders in just one color scheme for all True Damage champions. And let me tell you, they received quite the backlash for it.

Thanks to the player base, we now have these gorgeous True Damage borders that are so flawlessly compatible with their skins. Aren’t they such a treat for the eye?

3. Dark Star

Dark Star Borders

In the Dark Star skin collection, each champion has turned to their darker, more “evil” side. The design of the borders with the black hole in the middle goes splendidly well with the darkness these skins present.

In addition, the dark rose gold framing completes the look of the skin border and makes everything come very well together.

By now, it’s probably obvious that the grand look of this border could never go unnoticed on the loading screen.

2. Dragonmancers

Dragonmancers Borders

The Dragonmancers’ borders from 2020 are some of the most elite borders a player can own. With Storm Dragon Lee Sin’s border leading the pack, these designs will make anyone stare in awe.

Not only is the dragon aesthetic very much present in every splash art, but we can also see how beautifully the borders’ colors correspond to their matching skins.

In my humble opinion, these are some of the best borders in League of Legends and will stay that way for the years to come.

1. Spirit Blossom

There are no words that can describe how lovely all the Spirit Blossom borders are. It’s obvious Riot put extra thought into their making. And the best part? All of the skins in the image above were released at the same time during the 2022 Spirit Blossom event.

The skins alone are as breathtaking as they can get. Together with the borders, Spirit Blossom is the definite number one look a player can have on the loading screen.

My personal favorite is Sett’s Spirit Blossom border. The border features both of his Spirit Badgers mirrored on both sides. It certainly is a legendary border for this legendary skin.

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Bonus: Elementalist Lux

Elementalist Lux Border + Icon

Elementalist Lux is an ultimate skin that was released way back in 2016. Its border has some of the finest designs with bright golden framing details.

Such a marvelous border had to at least be mentioned in this top list, although it doesn’t really belong in any skin line. Instead, it makes up for the best border for an ultimate skin ever made.


The amount of borders and skins in the game is growing each year, therefore it might be hard to keep up with the very best ones. This is why I carefully made this top 15 list that included the finest-designed borders in League of Legends.

Did you find your favorite skin’s border on this list?

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